"Lethal Weapon" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh - Two Los Angeles police homicide by starting cooperation with the investigation into the death of a young girl, get caught up in a ruthless war with a group of former professional mercenaries, supplying the country from South-East Asia, sizeable quantities of heroin ...
< i> Honor and praise the discoverers - remember it is their people, once and for all. That's how the human psychology, to preserve in the hearts of those who break the stereotypes, pushing the limits and brings something new. And it was the brainchild of Richard Donner's film "Lethal Weapon", however, as the author himself, deserve these words. After all, the picture is no doubt Donner is the founder of the modern police thriller and one of the best known and most common representatives of the subgenre "buddy film", it is in the form in which we know them now. Simply put, Donner and screenwriter Shane Black debutant laid the new standards of action films of the everyday life of the genre police and thereby created the most unfading, all recognizable and humane police tandem in the history of world cinema
The main highlight of the film Donner -. This concept of interaction of opposites two completely different people and in nothing dissimilar to each other, but have to work together, jointly. Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh, there is nothing in common between them - they belong to a different race, age group, marital status, life experience and personal qualities. One - white, emotionally unstable young man with a bright pronounced signs and habits sociopath, headlong and quite recklessly conspicuous any more or less dangerous situation. The second - an African-American pre-retirement age, respectable family man and loving father, a quiet and thoughtful man with a heightened sense of duty and justice. As a result: in every possible way tries to minimize the risks, not to look for trouble and almost consciously (though reluctantly) preparing for retirement, Roger gets his partner Martin dreams of spectacular as possible and pozhivopisnee lose their lives. With the same success could be taken in hand cocked grenade. It would seem that the situation is hopeless and no good will come of it initially, but forgetting about the recurring differences and more or less successfully passed the period of lapping, they must work together in the face of unexpected common threat.
Shane Black wrote a really powerful script, borrowed from earlier tapes a few moves and, ultimately, transforming them into an incredibly funny and balanced show. The very presentation of the structure and sequence of events is the most logical and at the same time is unpredictable and in this component of the first film puts on the blades all further painting cycle. Themselves heroes almost never forget a healthy shred of irony, dating back to around the world, including those of self and personal problems, with a slight sneer. And it could not fail to arouse the sympathy of the audience. Authors packed with narration by a number of vivid and memorable episodes: psevdosamoubiytsey jump from the roof; Gibson's character familiarity with family companion; competition in accuracy at the police shooting range; unequal fight in the desert, and the final battle is on the lawn in the pouring rain, surrounded by patrol cars in the spotlight of the police helicopter. All these scenes are so fascinating, funny and furious at the same time removed, they can be reviewed hundreds of times separately. Battle scenes set realistic zaboristo and tasteful, and the music of Eric Clapton, written purely in blues style, perfectly conveys the atmosphere of bygone 80s.
Another pillar of the success of this (and it is the primary), it is certainly, the game of actors and their inexhaustible charm. Gibson simply inimitable and feerichen in the role of half-mad cop exploding at the slightest pretext, and not afraid to challenge each day of death, and his eternally tousled hair and a crazy look like serve as confirmation of this. Glover and his tact and quiet manner of playing, always dressed immaculately, perfectly complements a colleague. A mutual bickering and self-centered jokes between the characters only add to the charm of this tape. Donner consciously laid emphasis on the detailed study of the nature of their characters, the evolution of their relations and demonstrate their life at home and at work. Action here is simply not at the first place as in modern blockbusters and Donner only benefit from this. The characters of his film look real and human beings, human and not devoid of flaws, because the audience and loved them, just stick with them at all times through the screens of the world franchise marches
Summary :. Donner removed the timeless little masterpiece, a true classic police thriller, has had an enormous influence on the development of the genre as a whole. And for that he deserves at least a friendly clap on the shoulder and sincere words of gratitude. "Lethal Weapon" - is immortal, and in all respects a pleasant movie that everyone should see. Classics of the genre. Without objection.

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