"Law Abiding Citizen" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

One of the best films in the segment of thriller-drama, when you do not even know what still more -. First or second
film is hard and cruel, but, oddly enough, this kind of the expected feeling of loathing causes
name. movie, for once translated into Russian properly, faithfully reflects the very essence of it - in the first part of the picture - literally, and in the second - in a figurative sense, stressing the terrible irony, which is the main hero of the film
Gerald -. a young American citizen - lives an ordinary life the average American with love second family, happy and successful ... But the happiness that seemed so full and unshakable fading away forever when in front of him, two armed thugs brutally cracked down with his family in their own home.
The protagonist is alone, in a state that it is difficult to describe in words. Depression, feelings of guilt of not being able to protect, anger, anger, desolating pain, crushing loneliness, despair, powerlessness ... no words to describe the state of the world is not the main character, and not to reveal the full horror of his situation ... It can only be felt, watching a movie.
further the plot develops predictably. Initially, of course ... He tries to seek justice in the formal justice system and the execution of the punishment, the more so that the criminals are caught and their wine proved. But an imperfect system of justice in the face, especially the assistant prosecutor Nick Rice, can not offer the protagonist is no punishment for the perpetrators of the tragedy, more or less corresponding to the gravity of the offense.
last straw becomes the most important killer deal with the investigation, in a result of which he hands over his accomplice to obtain symbolic term.
Nick, a young and ambitious assistant prosecutor, having achieved recognition through the main bandit budget execution for its minor partner, and for himself - a few years in prison, he has eagerly puts the case in a number of successful projects. Disagrees with him is the protagonist Nick irritation, because it does not listen to explanations of the latter that is the maximum that could be achieved in the circumstances.
The main character, making the true cost of justice, gives up all attempts to appeal to him and leaves in mid-sentence, leaving behind all the formal opportunities to obtain justice.
hero is lost for an extended period of time, during which Nick things go uphill, but the first there is not heard.
I must say that Nick's not only perfectly professionally, but also personally. He has a family, a beloved wife and little daughter. He is one hundred percent man system, a matrix of life. that they live in the vast majority of people on the planet and whose name - the society. He has no tragedies, he is happy, he did not touch the trouble. He is unable to objectively related measures proposed, cog which he is, with the concepts of justice, the essence of which is the same system is distorted beyond recognition. He lives dies, the proposed system and the kind of life he is quite satisfied and even like - he is in it - a successful citizen with a successful future, not the hunted animal, not just overnight, having lost everything that was dear to him, but also does not have any chances . it is to be understood
course, says the opposite, says that it is aware of the shortcomings, but beyond words it is not going - it simply is not necessary to him. He is not bad, but simply indifferent man system, of which billions. Kojima was probably the main character, and how he was very pleased by the right wearing the definition of law-abiding citizens, but who brutally and rudely kicked out of the system. It is obvious that he himself that is not happy, but life has prepared him here, this situation, by putting him to choose what to do next.
What did the main character? He did not bother asking to go back to again become a familiar part of the system, or trying to forget about what happened, or end his life completely degraded person.
Not limiting violence with direct participants, he went on, making a call to the entire system, putting himself to her as opposed to declaring a vendetta and all direct and indirect accomplices of his tragedy.
What can I say? That lynching is unacceptable in a society? That many have become guilty without guilt? That the person making decisions alone can make mistakes and this can not be allowed? Probably the answer is correct ... in the framework of the system ... But
denounce the protagonist as did Nick and others like him, I would not.
Yes, no matter whether on the viewer side of the system or not, the main the hero is a serial killer. But the hatred and disgust for him I do not personally.
incredible power of the mind of the protagonist, coupled with the pain a thousandfold increase its capabilities (which is admirable regardless of the situation that followed it) allowed him to create a parallel reality, where he became a prosecutor, lawyer, judge, executioner ... god ...
is this right? Again, probably not - from the point of view of the system ... if everyone would decide for itself how best to do, and that, for a moment, billions of people - with their views, beliefs, truth at last, the system will not be - into chaos. Therefore, the system doing its utmost to identify and destroy these individuals without giving them the right to protection and fear there are many more of those bastards who destroyed the life of the protagonist.
But in this specific case, it may be going contrary to reason, I confess that my sympathies are entirely -. on the side of the main character
One of the cogs of the system was suddenly so strong that dropped out of her and hitting her millstones - permanently paralyzing her uncanny movement, mindlessly grind into powder destiny and life. Maybe it will give reason to think that everything was in order in a society built the world? Or still need to delve deeper into the specific problems of people who make up this society, rather than to lay one and all into the Procrustean bed, which does not fit all?
Returning to the film itself, of course note the wonderful game Gerrard and Jamie. They presented a wonderful duo and played together perfectly - bravo
The film certainly places unconvincing - all too smoothly and easily goes from the main character throughout the film alarming absence of any force majeure that might thwart the main character, yes and shooting phones are not really help to develop a realistic picture. Omitted many moments Executions organization, so that it is unclear how it was all organized.
But all these shortcomings, I forgive the film for his idea, entertainment, excellent acting game and a special mental attitude, remaining after seeing it.
10 10
There is something to carefully consider.

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