"Law Abiding Citizen" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Law Abiding Citizen '- a crime thriller / drama directed by F. Gary Gray and screenwriter Kurt Wimmer. The film is controversial, but no less interesting. The standard plot, but entangled plot and a decent game protagonists keep the audience in suspense from the first until the last minute. This is a film about a man who driven to despair by the imperfection of the justice system, it is taken (the system) re. And the most rigid and violent methods.
script was written by Kurt Wimmer, who on the basis of his previous projects, for a long time and is clearly gravitating to the theme of confrontation between man some corrupt system. The most famous picture taken by his scenarios - it 'Equilibrium' (2002), 'Recruit' (2003), "Ultraviolet" (2006), "Street Kings" (2008). It is therefore not surprising that he turned again to his favorite subject, has once again decided to show that 'one soldier in the field'
director of the film -. Felix Gary Gray, music video director, actor and film producer. As he puts it on himself - 'the man without the typical cinematic origin'. But his track record includes such films as "The Negotiator" (1998), 'Single' (2003), 'The Italian Job' (2003) - paintings mediocre, elongated mainly due to (surprisingly) strong cast. Although the 'loner' with the charismatic Vin Diesel was unable to recoup its budget. So from the point of view of directing expect something extraordinary from the 'Law Abiding Citizen' like it is not worth
So, we have an ordinary American family -. A loving husband and father, Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler), his wife and young daughter. The usual quiet, relaxing evening. But suddenly the family is attacked by robbers. During the attack, Clyde gets shot, his wife and daughter are killed mercilessly (and probably raped). Then we almost immediately transported to the courtroom. As a result of complex legal machinations and behind the scenes of the game, one of the criminals is sentenced to death, while the second (directly murderer and rapist), made a deal with 'justice' in the face of the assistant prosecutor Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) is only three years in prison . This is for a double murder! And the lawyer, the prosecutor and the judge - all are satisfied. It's done and you can not change nothing. Of course all this does not suit the Clyde, which now sees the enemy, not only in the two scumbags deprived of his family, but also in the most cynical justice system, ready to go easy ways, making deals with criminals. And if the law could not punish the guilty - it will make itself Shelton. So law-abiding citizen, driven by a sense of revenge, declares war on the whole of the American justice system.
'I'll put you all on the ears, interrupting all your fucking corrupt officials. It is biblically '
It is said that here the viewer may be in slight confusion. For whom actually experience something, and on whose side justice? Heartbroken dad, who, as it is known, is not so white and fluffy. In fact before us masterovity highly intelligent killer who work for the US intelligence services, capable of killing him objectionable at any distance and a variety of sophisticated ways. Or is the truth on the side of a lawyer Rice, who, despite his pronounced careerism and unscrupulous pursuit of personal success, just doing his job ... Everyone decides for himself. Maybe someone to decide to watch a movie have not even once
clear that initially (in the separation of characters in the 'good' and 'bad') goodie -. Clyde Shelton. He immediately won the sympathy of the audience, we empathize with his grief, indignant with him for an unfair court decision in an effort to support his challenge system. It would seem - that's our real hero! Against the background of all of its public officials is not shown in the best light. This is an understatement. And Nick Rice is no exception. But then at some point the writer decides to turn everything upside down, trying to gradually transform our protagonist into a villain, a minor character to put in place of the protagonist. Loving Father, we actually - a brutal killer. And Rice us begin to show how an exemplary family man (the most boring moments of the film), and a lawyer who has himself not completely thrilled with the state of the justice system (re-start?). But you must admit, it is foolish to believe that at the hour of the film the audience, who had all his heart was on the side of Shelton suddenly stop rooting for the 'criminal' and start loving the prosecutor. Here the author intended it turned unconvincing.
'All people must take responsibility for their words and actions'
So what the creators want to tell us your film? That any law-abiding citizen can be turned into an ingenious maniac? That the American justice system is imperfect and can not negotiate with murderers? Not I think that the punitive action Shelton could someone in something persuade. But his very desire and the courage to go against the corruption of officials to inspire and command respect. A chief is the meaning of the film is to show the audience that we can not do that. You can not pass judgment as criminals, just to close the deal as soon as possible, without regard for the victims and their loved ones. One should always seek just punishment. But it is impossible to administer mob law with impunity, brutally killing any innocent people, even indirectly involved in your tragedy, becoming thus of the law-abiding citizen into a cruel killer ...
To summarize, I would say that the movie is good and of course worthy of viewing. This is a serious dynamic thriller entangled intrigue, unexpected plot twists, with a good, well-chosen cast (especially the note Gerard Butler and his character Clyde Shelton). The visual component at a high level. With a little bit confused, because it is primarily the main 'secret' vsemoguschnosti Clyde (surprise of course, but you see, still naively believe that this is possible to crank). Well, the ending. Disappointed. Or even more so upset ... It certainly is my purely subjective opinion, but I'd like to see it totally different. But again, in general, the film very good! Makes me think. And this is important.
8 out of 10

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