"Les Miserables" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Yesterday I watched 'Les Miserables' the movie. Just I want to say that in his review I will consider the film Tom Hooper solely as a staging of the musical version of 'Les Miserables', but not as an adaptation of the novel by Victor Hugo (whom he is not, but is usually about it in Russian for some reason forget). I apologize in advance if what I'm about to say will seem too harsh, but this is purely my IMHO, my personal feeling of seeing the musical, which has become in a short time so loved, so I'm biased in their judgments!
Impressions I from this version remained ambivalent. On the one hand I liked the visual component, scenery, setting, costumes (not all, though - the images of some of the characters I have caused confusion). On the other hand a musical-vocal part, I had a claim.
Firstly, some arias were cut. I understand that it was necessary to meet the timing, which is already impressive, plus a supply of some scenes different from the theatrical version, but the selection of the lines that have been thrown out of the arias, I sometimes frankly amazed. For example, in the scene 'Confrontation' Jackman / Valjean did not sing the phrase 'I am warning you Javert! There is nothing I will not dare, If I have to kill you here, I'll do what must be done! ' This is understandable, of course, as in the film Valjean just escaped from Javert, jumping out the window, not knocked him out, as in the theatrical version. Further, in the stage of 'A Little Fall Of Rain' Barks / Eponine did not sing his sacramental 'I'll sleep in your embrace at last!' - that it seemed to me very strange, since it is one of the most important, if not the most important point in the way Eponine
Some songs were swapped, but I believe it was justified in terms of the script.. For example, Hathaway / Fantine sings his aria 'I Dreamed A Dream' after life pushes her to sell all that she has (the locket, her hair, even teeth, and your body will eventually), and I believe that this is the most logical place for this aria in the musical. But Barks / Eponine his aria 'On My Own' sings to the 'One Day More' scene - this time I did not understand at first, but then it was discovered that the line Eponine and Marius relations basically a slightly modified, so, too, all in the end it turned logical.
Now, as to the vocal skills of performers. Then everything turned out even more interesting. No, I understand that the filmmakers everywhere energetically promoting his token 'songs were recorded in a live chat during the filming of scenes', but not everyone is able to cope with the singing in this situation. And most interesting is that in my opinion the worst of all to feed his role coped Jackman, sadly to say it. No, he played Valjean is divine, and if this film was an adaptation of the novel, I would without any doubt gave him the Oscar, but it is a musical in which to sing, not just to play, but the singing in my view Jackman failed. From the word at all. And it constantly bore in some moments (in the final sheet 'What Have I Done?' And 'Who Am I?') He gave a good clean sound, but the rest of the break on an eerie vibrato, passing just bleating, plus it out tone in tone. He just killed all the arias Valjean, and about how he ispohabit 'Bring Him Home', I do not even want to talk. The people in the audience even laughed at this stage, but would have to cry! For me, singing is disgusting Jackman remains a mystery, as I watched the two musicals with him ( 'Man of Oz' and 'Oklahoma!'), Where he sang flawlessly! I have the feeling that he did not care about the vocal component of the role, he paid attention only to the dramatic aspect. But if you are signed up for a musical, so be kind to sing. Otherwise, in a musical you have nothing to do.
Crowe / Javert. You know, surprisingly Crow sang pretty well! I really doubted the choice of actor for the role of Javert, but the tone at the Crow was very pleasant, and the tone he normally kept! In general, a worthy fulfillment for all input
Hathaway / Fantine - and there is nothing to say, except that Hathaway is Fantine, and Fantine is Hathaway! Perfect innings role in vocal and dramatic matter! Demand 'Oscar' for Anne !!!
Barks / Eponine - the same as pro Fantine))) Samantha just honey, bunny, honey - and absolutely amazing Eponine! I love her very tender love! What a voice !!! * For reference - Barks played Eponine in the theatrical version of 'Les Miserables' and 'Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert' *
Tveit / Enjolras - that is, in my opinion, the most important finding of this performance! I totally, totally, wildly like the way Aaron sang! Again, a wonderful interpretation of the role! Perhaps, from his singing and playing, I received the greatest pleasure in the movie! Plus it superficially handsome))) For his sake I will revise again and again
Redmayne / Marius Sayfrid / Cosette - good! Coped with a bang, well done
Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen / Madame and Monsieur Thenardier - and here I want to only mate! Probably still not Jackman disappointed me the strongest of all, and it's ... ahem ... a couple! I have not seen the worst supply these roles! About the vocals, I'm not even going to say - it's not there, and the dramatic component so ridiculous, that horrible make-up, some 'leftists' costumes ... What was that ?! Maybe Bonham Carter has simply forgotten that it is not 'Sweeney Todd'? And Baron Cohen has forgotten that it is not a 'dictator'? . In general, the darkness
And finally, for me a little surprise - in malyuhonkoy role of an army officer who commanded the last attack on the barricade, was seen by Hadley Fraser! Or rather, I recognized his voice - that if a person can sing, he sings everywhere! Trifle, but nice! * For reference - Fraser played Raoul in 'Phantom Of The Opera 25th Anniversary Concert' and Grantera in 'Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert', plus he played Marius, Grantera and Javert in the musical theater version *
To summarize the above, the positive moments still outweighed film from individual roles and scenes. Of course, I will reconsider it, simply because the first time is quite difficult to assess the pros and cons of each of the productions of 'Les Miserables'. Favorite version of the movie I hardly ceases, but its worthy place among the scanned I will definitely take!
7 of 10

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