Leadership Between Manager And Employee Essay


Discuss about the Leadership Between Manager And Employee.


The employees are the pillars of any organization. While any employees faces the issues of over-work in the organization there are certain strategy that should be adopted by the managers in order to solve the issues related faced by the employees. In this situation the employee has complained that he was unable to face the pressure and this was the reason he was unable to perform well. In such situation a manager must prepare an agenda of regular meetings with the employee.

Firstly, the manager must discuss the problem of the employee at personal level. Secondly, he must motivate the employee in order to perform well. Thirdly for some period of time the pressure should be decreased for the employee so that he can work voluntarily and not out of pressure. The manager must follow the transformational leadership style. He should take suggestion from the employee and he should make the necessary rectifications (Avolio, Bruce and Francis Yammarino 2013).

The above mentioned steps are important to as the employees are the essential part of the organizations. The depression of the employees can lead to a loss of the organization. The organization cannot run without the production of the employees. Therefore every manager of the organization in this case must follow the transformational leadership. The suggestions of the employees can be useful for the organization and it will make the employee feel important in the organization. Apart from this the motivation process is extremely important. It increases interest of work among the employees which in turn increases the production of the employees. The increase in production increases the revenue of the company. The process of conversation between the manager and the employee is important in this case as the employee always have must have a support from their managers (Dumdum et al 2013).


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