"Legends of the Fall" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The old man lived in a village
starinushki have three sons:.
Senior was a clever fellow,
middle son this way and that,
Junior did was fool
In Russian fairy tales usually gets all the credit youngest son. But in Russian fairy tales the younger son usually goes a long way, and from the fool evolves into a hero and save the beauty, and the kingdom and punish all evildoers. But this happens only in fairy tales. Princess in life gets no fools, and someone like the hero of Brad Pitt, this whole mysterious (whether e ... no, I'm sorry, Princess after all should not matter, but in the emotional impulse of after watching a movie the other words in my difficult chosen).
Kghm so here. Colonel Ludlow had three sons, and almost like a fairy tale, a senior was really smart, Jr. was not a fool, but he still just playing boyish, well, and the average was in fact "way and that." I was not able to understand what is special about it. It seems that I, too, young lady, and should also jump and write with happiness in the contemplation of muscular Brad Pitt with developing blond hair. But no, something went wrong.
The Colonel Ludlow. Excellently played by Anthony Hopkins Colonel gives the impression of a wise old bird, but! - it is like all a priori middle son loves the most, like a pig, this middle son did not conduct themselves. "He who hears my voice brighter than others, or become a legend, or going mad." If Tristan and became a legend, it is only in the sense that in real life such a wise father would for a long time (as a child) and have deservedly given to him as a belt.
Suzanne. First Suzanne was a character that I most sympathetic of vulnerability and "passionate nature, full of different ideas." But the farther into the forest, the more wood. Suzanne throughout the film is changed only for the worse, and spoiled the first impression that it produces so spectacularly in the beginning. During the show you have a feeling to shake her by the shoulders and shout in his ear: 'Eeey, well, enough already, wake up!'
Tristan Tristan, although it bears the name of any knightly qualities is not.. . Everyone loves him as if they have programmed a biography of the character. Himself Tristan loves the world and themselves. This is commendable, and there is nothing wrong with that, but that's just the fact that "we are responsible for those who tamed" Tristan perfectly to the bulb. And it's our hero? And it is to him that we must sympathize with? A man without a purpose in life, it is not clear-seeker that nepoyantno-why, and wonder-how. Do nothing inner voice Tristan something worthwhile he did not say whether he was still badly listened to him, and if so, then even his entire fabulously enigmatic soul flies to hell and besides muscles and blonde hair does not remain anything. Tristan does not change, the entire movie he frankly suffers garbage, built on a large scale (except that the beginning of the film). From the hero and knight in his only appearance, by the fool only universal love. More nothing special in it, and I'd rather be two hours for Alfred watched.
(Or is it because it is Brad Pitt?)
Alfred. The only character who by the end of film sympathize. In the beginning it did not cause much confidence and even a little off-putting, but in the end Alfred - the only one who has the voice of reason, and who do not blindly love the middle brother. Yes, you can write it off on envy, but nevertheless, it is only sensible character, and not some zombofanat Brad Pitt. In addition, Alfred somehow changed, and in some places behave heroically and deserves respect.
Isabelle second. As a child, she was not impressed especially the clever and charming child. It grows in a very sweet girl, but her character as being unsolved (and even stupid, in spite of home education to confuse history and geography), and remains. There it is, no it would not have been her, it would not have changed for me.
Wise Indian. Wise Indians show how Tristan's mentor, but that there was a bad teacher, or Tristan wrong I understood his words. Did he carried the Indian wisdom that we should be a complete egoist, do what comes to your mind without thinking of the consequences? Be a warrior, but for what? The war for the sake of war and revenge for revenge? In general, it never reached me the wisdom of the Indians in the etymology of the word Koyaanisqatsi wisdom more than in this film.
And now, cursed, call bold plus. Shot 'Legends of the Fall' amazing music at the highest level, acting is just brilliant, the beginning of a dynamic and takes the soul, look interesting from the first minute, and the impression is spoiled only by the end, why I was told.
In addition, the film tells us about the long history of the whole family, not for several generations, of course, but for several generations would have to shoot the series.
I have long hesitated to put what estimation. On the one hand, the immersion in the era of the screen 100%, and on the other the ideological content of it, in my not so humble opinion, absolutely wrong. Well, not that it is necessary to teach boys and girls show such heroes. If there were rumors that the movie "is relegated to the back shelf" to "Forrest Gump" does not interfere, this, excuse me, frankly nonsense. How can you compare the "Forrest", which is simply stunning in every way, which causes tears and laughter, and compassion, and acceptance, and "Legends of the Fall", which is rather a grin (but sad), sometimes feyspalm and no sympathy nor to Tristan, nor those whom he loses.
7 of 10
And for the fact that things in which it is clear that the soul was invested, mark "little gray" estimates, somehow soulless . I do not Tristan, after all.

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