Lesson Report Essay


Write a short description on Lesson Report.




The Lessons Report is used to pass on any lessons that can be usefully applied to other projects. The purpose of the report is to provoke action so that the positive lessons become embedded in the organization’s way of working, and that the organization is able to avoid any negative lessons on future projects.

A Lessons Report can be created at any time in a project and should not necessarily wait to the end. Typically it should be included as part of the
End Stage Report and End Project Report. It may be appropriate (and necessary) for there to be several Lessons Reports specific to the particular organization (e.g. user, supplier, corporate or programme).

The data in the report should be used by the corporate group that is responsible for the quality management system, in order to refine, change and improve the standards. Statistics on how much effort was needed for products can help improve future estimating.


The Lessons Report should cover the following topics.


The Lessons Report is derived from the following documents: Project Initiation Documentation (for the baseline position); Lessons Log (for identification of lessons); Quality Register, Issue Register and Risk Register (for statistical analysis); Quality records (for statistical analysis) and Communication Management Strategy (for the distribution list).

The Lessons Report can take a number of formats, including: Oral report to the Project Board (could be in person or over the phone); Presentation at a progress meeting (physical meeting or conference call); Document or email to the Project Board; Entry in a project management tool.

The following quality criteria should be observed:

· Every management control has been examined

· Statistics of estimates versus actuals are provided

· Statistics of the success of quality controls used are included

· Any appointed Project Assurance roles agree with the report

· Unexpected risks are reviewed to determine whether they could have been anticipated

· Recommended actions are provided for each lesson (note that lessons are not ‘learned’ until action is taken).

Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to capture the lessons learned while implementing the e commerce project so that it could be applied in other projects. This document will be helpful in planning for future projects so that blunders from this project are not repeated in future projects. This document also provides the details of positive steps that were implemented in the projects. This document will formally be distributed to every stake holders of the organisation.

Overall Review

The project of implementing e commerce was initiated after due discussion and appraisal of the project. The estimation of cost and time was made using appropriate estimation methods. The estimation method was chosen after due deliberation with IT in charge of thee company. This process of planning stage went smoothly and according to the plan.

The project was making pre-planned progress and the targets were met with in the time. The project ran smoothly for three months but the accident of key employees caused serious problem in the implementation of the project. There was no contingency plan regarding injury of the employee that caused serious uncertainty on the project. To resolve this uncertainty various procedures were considered and consulted.

Review of Useful Measures

The implementation of the e commerce project has helped to identify key strength and weakness for implementing project of the company. The significant lesson that was learned that there should always be a contingency plan. The absence of any back up plan makes the implementation of the project doubtful. It also further aggregates the cost of the project because the project is stuck in the middle and there is always a fixed cost that the company has to bear.

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