"Law Abiding Citizen" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"The fate - you will not leave!" - a child murderer and wife of the protagonist Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler Actor) pointedly says this phrase court. But recently the hero of Butler, Clyde, dissected in the kitchen wearing an apron, was frying something like the pancakes for the wife and daughter of a decade. Tasty, not tasty turned out, no one will ever know. The smell appetizing sometimes visited by neighbors, but in the movie "Law Abiding Citizen" at the door call is not lovers of hot pancakes.
carelessly opened the door, Shelton / Butler once and forever changed his life, but that terrible, shorten it to the most expensive his people - his wife and daughter. Blow with a baseball bat in the face expresses the ratio of the intruders to the concoction Shelton. And then the film's director Gary Gray did not "drag out" pancakes were over, and the audience falls into a hell of violence, death, blood-stained blades, "dismemberment" and the corresponding screams of horror. Blood on the illustrated "steel stings." - the blood of good men, women, children
Naturalism bloody scenes is impressive, but I would call this feature unnecessary film. Still, "Law Abiding Citizen" is not "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"! The film raised a philosophical question - where is the measure of vengeance that will satisfy the avenger of dead family members. On the one hand, the law does not welcome revenge and rightly so. Yet, we seem to be out of the Stone Age. But what to do with the black hatred that eats a man to distraction, as the hero Gerard Butler / Clyde Shelton. Her heart's weed, valerian drops will not rest.
Hero Butler, Clyde Shelton, had once relied on the law in the face of a black attorney Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx actor). Nick hates murderers of his wife and child Shelton, he himself has a wife, in whose womb is growing a new life. But on the whole counsel prevails justice bureaucracy. There is no direct evidence, and in order to avoid that the killers were not released at all, Nick convinces Clyde to go on some kind of peace with the killers. Gerard Butler's character accepts the deal. Killers are put in the slammer just punishment and life can not be compared with the severity of the offense. The lawyer even Rice shakes hands with one of the murderers! Of course! The transaction was accomplished! The authors make it clear viewer that Rice - a product of his justice device. He - a cool lawyer. He took the side of the system and continued to live. Wife gave him a daughter - adorable. It seems to be settled, only the hero Gerard Butler looks overlooking spat, downtrodden man in the back Nick Rice as a symbol of law.
have passed ten years.
Nick Rice / Jamie Foxx now a great man among the "lawyers". He knows the rules and follows them. His daughter ten years. No particular emotion he looks at the pending execution of a family killers Shelton by introducing three successive injections. Put to death the murderer should not hurt. This is the postulate of humanism American jurisprudence. Indeed, there is no pain. Suddenly the torments of hell, and convulsions unbearable pain distorted face of the condemned! This frame overlaps with the stage of execution of a small, balding prisoner in the "Green Mile" by Stephen King and Tom Hanks. In the "law abiding citizen" director Gary Gray offender punished by substituting a sequence of input substances. At this time, the computer made a mistake and the killer took hell meal before his death.
an accident confused computer sequence? The moral side of the problem tickles the nerves. Is it fair to ten years later, after the offender went behind bars, and perhaps even repented of what he had done, was sentenced to lethal injection painless, torn apart from the inside of his brain and body a technical trick? After Avenger - not God to decide how best to kill a convicted murderer already. From this point in the film hate scale vzmetaet up at lightning speed! It shoots past in today's time the bloody core. The quintessence of the film - a phrase inveterate murderers "From the fate - you will not leave!" - starts to work best. Hero Gerard Butler admits to terrible cruelty of the killings of those involved ten years ago in the massacre of his wife and daughter. But why? Against Shelton is no direct evidence!
Here the fabric of the filmmakers is mixed completely unexpected past Clyde, which was hidden under his kitchen apron. Ten years ago, Clyde Shelton fried for three minutes before his death the family pancakes in the kitchen. A sort of peace cook, apron, licked a finger dough to clarify whether sugar and salt enough, or not enough. Directed by Garry Gray presented the audience as a result quite a different guy than pancakes lover. In any case, the tension grows with each frame surprises follow one another, the mind game of the main villain - the victim - the avenger fascinates its elegance and fearless
Feed Death does not stop, in fact, already a criminal justice dictates what to do. as even at what time! With the nearest minute. Tardiness jailers and Nick Rice for eight minutes by comparison to the attacker requirement worth the life of one of the lawyers. Attorney Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx actor) loses his men, colleagues, one after the other, with the level of criminal cleverness is the fact that it uses even a special fish poison to paralyze the will and the enemy's movements. Poison fish! No chemicals, so to speak. Environmentally friendly departure to "another world". Blacks the lawyer Nick Rice will have to exert all its meanders to beat the cold-blooded, most intelligent, resourceful opponent.
film "Law Abiding Citizen" is not just a "shooter". I would say this is a philosophical parable with elements of unbelievable brutality and mystery. Questions of good and evil, eye for an eye - all this rises again in this modern film. Does the right man slash the body of the offender to twenty-five parts? At twenty-five! Where is the letter of the law? Law here does not smell, and more - cannibalism and dismemberment insane. Where is the line of retribution, for which should not overstep the normal person? In the film "Law Abiding Citizen," there is no clear answer to this question, which is offered to the viewer to decide. The more unusual the film, so it is a choice of the protagonist. Gerard Butler, the character of the epic saga of the Spartans, Hun-giant in Attila, defender of the weak in the "Gamers" all the positive and dashing fighter for a cause, here in "Law Abiding Citizen" appears oh how repulsive character. Shelton's mind / Butler in the film believe, but the hidden spring of hatred, which usually lies dormant inside the villain, the character Shelton / Butler, I have not seen.
children to watching "Law Abiding Citizen," I do not recommend it. Ten point scale, my opinion remains the same:
Cruelty - 8
Entertainment - 7
Love - 5

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