Leadership and influence Essay

Since my time as a student, I have felt comfortable leading projects, solving challenges and fostering new ideas. My core values have guided me through various events that have set milestones in my career. I will describe experiences where my values of empathy, building trust, proactivity, team engagement and motivation have come into action.

For instance, during my bachelor degree, I served for two years as president of the Digital Animation Engineering student council, where I was in charge of organizing events such as conferences, company visits and meetups. My goal was to create awareness and increase engagement of the student community with industry leaders, academia and non-profit associations.

Consequently, this experience brought me new opportunities after graduating. I was granted with a full scholarship to be part of a group of five hundred among ten thousand candidates to participate in Trepcamp, an international program oriented to develop social entrepreneurial skills. During summer 2016 in Boston, MA., I networked with multidisciplinary peers and mentors, learning about social leadership and the influence of technology in this area.

In another example, after six months of working as an App Developer intern in Grupo Carso, I took managerial responsibilities as a project manager assistant, helping with task assignments, resource optimization, and supervising four interns. This challenge helped me to improve my skills in project and people management, allowing me to strengthen relationships with my partners and supervisors. Due to my strong performance, my responsibilities increased. I got my first job as a senior app developer and eighteen months later, I was promoted to Developer Team Leader of a cluster where I was responsible for six senior designers and developers with whom I had not worked before.

Supervising these professionals who were older and more experienced than I was my first leadership challenge as a professional. Initially, they were sceptical about my new role due to my young age and limited technical expertise. However, I managed to gain their trust and respect by sharing my determination and enthusiasm to deliver great digital products with clear objectives and by solving daily problems using everyone’s skills and expertise.

To this day, one of my greatest professional achievements has been to lead a virtual reality project for an international event in Mexico City. This project won the Guinness World Record for delivering a virtual reality experience to more than four thousand people in less than eight hours. This culminating achievement represents a great milestone for the company and my team.

Overall, I have come to the conclusion that leaders have a great responsibility to share their passion and commitment to motivate people and surpass all kinds of challenges to achieve a goal. I have learned that displaying empathy with people, delivering guidance, recognizing the work of others and being enthusiastic brings good results. Above all, I am confident I have the drive to lead others and be a positive influencer, and I am looking forward to improving those skills to create a positive impact on my society.

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