"Legends of the Fall" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The life of a retired Colonel William Ludlow was full of events. All my conscious time he spent in the service of the United States. His main occupation in this field was the destruction of Indian villages. But any violence when something comes to an end, and only approached the senile years, William ends up with the service, pay a little more time deciding sons. They had three. Thoughtful, Alfred, Tristan windy and carefree Samuel. Despite the entreaties of his mother, William with the children settled in the middle of nowhere - in Montana. All childhood boys spend in Indian companies and very rarely see the mother - she lives far away in the city, and not eager to often visit his family. Life couple Ludlow goes quite calm and measured up until Samuel does not leave to learn. And the fact of studying nothing to do with - the whole point is that back home the young tomboy not one, but with the bride. Her name is Suzanne, and whether it is necessary to explain what feelings are experiencing two other brothers to see it, because his whole life they except his mother and neighbors, the Indians, and the girls did not see. In the fast-paced life brothers also interferes with another factor - the First World. Spit on his father's persuasion, Samuel absolutely sure - to serve his duty to stay at home and do not have any rights. Older brothers can not leave him alone and are also sent to the war. As further unfold the life of three men and one woman in this eventful, full of sweet moments of happiness and bitter disappointments, stories, one has only to guess. In this film, everything is possible
"Legends of the Fall." - another brilliant representative of one of the best years in the history of cinema (if not the best). Judge for yourself - in 1994 on the screens of the world were such iconic films as "Forrest Gump," "Pulp Fiction," "The Shawshank Redemption," "The Lion King," "Interview with the Vampire," "Ed Wood" and Russia's "Burnt the sun. " For Oscar turned very hot fight, from which our film did not come out the winner - only one statuette. But such competitors to give up is not a sin. This does not detract from the merits of this movie. Beautiful, very emotional and unpredictable. I liked this movie.
From the very beginning of the story Edward Zwick allows the viewer to understand that we are looking to create something great. Indian story around the campfire, an ingenious plan to shooting natural attractions, fascinating music - my attention was captured from the first moments. Not every film has such a strong entry. Well, after more. One scene after another, the emotions of the main characters with tons of poured on the viewer screen. Cozy manor may at any time change the war scenes and love joy - the scene of bloody murder. Characters have strict outlines and do not depart from their book heroes (The film is based on the novel by Jim Harrison).
The obvious pluses'll take pictures of the plot, interesting characters, from the main roles to the smallest, as well as the work of production designer, operator and editor on . War scenes, however, is less like the others, they did not look so impressive, both in the same "Forrest", but there is not very much, so dwell on this, I would not. By cons I'll take excessive artistry - some scenes looked too sugary, and not the most successful, as it ogollivudizirovannuyu, ending. Personally, I'm not pleased with this film's ending, causing vague aftertaste. I think that many critics have lowered their estimates for the last 10-15 minutes. It is worth noting that a few reviews I was faced with the opinion that this is a purely feminine film, and the men he must be absolutely disgusted. Well, I will not say anything against this opinion, but the viewer does not have to, since viewing, thinking that before him any "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and "Three meters above the sky." Before us is a real drama, I'm in mood, she recalled the film "Cold Mountain" and "The English Patient." And I think both paintings stronger this
Brad Pitt -. One of my favorite actors. I can not remember any of his apparent failure role, but brilliant - easily. Tristan image from the movie, of course, joins them. In his youth, during the war, as an ascetic, as a loving father and a dutiful son - it's a different man, and all these upheavals young handsome Brad showed brilliantly. Special mention deserve the first meeting with Suzanne and return home after a period asketskogo life. It's just a High class.
All the same, whom Pitt disgusted, I advise you to enjoy this movie on Aidan Quinn plays here an older brother. Not the most famous actor in the creation looks no worse than the others. His piercing gaze is simply amazing, with it applies to all of his dialogue. The manner of conversation Quinn is such that can not help feeling that he still holds the key to know everything in advance. Excellent role, probably the best in the work of this talented actor.
Julia Ormond only places like in the image of Suzanne. In the story, she had so many things to experience and rethink what I feel like posoperezhivat her character, but sometimes pushes a blank stare at the thought. . Obviously, not the strongest role of a good actress
Anthony Hopkins played as able - wisely and properly. At the end of the movie he had to play a paralyzed - and then handled excellently. Needless to say, in the dramas that person plays perfectly
Henry Thomas played the younger brother exactly as the planning director -. Not dragging the blanket, but at the same time at any time he could have said something from which all would be swayed. The role is not the brightest, but the plot required
From co-starring want to mention all the Indians -. They look believable, and their actions have been interesting to watch. It was put into an active operating Indian officials will highlight the overall comfort of home in a distant and forgotten by all Montana. And in the wilderness is real life. This will never forget.
I advise you to watch this movie fans fans of Brad Pitt and melodramas with unusual connotations. If you - a girl, you'll love this movie. Well, if the guy is paying due attention to the artistic component and the acting game, and perhaps the story on their background will not be so corny and tasteless as it may seem at first sight. Think and try to predict the actions of the main characters. And with these conditions the film may well come to your liking. Maybe even become masterpiece in front of your eyes.
8 out of 10

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