"Legends of the Fall" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

'Here the dead,
who stopped the train,
though just for a moment'
© Jim Garrison

key differentiator of the vast majority of literary works from film adaptation, is - the solidity presented to the reader in the world. Even if a vase on a shelf in the corner will not matter, it will get its description on the two lines, thereby preserving memory. Movie compress the world to the compact dimensions, modify to fit your needs and makes the viewer to observe what is happening narrow eyes of one person - the director. And, the same vase on a shelf in the corner can be taken lightly. This difference is due to the endless disputes of non-compliance heroes their prototypes of very free interpretation of the story, trimmed lines, and other assumptions. "Legends of the Fall" by Jim Harrison if an exception to the rule. The film in this case, not so much better than the book! It will not feed correctly thought. How much more correct than book reports, and most importantly, trying to explain some of the two kinds of moments. Also, to effectively distribute the duration of history, placing the scene in a more logical manner.
If we reject the simplicity of the literary language of the book, the two claims to the source. Firstly, spasmodic events. When not even on the same page and just one paragraph there are so many events that would be enough for several chapters: Tristan kills people attending a social event in the end of the line is at the manor. The film, in turn, the event is rolled smoothly, so do not feel that we are trying to cram an entire era, though in fact in front of us and the unfolding human life rich. Second, the book is extremely stingy with Tristan emotions. Killing a man, he does not feel anything. He does not repent - even though deprived of life, he does not hate or anger, even despising killed. The film is more pragmatic, we can not show Tristan cold-blooded killer, otherwise it will be harder to get the sympathy of the audience. So we show emotion, doubt, the reasons for his actions. It would seem that in the book, you can dedicate a whole page psychologism, dig in any direction, to show a dark or vice versa bright side, but this is not done and at the end we can safely ask yourself the question - whether positive hero Tristan in the opinion of the author
Benefits? the film does not end there. The main problem was the identity of the book of Tristan, it is not just the central character, the book Tristanotsentrichna. Everything revolves around him, his brothers, his father, the Indians, Dekker and second, somewhere on the horizon, they are cued, without being the cause of his actions. Writers did the horse move eliminating two problems at once - little significance book character Suzanne turned into a key protagonist of the film (even with reference to the younger brother). Thanks to this ingenious move, love line received the same interest in the female audience. Would the fairer sex to watch the adventures of unkempt savage bestial habits of women, including? Entering Susanna, the filmmakers were given, though formal, but the logic of the actions of Tristan. In the book, our blond hero just picked up and left without another word. In contrast to kinoSyuzanny, knigoSyuzannu Tristan never loved, he felt a certain responsibility for it, as it still is a family member. The film gave Tristan justification, can not encroach on the bride's brother. It turns out, has not made a contribution writers in front of us would be simply an unscrupulous bastard, and so metuschayasya soul.
Another significant change in the history of the channel, was the change of the genre. If the book is the dramatic story of one man (Tristan), filled with losses, adventure, crime, rebellion and appeasement. His eyes, we read his emotions feel. That film, most ladies' novel (no wonder the main writer Susan Shilidey), we see what is happening to a greater extent by Suzanne person. And strange as it may sound, but in this form, "Legends of the Fall" perfect cinematic lay on the rails. Through the use of standard kinopriemov (creating conflicts brother against brother, father against son) and of course, unhappy love line made the film interesting from different perspectives and different audiences. If you want a hero - get rebel Tristan prefer suffering from unrequited love - watch out for Suzanne. "Legends of the Fall" give every viewer the full palette of characters and emotions.
individual components of success became Tristan Brad Pitt. Testing the role of the restless wanderer in "Where the river flows" in the "Legends of the Fall" Pitt created a master image of unbridled savage, every act is spontaneous, tough but attractive at the same time. A star is born. Since Pitt firmly established pedestal most desired men for one half of the globe and tough man to whom it would be nice to be like for the other half
Julia Ormond -. One more hit the target. She is beautiful, tender, unhappy and dramatically brought forth the result of his life. Ormond is definitely worth it to bring her character to the fore. It makes the viewer wonder whether Tristan fool? Does he regret
Anthony Hopkins - become, beliefs, experiences for their sons. Anthony is great. True greatness in a variety of actors. After a maniac to play a completely different role and very strong, especially the scene of reunion with Tristan.
«Legends of the Fall" real film classic. Ideal creating dramatic intensity, forcing the audience to breathe deeply, and brings the story to a happy conclusion regularities. In this case, even with the original divergence appear acceptable. So it should be according to the laws of the genre, someone dies and someone put up.
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