"Les Miserables" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Some things just need to witness with their own eyes at least for the sake of common development. And so extraordinary musical as «Les Miserables», delivered on the novel Victor Hugo , you can safely classify such works. Director of the ambitious project was a talented British director Tom Hooper , which won its own "Oscar" with the band "The King's Speech." To its credit, Hooper, he did not spray his popularity in the unpretentious entertainment projects for the masses, and very carefully approached to the choice of his subsequent film yet decided on another adaptation of "Les Miserables," which became the most popular and negotiated among all removed. However, the name of the director in the musical does not mean that the project is guaranteed to be successful. For this purpose, the set had to invite the stars of the first magnitude, which among other things was bound to have a powerful vocals. After a long search on the leading roles were invited Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried and Anne Hathaway, has repeatedly proved that singing talent in them is not worse than the drama. In addition, the company they amounted to Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen, who also had to deal with the music, once filming Tim Burton in his peerless "Sweeney Todd." So like it or not, and "Les Miserables" - this is a movie that is definitely worth seeing every connoisseur of fine
himself subject is set in the early 19th century in France.. The country has managed to survive more than one change of the state system and now re-ascended the throne the king, who took all the reins of the country in their hands. The main hero of the film acts as a former convict Jacques Valjean (Jackman), was imprisoned for many years, and for the exemplary behavior will finally get the opportunity to go free. However, with such a track record Valzhanu very difficult to get a job, and he decides once and forever to say goodbye to his personality, tearing to shreds the documents and start a new life ... Years later, our hero has become a respectable citizen, he started his own manufactory and even I became mayor of the city. But the ghosts of the past still find Valjean. Ambitious and unyielding even in small things Javert (Crowe) is still out on the trail of her former ward in order to condemn it with the utmost rigor of the law. Discouraged Valjean is forced to rush back on the run, but this time he had a quite tangible reason to avoid punishment - in the care of the hero got a young orphan Cosette (Seyfried), to which Valjean was filled with warm paternal feelings. Former convict vowed that will educate her and provide her a decent future. And after that we can in good conscience give Javert, realizing that life was not in vain ...
Creation Victor Hugo for a long time itself has become a classic of world literature and one of the indestructible pillars of culture. "Les Miserables" became effective participants in university programs for teaching literature. The famous story has been dramatized many times and recently has become a magnificent musical drama, which became the main basis for the creation of Tom Hooper. Young director with trepidation treated the provision of materials, and could do so that his version of "Les Miserables" was the most negotiated and Honorable among highbrow critics rated the cinematic musical worth. It is worth noting that the conversations in the film are minimized and the will of the director was completely abandon their use. Tom Hooper created the painting in which everything dialogues replaced vocals leading Hollywood actors. And such a spectacle is so fascinating that after watching do not feel any fatigue due to the fact that two and a half hours is necessary to listen to the lingering sound of music. "Les Miserables" in spite of the complexity of the plot, which is woven into the inner human drama and tragic historical events that took the lives of thousands of innocent people are flying in the mind of the viewer, like an arrow. Filmmakers built a truly monumental creation that affects its structure complexity. And only a true masterpiece is able to penetrate into the heart of anyone who decided to get acquainted with him and not let him for a long time, making scrolling in the minds of those or other musical parts, the characters emotions and amazing for its dramatic ending force.
One of the most strengths of "Les Miserables" by Tom Hooper can be called great acting work best actors of Hollywood. Hugh Jackman just great cope with the role of Jean Valjean and managed with remarkable authenticity to convey all the feelings that are coming to the man who once in his life has broken the law, and for sheer trivia and then forced to pull the burden of social stigma directly to his death. Brilliant actor could fill your image of the same all-conquering charisma and create deep attractive way, who wants to empathize with and for which you are sick with all my heart. As for the vocals, the Jackman though not up for this part to the best opera singers of our time, but still falsehood in his endeavors is not felt. And even more - Jackman singing talent worthy of respect, because he overcame himself and gave us the unforgettable moments of bliss
Well, how can you not mention the brilliant game Russell Crowe ., which has become one of the most prominent members of the works presented. Javert well as Valjean, a native of the lower classes of society. Fate decreed that Javert was born in prison among the most dangerous and dishonest representatives of the people, but did not turn into another nation's garbage, but instead decided in whatever was to make its way to the top. Becoming a respected inspector, he shamelessly sending criminals to jail and was known as one of the most respected custodians of order in all of France. However, to become happy Javert did not succeed, because his soul did not find peace. The hero is obsessed with catching Valjean and can not imagine my life without this mad race without meaning and satisfaction ... Russell Crowe once again proved that he is not in vain to read a living classic of modern cinema. But his vocal skills have become for many viewers a real revelation. Crowe found himself the owner is so beautiful and melodious voice, that all his party to settle permanently in our memories and episodes with his participation would be desirable to revise again and again.
In the end I want to say that «Les Miserables» on the right considered one of the best films of 2012. Creation Tom Hooper is already entered in the Hall of Fame of world cinema and its place there is not discussed. Presented by the musical makes a great deal to think about and a lot to teach us. I want to thank the whole crew, without exception, for the opportunity to come into contact with the history of Victor Hugo and discover there are many unexplored. So I can not wish you nothing but how pleasant viewing.
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