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Discuss about the Leadership for Private Sector Organizations.



After reading the article, I realized that while profit maximization remains the ulterior aim of most of the private sector organizations, a company that intends to sustain itself in future, must ensure that it conducts business in a responsible way. It is only after reading the article, did I realize that the concept of ‘responsible leadership’ is no longer confined to the number of Corporate Social Responsibility activities, the organization engages in, but the extent to which the leader manages to embrace ethical business decisions, in every sphere of the business (Komives and Vagner 2016). The article has indeed been important in enlightening me regarding the importance of treating the employees well, offering the best quality products to the consumers and maintaining a transparent record of each business activity, instead of merely chasing the revenue growth.

The concept of ‘responsible leadership’ is highly important as it helps in explaining the fact that a leader of an organization is not a mere designation in a hierarchical setup, but essentially a position that entails the responsibility of doing the right thing and guiding people to do the same. In case, the leader is not responsible enough, he might underpay his employees, compel them to work overtime, that would ultimately leave them de-motivated (Doh and Quigley 2014). It is only when the leader will know how to motivate the employees through performance appraisal schemes, to offer best quality products to the consumers, who are availing its service, and to enlighten its stakeholders about its real economic position, will it be able to ensure long-term sustenance in the long run.

I will utilize the lesson I learned from here, by applying the same in my professional domain. I will ensure that the organization I work, not only actively engages in CSR activities, so that the community it operates its business in is safe, but also I intend to offer fair treatment to all my stakeholders. I would like to ensure that my organization has a diverse workforce, each one of being aware of the guiding vision of the company as well as the transparent promotional or incentive schemes.

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