"Law Abiding Citizen" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Director's (or scenario?) Work is weak. It emphasizes the presence of the constant comments from the SG of the other actors. For example, nearly every action during torture SG commented: "This is saline, it will support your life", "zip it, so you do not twitching," and so on. And it does not seem like a bullying victim, it is worthless comments. Next to "one fell swoop" to dot the "e", the plot is introduced a special "secret" of the character (but who he did this? Why he needs to believe?) That he tells about the special dangers of HS and how cleverly he can do all . However, without this cheap personal revelation in the story had not changed, and he needed only to intrigue the viewer. Furthermore, almost the entire film Attorney everywhere accompanies some murky character, which he explains all their moves, and he asks him a question. It is logical to assume that it is a Fellow of the prosecutor, but actually in this film it is needed for exactly one - to justify the constant verbal comments of all events. This and more speaks of the inability of professional artistic director means intelligibly convey the essence of the events. As a result, everything looks like a movie for the weak-minded.
about the personality of the characters. YY put an innocent victim, hostage to the circumstances and conscience, in addition, did not only "a righteous avenger", but much larger - ideological "fighter against the system." Like, one against all .. The typical American film version of the hero, who, like shit - do not touch until it stinks. Moreover, from the point of view of humanity, it is a disgusting creature, because in 10 years dulled memory, visual experiences leaves, and then makes the character of revenge and revenge in a big way, especially affecting its relish the suffering of the victims. This moral monster. There did not bother with the so-called little man who must work for a long time on yourself, to become big and strong and all win. Then just take a big and strong, a kind of god who is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. Literally! Only one thing he could not - kill the power of thought (but it is sure to be in the sequel). It turned out that those damn and side bow. Thanks to these heroes of the film are immediately loses thriller, drama or whatever, and goes into the category of fiction. And the motivation of "fighting system" with the help of terror - the sadness and disappointment. All the more so for the "system" is issued only judicial bureaucracy, represented by 2-3 people. Baby talk!!! As a result, SG received a "superhero" without a clear moral system. Like a monkey with a grenade. Plus, it should be noted that the SG according to legend, a former special agent (something like), it is better to kill all the "bad guys." There ought to focus on this detail: who appointed those guys in "bad"? who judge them? whether they were legal? In the absence of on the surface of the responses we left only information that HS only brought those executions. But if he thought of their legality, not whether they are now "backfired" boomerang ..
Avatar "system" - a black prosecutor. Mayor -. ..chernokozhaya woman. (Honestly, sick of the obligation of blacks in the central positions in a movie I have nothing against them have not, but cine bound -. It is a form of Hollywood lizoblyudstvo, which irritates his helplessness and servility in the context of what has been said, the mayor should have done more invalidkoy and. lesbian for a full set). Negro plays the role of the prosecutor, the role of the lawyer, and often difficult to understand who he is ex-officio. Quite often he makes with his own hands that are unlikely to become a prosecutor to do big city, for example, to dig his hands, without the need to throw the bullets or discredit itself, creating chaos in the open (the scene of the beating at the gates of the prison). Pile of rubbish every time the film pushes deeper and deeper on the shelf with fiction. Complete detachment from reality! Finally, he carries his own hands in a public institution of a powerful bomb, resulting in - clearly the same - not only killed the "bad uncle", but also many others do not privy to it. So the prosecutor should work? Immediately after this there is a touching scene with the girl - it is the way of mediocre directing. Believe then in the "rebirth" can only be done for a degenerate, but the plot of the viewer to believe that the prosecutor "reformed", -. ..ved dochu he likes, so he's good!
Actor's game was mediocre, it is best to have played minor characters, though, because they do not irritate. I will not say more.
special. The film is replete with nonsensical episodes, for example, in anticipation of the arrest SG strip naked and so meets the police. What is it, why is that? - it is absolutely impossible to understand. At the same time it is strange that the arrested are though bare-chested, but already in the pants. A feeling that the director by any means want to capture on video ass Butler and press.
In the film, a lot of technically incorrect and absurd passages (type of suitcase with napalm explodes 2 floor of the building). At the end of Attorney escapes from the place of explosion in one door and the SG can escape to another, but does not do it - that kind of nonsense? "After all, who else but you the stars, it is believed to be ?!" - I want to ask this character bear the words of "Hedgehog in the Fog". Who will zabaryvat system, because it does not consist of "corrected" the prosecutor? And who took the baton, he was clearly not similar.
output. In fact the film has turned himself in and for itself. But this is not art house and emphasized the rich Hollywood movie with stellar actors. Take it any way seriously or try to empathize in it at least someone inevitably leads to a splitting of consciousness. This is not a work of art and artistic expression of the impasse of common sense. Rate a film only for the quality of the picture for more, he does not pull.
3 of 10

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