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The report focuses on the labor management relations. The effective relation of the employees helps the organization to achieve the targets and the objectives. It comprises of industrial life and trade unionism. If there is proper labor management in the organization, then the activities can be conducted in easy way without any conflicts. In this report, the discussion is made by considering the main 4 key players that are government, employer, employees and the trade union. The exchange union of Singapore was framed in 1951. Lim Yew Hock Government was not taken into consideration by the Singapore factory and the union. The national exchanges union was set up in 1962. The exchange union of Singapore has an association with each area of the economy. The industrial relations in the Singapore give an impression of the connection between the work development and Dominant political gathering. The exchange unions are the instruments that are thinking about by the communists with whom they collaborate in extremely troublesome circumstances. In 1961, the exchange union of Singapore partitions into the left wing and the non-communist national Trades Union Congress.

The labor management Act has a connection with the Taft Hartley. It gives focus on many areas and also it tries to minimize the disputes that are prevailing between the labors. LMRA gives emphasis on the government labor law which is worried about the attitude of the correct representatives that includes the limitations on the unions. In this the certification is made by guaranteeing the right to speak freely and direct to businesses and the people. The primary point of the arrangement is to give methods that keep the business and the workers away by taking into consideration the rights that are related with the legitimate.

4 Key Players of LMR

The labor management relations are based on the 4 key players that are: Employees, Employer, trade union and the government. It is very important to have a good labor relation, so that the activities can be conducted in proper way without any conflicts. The roles of 4 key players are:


Government takes into consideration and gives main focus on the worker and on the financial criteria. The main point of the legislature is to analyze the issues that are focused on the union and the organization with the goal that the outcome will be in a legitimate way. It will be useful for the Singapore, and also by this the level of efficiency will be increased (Yeoh, Chee & Vu, 2014). Trade union is anxious about making effective working pattern of the laborers. The working pattern gets improved by considering the industrial act, compensation act andalso the working criteria of the workers. If corrective steps are taken by the country then the result will be positive and also the effective connection can be made between the countries. Also the expansion can be made if the organizations have a good financial condition (Bhave & Glomb, 2016).


Employees are measured as an asset of the organization. There are various problems the employee suffer at the time of conducting the activities assigned by the organization. The organization tries to give focus and tries to upgrade the work which motivates the workers, so that they can perform their function with full devotion (Tremewan, 2016). The agents who conduct their operations in the remote areas are given more emphasis, so that their efforts can’t be ignored. The organization should increase the retirement age of the people, so that they can earn easily and can easily survive. The employees, who are dependent on their salary, face many difficulties after the retirement. The retirement benefits should be also offered to the employee’s, so that they can easily conduct their operations and can earn money easily (Ehrenberg & Smith, 2016).

The company should give benefits according to the capability of conducting the task. The salary of the workers should be enhanced by analyzing the working pattern. It is very important to give main emphasis on the trade union and on the government. The workers or the employees should be paid according to the qualification and the ability to complete their task (Christiano, Eichenbaum & Trabandt, 2016).

Trade Union

The trade union is also responsible to maintain and create proper labor relations. Trade union provides jobs to those people who really want to earn money. Trade union gives main focus to give employment to the people of Singapore and also to survive in the market where the level of competition is high. NTUC offers standard which enhances the status and position of the worker to execute its activities in effective way. They only take into consideration the work which gives positive outcome to the organization (Ministry of Manpower, 2017). The responsibility of the trade union is to keep harmony by maintaining the business relations between the laborers and managers. The union offers a great platform to enhance the level of production, so that there can be proper understanding between the laborers. It assists the employees to work in proper way towards the work. If employees conduct their activities with full dedication then it can be easy to achieve the objectives and goal of the association. The trade union helps to report the issues which are related with the industry and which enhance the position of the employees, government and the experts (Donaghey, Reinecke, Niforou & Lawson, 2014).


The main responsibility is of the employer to maintain relation between the workers or the laborers. The Singapore national federation reveals the union to assist the organization with the goal that the operations can be conducted and enhance the profitability of the company. It helps the businesses to accomplish the objectives and to conduct the operations which are routine in nature. It has assisted the individuals who belong from the corporate background to allow the organization that exists in tripartite (Waring & Lewer, 2013). The agent Of LMR enhances the employability by taking assistance from various approaches which helps the workers to conduct its operations in a viable manner. The individual who belongs from a corporate background helps to conduct its operations according to the rules and procedures. To attract more investors various techniques are taken into consideration, so that it can lead to establishment of the organization. The individual who belongs from the corporate group helps to assist the policies and procedures which should be taken into consideration for proper and smooth working (Dhar, 2015).

Analysis of Competitive Advantage

LMR gives main emphasis on attracting the investors as it can maintain the competitive advantage and also help to deal with various situations that are prevailing. By taking into consideration Singapore, it is seen that the relations who are concerned with the tripartite is between the government and the top management. It is very essential to consider the increasing level of competition and also to give emphasis on the specialist who is from the legislature background. (Den Haan, Ilzetzki, Ellison & McMahon, 2017).

For instance, if the issues that are prevailing are taken into consideration due to the advancement in the budget process. The issues are seen by considering the managers and the executives. The Progressive wage is focused on enhancing the efficiency and it assist to increase the wages of agents by modernizing talents and to enhance the level of profitability. The wage model is concerned with the people who are conducting the activities like cleaning, safety. The model improves the motivation level which is implemented by the national wages committee and that gives focus on increasing wages of an individual. NTUC helped by finishing the advancements of the law which is concerned with the employees. The business which is situated in Singapore covered a huge crowd which started by taking into consideration the top management and the employees (Metters &Metters, 2017). The LMR is considered as a process which is used to compete with the competitors in the market. The workers are offered marriage leave, maternity leaves and also there are various different leaves that are given. For offering the benefits to the workers it is compulsory to take the permission from the top management of Singapore and also there are various benefits that are considered by the trade unions. When the organization gives positive situations and introduces the situations that are beneficial for the laborer, at that level it is seen that motivation level of the individual is enhanced in a proper manner. It is analyzed that if the working pattern of the laborers is enhanced then they become more dedicated towards the work and focus on attaining the objectives and goals of the organization (Chua, Lim, Ter & Chew, 2014).

The wage structure focuses on creating an effective environment for the laborers. The company tries to build an effective wage structure which gives benefits and also help to attain the incentives. The employee should have the feeling of competition then only they can give their best towards the work and can attain their position in the organization (Tan, 2016).It is the duty of the management to give motivation to the employees who are working in the organization, so that they can easily promoted to high level. LMR enhances the motivation level of the employees to work in effective way and it lead to the operations in Singapore in a legitimate way (Ministry of Manpower, 2017). LMR of the Singapore has promoted the profits of the company. If there is an extra work performed by the laborers then it can be seen that the employer can easily attain the objectives related with the organization. If effective training is offered to the employees then the laborers can be retained in an organization. National wage council methods and guidelines are based for planning and also for minimizing the conflicts. It helps to attain the development in the market. The main focus is given to the market where the level of competition is high (Weiss, 2014). The wage that is offered to the laborers should be according to the qualities and tasks which they are performing in the organization. There are different provisions and approaches that are used to minimize the conflicts. The wage framework should be adapted so that the worker can consider the advancements which help to compete in the market. The lowest pay allowed by the gives emphasis on improving the adaptability and also to secure the activities (da Silva & Turrini, 2015).


By investigating the report, it is concluded that there are different issues that are looked by the Singapore Tripatism and the issues are worried about preparing, upgrading the working structure and also the abilities of the representatives. These issues can be taken care of in a successful way by the businesses, government and the Trade unions. The report gives focus on the making and maintaining the labor relations. It is important to have a successful work connection with the administration. The representatives who are working in Singapore upgrade the level of competition for the organization. The legislature and trade union of Singapore gave many points to the representative like security of the specialists, wages of the laborer. The opening for the work of the representatives is improved in legitimate way. Training of the employees can help the organization to attain the profitability and also to make the workers feel committed and persuaded towards the work. The workers help the organization to accomplish the objectives and goal of the organization. Also by analyzing the report it is seen that labor relation plays a great role and also help the organization to enhance its growth in the market.


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