"Les Miserables" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"Les Miserables" - my favorite novel, plus I'm a passionate fan of musicals in general, and this in particular, so my attitude on the adaptation was initially positive. Why are there - I was waiting for her with great anticipation! And, of course, was not disappointed.
Even if you turn away from the musical genre and consider this film only as an adaptation of the novel, we can talk about success. Until then, I saw 3 and the film adaptation of this, I liked most of all. All previous were quite gloomy, which is in the spirit of the novel, but not enough pathos, and "Les Miserables", along with infinitely depressing atmosphere are also present and epic tone.
So, go through the characters.
Jean Valjean . It seems to me, Hugh Jackman are very suitable for this role. Yes, maybe he's a little more aristocratic than describe the true Jean Valjean can, in some moments he is too reminiscent of old-Prince from the film "Kate & Leopold", but still in the form of Jackman has a certain proportion of the nobility, which makes him a Valzhanom.
Javert But Javert, reading a book, I imagined otherwise -. a sort of owner of the eagle type of appearance, sharp nose and piercing eyes. But oddly enough, the role of Javert in the Russell Crowe struck me - in a good way. I do not think you can play Javert so - not that cool and principled, and some indifferent-wise. Not much by the book, but, in my opinion, and so Javert has the right to exist. Although vocal abilities Crowe and leave much to be desired (who heard the original musical will understand), but, in general, «Stars» for the layman performed very well, although it is clear that the actor squeezed out everything that could.
. Fantine Big mouth Anne Hathaway on the big screen - it's certainly something. But to say that she had not played, the language does not turn. Anne coped with the role of a hundred, although, in my opinion, the operators with large plans have gone too far (however, this applies to the entire film as a whole).
Thenardier couple. Oh, what a gorgeous couple came ! However, Madame Thenardier turned out not quite the "book," but adored me Helena Bonham Carter can give the flavor of any role. However, these scoundrels I imagined it so: creepy, impudent types that can pretend to be friendly, and a minute later to grab the throat. Duet Carter and Cohen showed Thenardier little more grotesque than it should be, but I do not think that the film would be worse off. On the contrary, it seems best Thenardier and it is impossible to imagine. This couple has perfected everything that does not have, but meant Hugo. And real Thenardier, in my opinion, could have confused the names of Cosette, as did the hero of Sacha Baron Cohen.
Cosette. I do not like this young lady, and therefore say about it is nothing special. Amanda Seyfried played not bad and not good, and if the result was to be a simple-minded rich girl, the results it has achieved. In this film, Cosette paid less attention than in the book - but that is for the better. However, it is worth mentioning one thing that struck me as annoying. I remember very well Seyfried in the film version of the musical "Mamma Mia" (the role, by the way, it was a success more), and the same actress, singing in two different musicals made into a movie, personally I have caused some unpleasant sense of déjà vu.
As to the small Kozettki, it is, of course, beauty. Wonderful voice and big eyes -. What else is needed for such a role
Marius Marius I do not much liking, but in this version, he made me the location. No, not his appearance, for I believe that red is more like Marius knows how to pick up the barricade Scot, than a true Frenchman. But that's created Eddie Redmayne image, passionately emotional expression on his face with soulful eyes cast on the street pet, soft, even slightly feline voice quivering chin plus his actions, expressing, like the musical, more, Unlike books, commitment to the revolution and friends - all this makes it to evaluate more positively than negatively
Enjolras My favorite character, and -.. finally - well disclosed in the movie image. In other film adaptations Enjolras unfairly left aside, and yet this very charismatic figure. Aaron Tveit won me at first sight. Yes, for so Enjolras I would have gone to the barricade, with side by side, I would be willing to administer the revolution. Moreover, Enjolras Aaron Tveit was the most "book": both in appearance and character. Add or subtract - simply an ideal way
Gavroche Another one of my favorite character -.. And over the nail. The boy, who played Gavroche, just can not help but fall in love, so it is charming! In the film, he took even a little more roles than in the same musical: add a word (the second verse of his first song), action (Order of left on his chest Javert), and the image of it will be brighter and integrity. And I sing Daniel really cute
Eponine Of all the female characters of the novel Eponine I like the most -.. Girl with a hard life, has preserved pieces of humanity. Created in my imagination Eponine - the character is much more tragic and somber than play this role Samantha Barks with her cute doll-like appearance, which is impossible to hide any gloomy brows, sad eyes. Not so to be Eponine. However, Samantha criticize I will not - she deserves that role, because it Eponine has long been the best (who does not know, she played her in a Musical). Yes, Samantha Eponine turned softer and softer, but the tragedy of the heroine actress passed, and «Little Fall of Rain» I could not hold back the tears.
Actually, I do not often cry because of movies. Well, if something really pitiful. To "Les Miserables," I cried. Especially at the end when we went to the final shots from the "barricade of the dead." How can you resist when emotions overflowed, and the world is in your head is turned as well as when you close the last page just finished reading the novel? And by the way, if my tears struck closer to the finale, the shivers of excitement ran through my skin from the first seconds of the film.
Honestly, I feel sorry for those who did not like this movie. Indeed, perhaps it is insulting to spend two and a half hours and not to discover something new. For me, "Les Miserables" in 2012 became one more chance to enjoy the atmosphere of the beloved novel, experience all that I felt when reading, to plunge into the world of amazing music. I was waiting for this movie, but the impressions received even more than expected. Moreover, looking at it for nearly a month ago, I continue to revise it every day. Great to have a favorite book, and one of my favorite musicals supplemented with at least worthy of their visuals.

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