"Lethal Weapon" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Martin Riggs cop is as steep as uncontrollable: the fact that Martin suffered the tragic loss of his beloved wife, and each morning begins with an attempt to commit suicide for him. At work, Riggs himself does not spare, and his new partner, Roger elderly Murto, we have with him, to put it mildly sweet
-'Bog hates me ...
-. Answer him in return. " (C)
'Lethal Weapon' - a striking example of the ageless, dynamic and exciting action movie with comedy elements. How many would not sit down to review it, or even accidentally did not get it on TV by clicking the remote button during reklamy- still does not come off the screen! It is the merit of the whole ensemble who worked on the movie people. Beginning with the author's script Scheja Black ( "The Last Boy Scout", "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 'and the recent' Iron Man 3 ') - compose a no intricate plot and diluted prevailing in it a criminal atmosphere of memorable jokes, sparring protagonists suddenly divergent citations . Of director Richard Donner ( "Superman ',' The Omen ',' The Goonies') - masterfully underwent this dashing text on the screen. Actor Mel Gibson (Martin) and Danny Glover (Roger) -razygravshimi this subject, and will be one of the best duos in the history of world cinema. And ending with a group of stuntmen have put if not the most difficult, but the cool action scenes, such as the standard for such zhanra- shootings, car chases and melee fighting. Worth at least the final battle Riggs with a brutal mercenary Joshua, who very vividly played could not be relevant in such roles, Gary Busey (think of it as the First Mate of the cult thriller with Steven Seagal 'Capture'). Every time I looked this fight scene under the night rain involuntarily clenched his fists on the internal voltage! And both of the actor in the frame gave it to the full, because starring in this scene without doubles is evident by the abundance of close-ups Busey persons and Gibson ...
-'YA'll take the car
-? No! No. . You have suicidal
- Yes, anyone who in LA drivers - suicide! ' (C)
impossible not to remember the heroes themselves individually. Danny Glover and Mel Gibson has hit upon the right notes in his characters with 'first attempt'. Their Riggs and Morto differ. One- impulsive and hot, tearing into battle sorvigolova- loner. Drugoy- calm, unhurried old family man who, unlike his 'lunatic' partner is not eager to die on the next job, as we expect the imminent retirement. One is white and the other black. They are different as night and day. They have in common only the fact that both (each in its time) served in Vietnam, and the fact that oba- good, honest cops. At the same time, everyone has their own truth, and each in its own charming. Their dialogue, written by a young screenwriter (at the time of the works 'Lethal Weapon' Sheyyanu Blake was only 23 years old!) - so well thought but natural, and at the same time organic and reveal the nature of the character. Just you wonder that it is one of the first written texts of the author (and like the first he sold). Not everyone is an experienced writer could invent such a story, essentially consisting of platitudes, but rich incredible, tireless energy. Looks in such matters is important not only experience, but also talent. Only mind you are not going to remember Blake's third film about the old days of Tony Stark, who has filled the well. Personally, the author will remain steep militants late 80's for me Black Scheja, early 90s. When he was at the dawn of the forces, and was a kind of Midas, turning into gold everything what only touched ...
-'Tolko try not to kill anyone not this time
-. This is the only thing that I can do well do.' (C)
Add to the above the excellent camera work of Stephen Goldblatt, and a great soundtrack composed by Michael Kemeny, drawn mostly from shock or blues songs - and you get one of the major Hollywood blockbuster 80's. Although generally considered the best in the cycle of the second part, I still prefer the original. I do not know why - probably of importance. All the same, the first film is the 'how it all began, "and no matter how much later did not leave sequels, it becomes a classic of the first part. And yet it is worth noting that in tone tape 1987th markedly different from their extensions. Movie: The first over the hard, dark and dramatic. And if taken later sequels humor has become an integral part of the story, here it is only, so to speak - a nice addition to the 'main course'. Combine all these advantages into a single - and you get a hundred percent hit the old school, is able to survive more than a dozen 'spetseffektnyh' blockbusters. Therefore, my assessment of the creation of Richard Donner is very high: 10 of 10

most is not to have the best in the franchise 'Lethal Weapon', that is, that in the future director did not change, and shot new sequels at the same high level as the original. While trying every new film about a mismatched cops find something new that would be familiar story began to play with new colors. That is, read the following review ...

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