"Lethal Weapon" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

At sunset on 80 screens out two blockbuster, which ushered in a successful franchise and gave the audience a new type of characters - human and emotional. These two legends of Action - the famous "Die Hard" and "Lethal Weapon." And the concept of the latter, proposed a young screenwriter Shane Black (who many fans of the classic action even know in person - on the role of Hawkins in "Predator"), based on the contrast of opposites. Two completely different people - different qualities, age, marital status, color - are forced into dangerous business together and the case eventually brings them much. Complementing each other, they create an unbeatable team, a truly lethal weapon in the fight against crime.
In fact, the film's title refers to the nickname of the hero Mel Gibson, he had received from police colleagues. 'Lethal Weapon' Martin Riggs called for skill in the art of killing, which he mastered in Vietnam. Sniper, expert weapons, tactics, explosives and martial arts - he was supposed to be a storm of crime, for example colleagues, but Riggs has one drawback - it is considered a real crazy and pain in the ass. Reckless actions from time to time be willing to die were the result of a family tragedy, to impose on unhealed Vietnam syndrome. Riggs have nothing and no one, no, he really had nothing to lose - this is his advantage and his weakness. The antithesis of a young veteran Roger Riggs seems Morto - black policeman, who recently knocked fifty dollars. Morto - thoughtful, calm, "correct" the cop and also respectable family man. He has something to lose, so he was not inclined to risk, in contrast to his new partner.
strength of paintings by Richard Donner in charismatic characters and interesting situations. So imagine: a cop-killer struggles with obsessive desire to depart to the other world, but here podvorachivaetsja a fun little business. On the other hand a strong decisive "old man" is going through a lot of stress, not believing in the proximity of an ambulance pension, and here the partner suicide. In newly teammates totally different approach to the performance of their duties: Morto does everything by the rules, and Riggs in the war used to kill, so shoot at the legs, the right to read, to use handcuffs, etc. not for him. Funny situations that their new, extremely dangerous thing unleashes Riggs and it finally comes off in full, bandits firing like mad dogs, and at the same time luring partner on their side in terms of methods of struggle against organized crime. Most importantly, Roger Morto pretty soon realize that any cop with nothing to lose, can become a deadly weapon against crime.
can assume Lethal Weapon (LW) the founder of the now popular genre of contemporary action comedy (not a detective or a comedy, it is an action movie, full and powerful), in which instead of the hero's single crime confront two completely different, but almost equally important hero-partner. They pin up each other, compete, argue, swear, but when there is a real danger, they are friendly and united. A very important role in this genre play Funny funny situations and dialogues between the characters. These are pictures of "Rush Hour," "Bad Boys," "The Rock" and many others. "Lethal Weapon", may not be the first film in this class action, but it certainly is the first among the world-wide hit.
movie series "Lethal Weapon" as a whole can be called a comedy thriller, but the first part, with all its comic thriller currently with quite a serious topic and a strong fervor. Action Set here the level of "all inclusive" - ​​from car chases to melee combat, but the skirmishes can not even mention: they are so full. But the authors (and mostly directed by Richard Donner) did not focus on entertainment, the scale of action, namely the development of relations between the characters, their friendship and mutual assistance. This compares favorably with the original from the proceedings in which the characters Gibson and Glover almost frozen in its development, and so the writers had to invent new characters, to a certain extent to "revive" the old.
In this classic action movie big burden fell on the shoulders actors, and they coped with it brilliantly, bringing quite a lot in the "dry" as prescribed scenario. Mel Gibson with his colorful and emotional style of play (which is after 8 years will bring him a nomination for the "Oscar" for "Braveheart") is perfect in the role of Martin Riggs. A 40-year-old Danny Glover is very good in the role of 50-year-old veteran, constantly dissatisfied and wonder of a new, suddenly crept up to his reality. Specific words deserves the "bad guy" Gary Busey. As is known to militant was interesting, the good guys have to withstand a decent and colorful villains. It is in this character and appears Busey - assassin named Joshua. Joshua, as Riggs, served in the security services, but unlike the latter, he once went to the "dark" side. Thus, Riggs opponent - the pros and watch the confrontation between professionals is always exciting
LW -. Kinoleybl famous, who brought the studio Warner Bros huge profits and therefore the studio still hopes to make Lethal Weapon 5. The crystal clear that without Gibson and Glover "lethal weapon" no longer be fatal, because the film does not exist without their famous heroes, but in connection with the latest developments in the 'VS Gibson Hollywood' looks like the 5th part will have to wait a very long time. And so I once again see this guy with a dislocated shoulder and "a bullet in the head", as well as to hear the famous "I'm too old for this shit».

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