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The ability of organizational leaders to identify the challenges which impact their firms and how to address such challenges in a more flexible and quick manner determines the performance of the organization (Chethana, 2014).Therefore, leaders ought to undertake self-assessments to identify if their personalities and behaviors can give them commendable viewpoints while leading the other staff members. From the self-assessment results, I realized that there are various weaknesses as well as strengths which can influence me as a leader, employees and the organization. As a good leader, it is important not to let your weaknesses prevent you from directing an organization in a manner which can assist it to perform better.

One of the strengths identified from the self-assessment was strong interpersonal skills which could aid in working in teams, sharing ideas and having a common vision for the organization. Strong interpersonal skills will assist me to get along with others while getting the job done. Relating well with staff members is fundamental for leaders because it makes one to know different views which people have concerning what can make the company perform better, or any other information which can contribute to proper management.

Being a good decision maker was also part of the results from the self-assessment. As a leader, one should make decisions which can make an organization to proceed (Monika, 2010). The ability to make good decisions varies from one person to the other because it depends on one’s ability to analyze various aspects which affect the decision. For example, the success of a particular decision may be influenced by one’s ability to analyze the available information or align it with the short or long term goals of the organization.

From the self-assessment, I was able to realize that I am able to show high levels of energy, initiative, and integrity. For organizations to succeed, managers must be able to show the other members of staff that they have the energy and plans to direct the organization in a manner which can make it to attain its goals (Susan, 2015). A good leader should also show the ability of adherence to moral and ethical principles. Integrity can assist me to portray honesty and truthfulness in my actions. Operating a company that requires continuous improvement needs to be led by people who can do what is right, and also by people who can be responsible for their actions.

I also realized that I have good problem-solving skills which can enable me to address various issues which are likely to arise in my organization. While undertaking the leadership role, problems which can affect employees or the success of an organization arises (Deana, 2012). These problems require one to have proper skills of addressing them because if not addressed they can lead to adverse effect on the organization. The reason why the ability to solve problems varies among leaders is that people have different approaches to things which challenge their success (Jamie, 2014). Self-assessment assisted me to realize that I am able to tackle problems head-on and come up with strategies for avoiding obstacles.

From the relevant self-assessments, I noticed that I am able to handle difficult employees and transform them into productive members of high performing teams. In organizations, employees have different behavioral attributes which make them behave differently (Boyle, 2013). Handling the difficult ones requires a leader to use various strategies in order to them perform to their best.

One of the weaknesses identified from the self-assessment was lack of good verbal communication skills. This can impact the success of the company because communication plays a significant role in letting employees know what they should do, understand what is going on in the organization, among other factors (Chethana, 2014). Being hot-tempered was also another weakness identified in the self-assessment. Being unable to control tempers may impact good leadership because it makes employees to develop fear when working with you.

Generally, from the self-assessment, I realized there are various aspects which can influence positively or negatively my leadership. Some of the aspects which can make me deliver good leadership are good interpersonal skills, being good at solving problems, being able to handle difficult employees among others. The one I realized can negatively impact the quality of my leadership is lack of good verbal communication skills.


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