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Discuss about the Learning Process and its Application for Reflective Journal.



The report is the reflective journal in relation to ‘Critically analysing the factors affecting consumer buying behaviour and satisfaction level for food products in Sydney’. The reflective journal is written in the first person and thus the experience of research and reasons are been discussed in the journal. Learning is been quoted along with the practical application of the things in fast food centres.

Initially, the opinion and value of the learning experience are discussed along with the learning process which involves the different area where the learning is useful. Thereafter the objectivity of learning is gain through and what is heard, seen and read is concluded. The implication of these learning in business research and its uses in near future is briefly explained. Afterwards, the reason behind the research is figured out after analysing the contents in assignment 1 and assignment 2. Lastly, the application of learning in the course, research subject and further profession is narrowly elucidated.

In nutshell, the overall experience in learning and applying the knowledge in real term is promoted. The trials are been made understand the mindset of consumers and what measures could be taken to resolve the problem to certain extent.

Reflective Journal

Opinion about the learning experience

In my opinion, the experience of gaining new aspects and broadening up the knowledge was such that many points that were untouched came out and study area widens up. The study helps in building up the new perspective towards the market area and food industry. Earlier the study was confined to the books and classroom only (Sheffield, 2014). The aspect and thoughts were at the generalised level which now gained a specific version and good knowledge. Many opportunities raised up due to the study conducted. The career area widens up which might help the food industry as well as to myself in opting similar industry in the near future (Mullis, 2014). In connection with the food industry, there are various other options that might be adopted like opening up the store from where restaurant and caf? owners could make purchases of the ingredients used. Inaugurating the similar sought of the outlet with modification and applying the certain theme of the restaurant to attract consumers and likewise flourishing the own business. Other than this the kitchen appliances and furniture business could also be adapted to provide assistance to those outlets and restaurants situated nearby. The skills and abilities are enhanced while undergoing the research which expands the mindset and converts the ideas of individual and interest in choosing the career gets diverted and allowed a correct path of growth.

Value of experience

This experience is fruitful in the manner that many new things are got to learn by conducting this research. The mindset changed and vision of life and career broadens up. Numerous options are made available in terms of business as well as for a job. Rather than the books, external knowledge is also gained which clarified the bookish concept and lead towards the live ground where practical thing tends to happen. Using this experience I can move a step ahead in the food and beverage industry and apply these changes to my business making it a successfully flourishing business (Sharen, 2017).

Uses of learning experience

The learning experience helps in the betterment of career by creating the understanding of the food sector and opening up another area to build up the career. The analysis could be made in various areas which are briefly quoted below:

  • Course: The understanding of the course improved and clarity was gained related to the subject. Got to contact new people for collecting feedback improved the communication skills and strengthen the command over the language (Ohman, 2013).
  • Program: Due to this program the confidence level got up and morale is boosted while inculcating the primary research and interviewing various people in the caf?. Through the channel of this program, self-development took place.
  • Future career: Scope of future career enhances. Many opportunities open up as the knowledge of the market is gained. Through primary knowledge, the confidence to face and interact with people got increased which helps in conducting marketing activities in the future. While collecting secondary data knowledge area broadens up as authentic studies and expert writings were deeply analysed and evaluated to come up to a conclusion.
  • Life generally: In general life the personality underwent improvisation and standard are Working in the food industry is gained and how the new areas could be identified is acquired through the studies. Career goal is identified and better vision is set (Zarah, 2017).

The new knowledge will definitely be applied in the coming future. While conducting the research and understanding about the food products in Sydney and behaviour of consumer towards the product and the company, it is realised that there are numerous factors in the market which are yet not touched and if they are implemented than proper usage is not made, correcting which may lead to the better scenario. In future, if I plan to own the food and beverage outlet or things related to business than this study will be of great use. The food stuff is not what is prepared there are multiple things attached in context of the food stuff. The behaviour of consumer depends mostly upon the presentation they demand adequate infrastructure facility, optimum quality food with the great sought of hygiene and enormous things like that. Undertaking all these stuff in mind the furniture showroom could be inaugurated, import and export business of food stuff could be made in order to enhance the future opportunity and widening up the area of growth (Hollis & Eren, 2016).

Learning process

In the learning process, the data is collected through interviews with consumers and owners and difference between the gaps is studies. In certain outlets and food zone owners are ready to implement the changes but then it will cost a bit high to the consumer, whereas consumer demands for varieties but are not ready to pay for it. This creates differences, such gaps can be bridged by introducing the new foodstuff in those market area where the consumer is not much price conscious and priority I gave to the worth of the product rather than price (UNSW, 2017). For this, the official areas and professional outlets should be checked out and targeting, segmenting and positioning should take place for the growth of industry and fulfilling the demand of consumer thereby making both ends meet (Consumer psychologist, 2017). In the learning process, all the aspects were fairly used. The journals, article and other reading are involved in the secondary collection of data, the behaviour of consumers is seen and being the consumer some ideas are added from my point of view as well depending on my behaviour, thoughts, reaction and satisfaction towards the things. The hearing is emphasised as well in the interview and feedback session with customers, owners and experts who have made research in the similar field.

Judgement regarding the observation

This particular business research is important for the personal learning purpose. Many hidden aspects and factors affecting buying behaviour are understood. Earlier I was aware of only the basic meaning of psychological factor but after this, the entire category is made learnt and minute aspect are made to understand which are of high use in the real world. The attitude and perspective are created through the promotional policies undertaken. Visuals leave good and lasting imprints in the mind of consumer thus presentation is highly focused and promotions are made using the catchy and mesmerising images to grab the attention of consumers (Ross, 2017). Formerly the situation factor was not much clear but on researching and interacting with people it is known that distance is the crucial point that matters as it is connected with the time factor that is another critical point in each person’s life. It is noted that personal factor also plays a distinct role; it is connected with the societal factor. The culture and values in which the person is brought up influence the choice and behaviour of the individual to great extent. What the family has taught from the childhood did not vanish with the changing trend. For instance, in food outlets like KFC, McDonald’s where non-veg is been offered, the Muslim community prefer only the Halal product because it is attached to their values and culture (Akpan, 2016).

Thus the business researchers contributed a lot in developing the learning process and learn more and more practical things that actually apply but are not given or explained in the text books. This kind of knowledge will surely help me in upcoming future where I can apply this knowledge and make the plan to bridge up the gaps between consumer and producers thereby making the effort to bring revolution.

Reason for doing research

The reason behind conducting such activities is to learn about the real world and enter into the practical world to have experience that what actually is been followed in the real world. The objective was analysed and piloting is made whether the research objective selected is worth analysing? Do the problem really exists or not? When it was confirmed that this problem is actually the real one and meant to be analysed and studied research process got started. My motive was to know the hurdles that create disturbance among consumers and owners in food products. The satisfaction level of consumer varies from person to person; the reason behind conducting this research is to know these variations and to mark up which of the habits, reactions and behaviour are most commonly seen which are likely to create conflict and what measures would be taken to improve the current situation and move it towards betterment (Rosen, 2015).

Application of learning in life

First and foremost these learning will help in the completion of the academic project which would assist me in getting promoted. Also, the research was the demand for completion of my course without which I could not achieve the degree. Apart from grades the learning contributed to the expansion of knowledge and facing the reality of the world. It is the first step towards the professional career. The study opened up a number of ways that can be opted after completing the degree course. Through this knowledge, I may start my own food business adopting all those challenges that prevail in the market and making changes to set a new trend and explore the hidden opportunities by targeting the niche market that is studied by me in the following research (Skills you need, 2017).


Thus, it could be concluded that consumer behaviour and satisfaction varies from person to person and differs as per situations. A business person needs to have patience and understand the mind and desire of the consumer thoroughly and services are rendered accordingly. Also, consumers are unsatisfied souls thus they should compromise with their desire and make the priority list and explain to the producer of food stuff the exact taste. It might happen that the taste may not match exactly but efforts made should always be appreciated. This will build the strong bond between the marketer and consumer and loyalty will be gained which will be fruitful for consumers, employees and producers.


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