"Les Miserables" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Jean Valjean is sentenced to long prison terms for attempting to steal bread so that the children of his sister did not die of hunger. During the execution of punishments shall be cruel, but true to his valiant case inspector Javert. But here, a prisoner manages to escape and now he needs to hide from pursuing justice. After several years of hard work, Valjean becomes mayor of the city and all the gendarmes now serve him, not even knowing about his past discouraging. In parallel, developing the story of a cute girl Fantine, which is fired from his job and sent out into the street. There, she has become a prostitute in order to somehow ensure that his only daughter. After becoming acquainted with Valzhanom, Fantine stepping into another world asks rich gentleman to help her daughter, who has nobody left after the death of his mother. Now, escaped convicts have to escape from the restless Javert with a little girl, who became his dear person. At the same time, in France brewing revolution under the banner of which major changes have to start.
One of the most famous works of the great writer Victor Hugo, to film the already considerable amount of time. Basically, all attempts have been successful, but to carry on a film version of the musical is so harsh stories, I dared not even one. After the introductory trailer to this musical, I did not have any desire to view, even though the source is written to me very much. In fact, it turned out that the Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper, has turned extremely compelling and captivating picture will not lose any known dramatic plot, nor even its unparalleled atmosphere. A heart-rending ballads performed by the main characters, touch for the heart as much as the dialogue in the original book, Hugo.
In general, I was "Les Miserables" made a weighty impression. Proof of this is the fact that I was after watching for a few weeks singing ear pleasant motives, and the soundtrack is still consistently gets in my daily playlist. Musical numbers were done perfectly and that Hooper has forced the actors to sing during the filming, the film went only benefit. Due to this inherent falsity of all musicals, associated primarily with the overlay image in advance the performance of songs, finally disappeared, and does not detract from the overall view. By the way, what is happening on the screen is really very interesting to watch, and this despite the fact that the story is almost known to every educated person. And more than two-hour duration, during which the audience will not be presented with any excess and epic-scale action scenes, it is not felt. But here there is a strong dramatic line, elegant decorations and costumes, stunning musical performances and unique atmosphere, varies depending on the scenario.
What more surprised, because this is the camera work. In these "Les Miserables," a lot of close-ups, clearly showing all the dirt on the doomed characters who have no choice but to raise a rebellion and make a revolution. First, such an unusual image for the musical flow a little embarrassed, but then, this feature takes effect and even helps in more detail to see some aspects of the characters, including both the appearance and emotions. It is worth to praise the authors and skilful distribution of screen time between the characters, of which there are accumulated a huge set. Every strong personality, in principle, it was about the same amount of time. With this challenge, directors of previous versions could not handle, paying more attention to the main characters in the face of Valjean and Cosette. Here, Hooper gives the viewer to enjoy and other equally outstanding personalities who first spun by the wayside.
Elegant played ensemble cast. He showed his dramatic talent Hugh Jackman, all trying to get out of line clawed mutant. It turns out he's great, but there were Valjean and more impressive, though Jackman made in this character is something of themselves is quite different from previous ones. Delightfully played Russell Crowe, which has got a good vocal. This is not surprising, because Crowe has his own group, where he is the lead singer. His Javert turned out the way and should be: meticulous, rigorous and extremely dedicated. Coped well with its heavy role Anne Hathaway, deserved for his work "the golden idol." Although, given the sacrifices that the actress went for a more authentic immersion in the image, the "Oscar" in general should come as no surprise. Against the background of such a charismatic fellow, somehow faded young Amanda Seyfried, for which participation in the musical scenes also nothing new. Her grown-up Cosette turned out a little too ordinary. He sang well, but could have played much better.
well looked Eddie Redmayne, especially zealous in the music scene. His voice felt right tear, every word he uttered a transcendent level of emotionality. Amused is not the first time the duo played together Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter . First, once again I tried to escape from their scandalous comedy of images, and the second at these unpleasant characters specializes in quite a while already. Together, the pair looked convincing and interesting, and more from them, and was not required. Surprised young talented actress in the face Samantha Barks, which I truly experienced and sympathetic. And what an angelic voice she sang all their vocal parts, words can not convey. Who else was pleased, because it is a very young British actor Daniel Hattlstoun, which has turned out an entertaining version of the small bully Gavroche.
In the end, "Les Miserables" was struck in almost all aspects. All it has done delicately accurately and efficiently, even carp especially there is nothing. Hooper managed to not only adequately execute such a complex problem, as the transfer of the musical to the screen on such a well-known product, but also make a great band that gets to me the maximum points:
10 of 10

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