Letter to the host family Essay

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

As a matter of fact, a simple letter is not enough to describe a person. But I´ll do my best so you can at least get an idea of how I am.

My name is Blanka and I am 17 years old. I am living with my mother, my 15 years old sister, our dog and our parrot in the capital city of Hungary. It is a beautiful city full of landmarks and 3 million inhabitants. I live in a green aria 10 minutes away from down town.

My parents were separated last year but I see my father regularly because he lives a street away from us.

We really like doing sports together with my family like skiing, wakeboarding or jogging. We also love travelling, seeing the world, get to know different cultures and people. At home I have to keep my room tidy take care of the dog, fold up the clean dresses and sometimes help my mother with the cooking.

I am also close to my grandparents I spent much time with them when I was younger. I can always count on them.

I am attending to a bilingual secondary school where I learn several subject in English. I am learning Spanish as my second language in my school. I love both English and Spanish and I hope one day I am going to speak them perfectly. Later on I would like to learn at least one more language.

I do not really have much free time because I am participating in many society and sport activities in the afternoons like debate club, business society, photography society, Zumba and jogging. I really like trying out new activities. I like team sports but unfortunately this year I don’t have time for any more except from PI lessons where we usually play basketball or volleyball.

I had multiple hobbies during my life but most of them I was interested in only a few years, still there are some I can’t stop doing. For example singing. I started to sing in the kindergarten and in the primary school I joined to the choir. I love singing especially with others. I really enjoy doing something bigger and better together. I also like dancing. We have dance class in the school and now we dancing cha-cha-cha.

I love listen to music, when I have a little time, for example in the bus, I always do it. Mostly I like popular music.

In the evening when I have a half or an hour I usually watch some episodes of TV series. My favorites are Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale, Shameless, Game of Thrones, The royals and Dynasty. I also like reading books. I do not have a favorite one but I prefer romantic and/or action books.

My friend and I like doing photo shooting all around the city. It is really fun and we always learn something new about the city or about how to make better pictures.

I have several friends in the school and outside from school too. We have a six girls’ squad in the class. They are my best friends. We love doing things together like ice skating in the winter, going to cinema and shopping, doing sports together or doing a sleep over. We also help each other in anything if someone needs help. We tell each other everything so it is an honest friendship, we are open minded so we do not judge anyone. Everyone likes every one there is no jealousy.

I have always been a hardworking student as my grades are showing. I haven’t decided yet what I want to do as an adult because I am interested in several fields and I can’t choose right now. I think this is one of the most important decisions in my life and I want to consider every option before I choose. I hope this year in the US will help me try myself in different territories.

Lastly, this experience is a great opportunity for me to improve my life skills, knowledge, level of English and, above all, to learn about a new culture (which I find quite enriching). I can´t wait for this adventure to start!

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