"Legends of the Fall" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The film is about all of us. Each of us lives (or is already closed in the depths of the subconscious) romantic irreconcilable with the belief that everything in this life for him, and for him that people are noble, and true life is infinite. So infinite that can be postponed own a real happiness for later, throwing himself into the pool with his head in a sea of ​​their illusions.
Which of us is not hiding a wise and knowing the life of William Ludlow? Knowing, to whom and how it should live, but does not want to accept people with disabilities and their right to their experience. Touchy and proud.
Who among us has not calmed their dreams of desire, it would seem, such a natural and intimate happiness? Who knows no flour - to keep calm and to do their duty, when the inside of the bear rushes out of the cell, ripping the soul? Yes, this bear has not only Tristan, he is with us. And each of us met with him and gets wound in an attempt to tame. Alfred ... not the main protagonist. Pillar of morality and virtue. It bears the burden of not the most beloved brother, not the most favorite son, not the man she loved. In the film, there is no staff of its endless tossing and anguish. But this inner pain of a red thread runs through the entire film, is reflected in his fathomless eyes when he watches stealthily boiling around him life. While remaining humane, sensible, modest and loyal to everyone whom he admitted to his great heart, condensed shackles of social norms and rules under lock incredibly strong internal ethics. Aidan Quinn "made" this image. His ability to silently convey very broad range of feelings and only ineffable delights.
Tristan. It is the very nature - wild and untamed, without taboos and conventions. If it is hungry, my essence, to anything to ask unnecessary questions and humble themselves imposed yardstick. It is surprising that by making choices contrary to expectations, relatives, Tristan feels at the same time loving and most importantly - a favorite family member, without guilt. That in essence there is true freedom without embellishment: this is me and this is my choice I have, if you do not love me so, then you do not love me true. For making a choice, it would have been, I do not, which means that you would love me no longer, and who I pretend to be. And yet this man. The same Achilles - the demigod with his fifth - boundless love for his younger brother - where the arrow landed and war. Civilized man finds him insane. But it is, perhaps, the whole personality Ludlow among men. For him there is no tomorrow. There is only the here and now. He and Suzanne had no future. These are two different worlds. And Suzanne, Ludlow and men with his cracked. And everyone is looking for healing to someone else: Suzanne - in each of the men, Alfred and Samuel - in Suzanne, William - in Tristan. Only Tristan is not looking for a "mate", he - "unit". Feels that the healing of the soul in him. And it heals itself in every possible way. He dies and is reborn. Tristan wandering metaphorically represent the path to the men themselves - through the trials themselves, the knowledge of life. Only after passing this way, and becoming Him, you can gain peace of mind and be prepared for the correct choice and true happiness with a woman in all its depth, gaining even more power.
With a woman like Isabel II. With inner strength and tranquility. Who knows how to just love, without asking anything and without imposing itself. Able to carry his love through the years. Such a contrast between living alone and Isabella II of Suzanne, who grew up in love and care for life having before our eyes the example of this strong love of quiet service to your loved one without waiting for the impact. You are free, I'm free, we are free to choose at any moment. It seems to me that the place of Suzanne Isabelle was not looking for ways to stop and not to make promises to "wait forever", since realized that the life of the river is too changeable and fleeting. And if it will give a new meeting, then everything will be clear at the very moment. A plea and a promise - it's sand in the wind
And finally -. My dear, tender and wounded Suzanne. She was wounded so deeply as a poor little mouse who does not know that the cheese is not only in a mousetrap, and seeks it there, realizing the danger, but do not know other ways to happiness. And anyone who has been rejected at least once (parents, society, lover), can weep with Suzanne and his bitter tears, releasing all this pain. Here's another painful social issues. "- What would give her an education? - This will make her life richer. " Certainly this is the case. But what is the price? Why parents do not let go of Isabella II in the guesthouse? Why she refused to leave from her beloved and loving people from real life in an incubator to nurture a decent woman? Why is this surprising Suzanne, who hated his board? Deprived of happiness to feel desired, loved and valuable, without any 'ifs'. To "enrich" their knowledge of life, the ability to always smile, be what you want to see more deeply to hide the true self. And did not understand who I am, what my happiness, and what I live for. It is for that in itself I live, not priplyusovyvaya yourself to anybody else. The tragedy of a beautiful, deep, passionate and a living woman. What is surprising is that her whole being so eager to Tristan - the embodiment of strength and courage, the source of life, capable of (in the intuitive sense of Suzanne) isolate and protect it from this cold and hard world? Suzanne learned to live with hope and expectation, it gives meaning to her today. It is so familiar to us. In moments of happiness with Tristan she silently bears him children, and selects them names. This once again reveals their different perception of life. And when Suzanne faced with the knowledge that there is nothing more to wait for, and there is no hope ... It is truly unbearable. Suzanne could not find the inner wisdom and humility to find happiness next to Alfred. As her love was not enough for two people with Tristan and Alfred love it was not enough for the two of them. On the other hand, if you feel a rebellious nature and the inability to find inner peace, it is worth it to try to live "warm" or yet to jump into the fire and burn? Is it worth it to live, humbling himself to circumstances, choosing safe, avoiding the pain of the strong feelings? Or should let your bear and surrender to the wisdom of life?
9 out of 10

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