"Lethal Weapon" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Hard to believe, but this film in 2009 was exactly in '22! Thousands of movies in that time flashed, rattled and were safely forgotten. Hundreds of actors jumped to the top of the Hollywood Olympus and were shamelessly dumped competitors. But there are films legend that will always remain hanging in the gallery ageless blockbusters
«Lethal Weapon." - a movie legend in every sense of the word. It was he who largely determined the development of the "action" genre, became one of its standards, one of the cornerstones of the so-called "buddy film", that is a movie about two dissimilar, but be sure to becoming friends, teammates, who investigate any super complicated thing and rid the world of all criminal dirt.
In the 80s American cinema was on the rise, this decade was a golden time for the whole constellation of great directors and great actors, hundreds of cinema masterpieces were created, and in all genres. In 1986, Shane Black - a young writer and actor brought his own script in Warner Brothers. The script has been recognized by the brilliant, especially he liked the Richard Donner - an experienced and famous director, who might give a "green light" to any project, as put these mega hit '70s as "Superman" and "Omen" - he was no stranger in the genre of action, he was able to put a beautiful Adventure, and enthusiastically took on a new project, becoming not only the director, but also a producer.
When in 1987 on the screens of America released a new movie Donner, it created a furor. The rates of all, who created the "Weapons" are flying in the sky. In general, the film cost the Donner in $ 15 million at the box office has brought more than 120 million. One hundred percent hit. But that is not important, it is important that all the directors and screenwriters immediately rushed to imitate "Lethal Weapon." Now an American fighter could be clearly divided into two periods - before the "Lethal Weapon" and after. In the 20 years it left many imitations and remaking this movie in this swamp can drown - even the best representatives of the genre anyway quoted Donner lyrics, and some just blatantly rod of his moves and ideas. True, the original itself will remain elusive.
But what was it about this action movie, that he has become such a cult? Now we will understand. First, the script. Black's script was at that time represented the original and not just insane action, but an interesting dramatic basis - detailed study of the characters of the characters, a thorough study of police work, meticulous viewing images of villains. Now these books only get to do, because the writers are mostly create artificial, pre-targeting specific audiences, and some cash scenario, the soul they have no life. And the "Lethal Weapon" is considered a piece of life, a little bright, unusual, but still living. And heroes captivate since the beginning and sincerely hate the villains!
And then there were the actors. Of course, the main thing in the film unprecedented duo Glover and Gibson. Mel Gibson plays so mad, turretless, cocky, self-assured, and terrible at the same time a nice person, he can not help want to emulate. It fascinates, attracts attention. Raging Gibson - these scenes could be reviewed again and again - what are the eyes which look, he really crazy, this guy - involuntarily start to think, but, my God, - he is perfect in his madness. Each of his scene with the bandits - this is such expression of such hatred, such emotions, such demonic possession! And suddenly it all ends abruptly turns into a terrible depression and loneliness at home. And how he behaves at home partner - a shy and awkward kid who came to dinner at a great uncle. Rarely seen in the genre of the game at this level. Here, the acting, and are not present. It is difficult to stick to the place without thinking Gibson someone else - he is very good, one of the heroes of fighters can not be so expressive
Danny Glover in general a very good actor.. It is valuable not only roles in action movies, but real dramatic roles. And his game is closer to classical theater school, than to entertainment "light" genre. Quiet at work, thoughtful and a little slow down, fearing for their health, a kind of "Dzyadok" appears in the family a merry prankster and a loving father like this, who does not need to shout and to tear children belt, so they do not run away from home. He was genuinely worried about the children, genuinely understands his partner and very honestly attached to it at the end of the film. But it is worth the bandits to encroach on its "fortress", the most precious thing in his life - his family, he turns into a volcano of revenge. These swings both actors played great. And I just wondered why none of the premium is not noted for their outstanding duo. As always, the most loved painting people remain out of sight of the critics.
Donner did not give special preference for visual effects, and, nevertheless, the film looks very bright, there are many car chases, fights and shootings, but the best of all Ideally. Stunts, explosions and gunfire - it is not an end in itself. Donner does not necessarily blow quarter, so that the audience admired the fireworks. It is enough to see the fire in the eyes of Gibson to admire.
What else makes this film a cult? Yes, that is a real hurricane, not a movie! Actions just tear you apart, and adrenaline is released into the blood! Real drive, no sagging or raw moment. This frenzied film, but, like any element, he is magnificent.
The idea of ​​the movie was so well implemented that Donner did not give up on him and took another 3 to continue, which, although they vary in quality, but all were equally commercially successful. However, between the first and subsequent parts of the "Lethal Weapon" there is a difference. Master, of course, remained true to himself and his handwriting, but in the second part of the sight was placed on humor, on the difference between the characters, in the comical situation. The first part of the rigid - it breathes anger, it is the power of anger. The rest of the softer, optimistic, well, let alone 4th - it is actually a comedy with elements of thriller
However, the entire tetralogy -. This is, without doubt, a standard thriller. First - this is a masterpiece, in many ways has become a measure of the quality of the genre. 'The film is almost at the level of "Lethal Weapon" - it is a compliment to any fighter. It is an icon, a symbol of the genre, the whole of his era, an endless source of positive emotions. If you saw it, almost every new action movie you will be perceived through the prism of "Weapons", and rare film manages to say after this unique series in this area its fresh word. Donner said not a word. He gave a long, exciting, disturbing speech that impressed and surprised by the people, and that will be remembered for a long time. This is a revolution, comrades! Hooray!
10 of 10

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