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Thinking of getting started in sport hunting ? When you think of the main hunting accessories, the mind will probably go to the shooting supports, weapons, bags, decoys; in short, everything that is traditionally required, but there are other elements that can become fundamental and of very useful use at the time of going to a practice, competition or event of pigeons by arm, for example.

So if you have decided to start practicing sport hunting it is ideal that you hire a MAPFRE Hunting and Fishing Insurance , and you build the necessary equipment so that your experience is satisfactory, so let's summarize which are the main hunting accessories with the what you should tell

Always on time

Technology has become a great ally of hunting, with the incorporation of elements that greatly facilitate the process and ensure success for those who perform hunting as a sport. As for example a hunting clock, which is not a specific watch created for that purpose, but if one should choose one of the market options that best suits the needs of this type of sports.

Among these characteristics it is essential that it is a water resistant watch, its box must necessarily be made of steel for the resistance it must have, the glass must be anti scratch and it is important that it is a watch with a silicone strap that allows the skin to breathe . Many of the smart watches on the market have these features such as those manufactured by Samsung and Apple. In case of choosing a regular watch it is important to take into account that it must have a date section, a chronometer and, in case of being analogue, the important thing is that the hands are luminous, to ensure that we can read the time even in low light conditions.

The advantage of owning a smart watch is the integration of other tools that will allow us a much more productive hunt, such as the incorporation of GPS and specialized applications that can take us to the correct coordinates to find that copy we are looking for.

View on the objective

However, at the moment of protecting the view, no effort should be spared. You do not necessarily have to invest too much in sunglasses, since they can be cheap and not for that reason to be of poor quality, the important thing in this case is that you have correct protection to the sun's rays like for example UV400.

Other interesting aspects for these glasses is that the material in which they are manufactured is resistant, such as rubber that is able to withstand use and abuse, while remaining light and waterproof. It is important that the crystals are polarized to achieve greater protection.

Sun protection of feet ... head!

Now, the hats in a hunting practice are fundamental and at the same time they are a big problem since there is a huge variety and in many cases it will cost too much to decide for the indicated one. You must choose if you want a visor, if you want it to be waterproof or if you want to protect yourself from the cold.

The material is also important, if you want it to be leather or synthetic. Choose the color: if you want to camouflage, brown, green, black, blue ... everything will depend on the use, the type of hunting that is practiced and the time of year.

In the most recent trends, has been very used hunting hats that are waterproof and with resistance to various weather conditions, such as the Hart Tromso hat, which is not without a good price and at the same time is elegant, in addition to having the ideal security colors.

Hunting clothes

Undoubtedly, clothing is one of the main hunting accessories because it is a tool that will allow us to adapt to the environment, which is the main purpose of these garments. You can choose pieces with green colors or a combination of camouflage, brown or black colors, but no doubt you will never choose a garment of striking colors.

Another element when choosing hunting clothes is that they must be garments made with strong fabrics, that will ensure that the skin is protected from external elements, insects.

As for footwear, it is best to make a good pair of leather boots, thus avoiding any insect bites or exposure to snakebites and any other animal that may attack from the ground.

It is important to incorporate gloves that allow the hands to be isolated from the environment and ensure a better grip when handling a weapon or knife.

When the pants are chosen, it must be ensured that they have as many pockets as possible since most of the items that are required in a hunting day will be stored there. It would also be very good to get a thermal jacket that isolates us from the cold.

Mobiles and external batteries

Probably these elements are not on your list of the main hunting accessories when you prepare to go to a day, but a smartphone can be the best hunting assistant you can have, the applications (which are thousands) can help you to get the the most extreme place you want for your practice.

The important thing when choosing that mobile that will accompany you in a hunting championship with a dog, is that it is resistant and that it supports adverse weather conditions, because otherwise you could lose a few euros at the end of the day.

Now, external batteries are necessary for almost everything, a large amount of energy accumulates in them and can be recharged from the mobile itself, to the lamp you wear in the hat.

At the time of hunting is necessary to have the right equipment, from clothing to accessories that ensure an unrepeatable experience, but with all the necessary protection because weapons will not be the only tools required to achieve success in a day, as we said at the beginning, technology has become a great ally.

Hunting insurance

Not only for a subject of civil responsibility, but for enjoying your activity with the confidence of being protected, a good hunting insurance is much more than an accessory for the development of this sport. If you have never hired one, this article interests you .

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