Leading And Managing People: Virtual Business World Essay


1. How would you lead this team of international employees and friends?
2. Is building ?€??€?community?€™?€™ important in a virtual world? If so, what would you do to promote a sense of community among these team members?


1. I think virtual leadership skills are necessary to lead in virtual business world. Communication is regarded as decisive in every place of work to lead an international team of professionals. One of the best ways that I will adopt a good communication practice is by scheduling regular ways to establish communications with the virtual teams (Shriberg, Shriberg and Shriberg 2011). Once a protocol for communication is established, it helps in promoting efficiency in teamwork. On the other hand, Virtual managers often provide a host of supporting document to help team work better. Managers with proactive and creative self-help tools provide the professionals with flowchart, visuals and charts to execute the assign task in a better way (Pinjani and Palvia 2013).

2. a) Creating a feel of community and addition is considered as challenge for team leaders who are practical. This demands continuous and regular preservation in order to assure that all the applicants experience a feel of community and faith among each other along with the leader as well (Hoch and Kozlowski 2014).

2. b) I will implement the below stated actions are important in building and promoting a sense of community among virtual team members;

  1. Giving everyone with the opportunity for input
  2. Encouraging complete participation of every members
  3. Maintaining constructive relationships with all members and working towards enthusiastically supporting other team members to build relationships

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