"Laughter and sorrow at the sea Bela" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

What is now trying to revive the 'Mountain of Gems "? Interest in legends and fables provinces. In the far northern edges in Pomorie is a collection of works already carried out - Get set of plots with similar characteristics, common heroes and constant group of well-known actors . For the first part can be noted simplified designs, the presence of reasonable bears mixture of elements of the past and present, real and fantastic. On the second point mention Yevgeny Leonov, Clara Rumyanova, Boris Novikov, Tatyana Vasilyeva ; they and many other people had to work thoroughly on the creation of nearly an hour narrative
'eternal ice floes' -. the bike about the fact that by the river, even in summer, you can skate on the ice, and they do not melt. But the secret of the natural wonders of the inhabitants of the banks of the Northern Dvina in no hurry to disclose
'About Bear' -. Part of the parable known by Pushkin's fairy tale. The history of both the brown bear became white flour izvalyalsya
'ice creams song' -. The picture if disproves the adage 'the word is not a sparrow. " It due to frost in the words two hundred degrees freeze and become patterns. And, if properly prepare and store, it can be a very entertaining product for foreign merchants
'Magic Ring' -. Quite independent tale of good Vanka, Mahe cat, dog Zhuzhe white suit and Skarapee snake. The text is written very simply, in the narrow-minded level, with the added akayuschie accents, words like 'ameniny' 'Madama'. This is another plus to the overall story
'Perepiliha' -. A fantastic comedy about a woman who worked as a voice of a chainsaw, earning as grief and favor
'Orange. ' - in the sea waters of the accident sprouted orange. Yes, even as the sprouted - eventually gave hundreds of fruits (they ate all winter), and the giant fruit was used as a lantern
'Ivan and Adrian' -. Now that's not a funny story, so it is distracting from the overall series and drawing the characters, who left on a rocky island, we created a wooden monument in the memo to other fishermen, as the sea treacherous
'Mister Pronka' -. this cartoon is not included in this set of stories, but it is made in a similar manner, voiced by the same people. Heroes are not much different from the characters 'magic ring', the truth is a tale touches modern US state. Poems, gypsy dances, noteworthy betting and happy ending included. I recommend seeing if this cartoon, if you have any trouble finding the rest.
10 of 10
[Flight of imagination goes hand in hand with quality execution]

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