Learning and personality project Essay

This project is meant to help me find out who I am as a person and learn different things about myself and work on those things. I believe it is important to be “self-aware” in college for success because being self aware means that I have a better idea of who I am and who I want to be as a person In this world. In my life, I have the capability to make a change in my life whenever I want. Also being self-aware gives me the opportunity to recognize what areas I need to build on as person whether that is my imperfections or perfections.

My top two VARK results were kinesthetic and reading and my bottom two were audio and visual. My strongest was a kinesthetic learner, those are the people who have to be moving while learning. Moving helps these people process material and they understand material when they do something that involves hands on activities. My weakness was audio, I have always known I was not a audio learner because I cannot retain stuff just by someone telling me something. I think I could improve this by listening to something and repeating it back after the recording is done and see if I retained the information. I think being a kinesthetic learner with help me with my career in nursing because nurses have a lot of hands on working and they actually learn how to give medication by hand and actually doing it yourself. I will become a multi-modal learner by familiarizing myself with different learning skills and trying them.

My top two multiple intelligences were intrapersonal and musical and my bottom two were linguistic and visual, I think my top two relate to learning in college because an intrapersonal likes to work alone and likes to have their own thoughts about things and, in college most of the classes you need to know how to work alone on certain things like test, essays, and reading textbooks. My second one was musical, being a musical learner likes to interact with music like singing and etc. I think I could use this by listening to music while studying subjects.

My personality type was ISTJ, and these type of people are very honest and like to working hard and staying focused on what they have put their minds too. My code means (I) Introversion which means that you are very shy and does not like talking to others, (S) Sensing meaning that I take in information first hand, (T) Thinker is someone who makes analytical decisions, (J) Judging is someone who comes to the outside world by making making judgments. I think these could be useful for my career as a nurse because as a nurse you have to be a critical thinker and you have to make good judgements for the patients.

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