"Lawrence of Arabia (1962)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The history of one of the most famous people in the First World War, namely Theodore Lawrence, better known as the leader of the Arab people. Early in his life, very few people liked, and even more respected. Very unusual for an Englishman habits ridiculed and regarded by senior management as a sign of lack of professionalism. To somehow involve not disciplined expert in Arab culture, the generals sent Lawrence in Arabia, where he was instructed to get in touch with the local prince and an overall picture of all that is happening there. Instead of helping the British compatriots, the hero is completely immersed in the world of the Bedouins and sand. He even was asked to lead a small army to take the very important Turkish fortress, which the Arab peoples are long feud. Later, it begins quite a climb up the career ladder, made of Lawrence is not only well-known and respected warrior, but also a leader for all Arabs, were ready to follow him to the ends of the earth.
This epic cinematic canvas David Lean, familiar to me for a very worthy drama "The Bridge on the river Kwai," especially striking in its scale and grandeur. Stunning scenes with a lot of extras look amazing, even today, when all the battle scenes are mostly drawn on computers and brought to perfection by painstaking assembly. That's only in the mid-sixties of the last century, the technology was not yet so advanced and creators had to suffer tremendously, removing everything the old fashioned way of action. However, these efforts still look better than many bands new adventure, which already does not have the majestic eastern atmosphere and incredibly colorful desert landscape with all its attendant small things like sand storms or quicksand. In fact, one of the smallest defects of this epic is just too huge expectancy, which in spite of all the efforts of the crew team, felt very clearly. As for the rest, "Lawrence of Arabia" is one of the most grandiose historical tapes of all those with whom I had known previously.
film makes a very good impression and remains in the memory. It is impossible not to feel the enchanting Arabian desert, looking at which one can only wonder, that such beauty is in most cases fatal for the average person. But the main character is not just any ordinary weirdo who imagines himself to be something more. On the contrary, Lieutenant Lawrence is a prime example of what should be of a good man, able not only to get back into the fryer for the sake of one person, but also to lead the people, and above all, make the most people go after. All of this gradual transformation from a cocky upstart in unapproachable authority shown very cool and watch it very interesting. No less fascinating and turned the battle scenes, after which even wanted to find lying around in boxes, toy swords and a good wave to them. Despite the huge scale, all the battles were carrying and drive, and the desired dynamics and realism. In general, however, it all looked so that modern paintings nervously smokes on the sidelines, and in fact since the release in theaters, "Lawrence of Arabia" has been almost fifty years!
It is worth noting the fact that Lin and his team refused from any female characters. Despite this, there is some sensitivity and even severe, but still some attempts to create a line of sincere affection. Although this epic mostly extols heroism, honor, courage and boldness, through which the main character decides to defy fate itself. Otherwise, it is impossible to justify his constant risk, which could have been avoided if desired. That only is his transition through the impenetrable desert, known not only for its length, but also unbearably hot sun burning out during the day everything is alive. It should be noted not only a great atmosphere, is not lost during the three hours, but also a magical soundtrack, deliberately created using the Arabic melodies, known to everyone. All components are on high, and the same goes for the actors, whose share fell not an easy job, spilled into the exhausting and long shooting in difficult conditions.
Definitely my most vivid and memorable role in his career played a very typical Irish actor Peter O'Toole . His extraordinary blue eyes, piercing eyes, and unconditional charisma, made from Lawrence himself a hero, which was really scary to go to a meeting with the enemy. No less vividly played another textured British actor Alec Guinness, who performed the role of the Prince, whose mercy the protagonist. Let's appearance had not the Arab, but it did not prevent him convincingly play such a complex character. Remember the Anthony Quinn, even though it is painfully silly and greedy leader of a militant, but the friendly tribes, to be honest, slug strained. Though apparently it is this effect, it was necessary to achieve it. Finally, brilliantly fit into the image of a wise and faithful Ali, fantastic Omar Sharif, for whom this role has also become one of the most iconic in life. Together with O'Toole, he managed to create a great duo, just for the sake of which already worth seeing this magnificent film.
As a result, "Lawrence of Arabia" and let go almost four hours, but the epic reveals the harsh manners of the desert, the conflict between the Arabs and the Turks, and the character of a very interesting man, whose name and this band is named. Cinema intelligent, profound, powerful and interesting, so that every self-respecting film fan should see it. Extremely worthy and to what extent an outstanding catcher, receiving from me so that's high praise:
9.5 10

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