Leadership Self-Assessment Essay


Write one page essay on the assessment how this can help me with in my work organization. How this assessment will help me to be a better leader. My organization is in banking.I am senior personal banker at wells fargo bank. I lead my team member and also the burlington county bankers to make them successful in theirrole.


BSRI Self-Assessment

Masculinity Test

Defends own beliefs 5

Assertive 4

Analytical 6

Willing to take risks 3

Makes decision easily 6

Aggressive 4

Competitive 5

Willing to take a stand 4

Masculinity Score 37

Feminine Test

Cheerful 6

Affectionate 6

Loyal 4

Sympathetic 3

Sensitive to the needs of others 4

Understanding 3

Gullible 5

Gentle 4

Femininity Score 35

Neutral Tests

Controlling 5

Intuitive 5

Winning 6

Rational 5

Collaborative 4

Neutral score 25

Androgyny Test

Androgyny Score = Masculinity Score – Femininity Score = 37 – 35

Androgyny Score = 2


According to the BSRI assessment above I possess both masculine and feminine characters. Androgyny is the possession of both masculine and feminine leadership behaviours (Berkery, et al., 2013); the assessment has helped me to understand my leadership style and the leadership traits I posses. This leadership traits evaluation will help me in my career as a senior personal banker at Wells Fargo Bank and in the entire banking industry. Furthermore, the assessment strongly shows that I can be able to combine both task oriented as well as socioeconomic leadership styles. This will empower me to be a transformational leader who will be able to inspire my followers to succeed in their tasks (Eagly and Chin, 2010) and ensure that the corporate goals and objectives of Wells Fargo Bank. Accordingly, my leadership style as an androgynous leader I will help Burlington County Bankers to succeed in their socioeconomic duties.

In the same line of discussion, the assessment has also empowered me to identify myself with my followers as suggested by Li, Bao, and Jiang (2013); they will be able to perceive as an understanding leader who can create lasting working relationship with them. In this regard, I will be able to easily influence to accomplish the organisational tasks assigned to them without hesitation; I will motivate and inspire them as we work to achieve company goals and objectives as observed by Srivastava and Nair (2011). The assessment has vastly taught me that I am well able to work together with both sexes; males and females to propel the bank to accomplish its vision and mission. BSRI assessment has been vital to discovering my leadership potential to succeed in my endeavours as a senior personal banker at Wells Fargo Bank.


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