"La Dolce Vita (1960)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It is better to have an exaggerated opinion than not to have any.
William Shakespeare
On the eve of the creation of films, which was a foregone conclusion to split the Italian society on equal size and equally bitter half, just dreaming investigator might recognize Fellini calculative strategy. Does the son of a traveling salesman, very far from the entertainment traditions of the Roman patricians, had to suffer in the creation of a panel of disparate thoughts, make the figure of the journalist. In essence, don Federico was only his opinion, which, given the conquered "Dear" and "Nights of Cabiria" credibility, the audience could not fail to heed. To put the current language, the director decided to go all in, believing that active speculation definitely better puzzled silence, which could be caused by a false entity "Dolce Vita". It came as a satirical, ab- performance, actors which now could easily be replaced by modern analogues - the difference will be minimal. And even that would have been dictated to change slightly over the past decade the fashion for the types of pleasure powers
gone into the international lexicon of "Dolce Vita" -. The most eloquent part of the director's heritage, but by no means the only one. Fellini's Italian expression spread his hands, when he exhibited overthrower public morality, and indeed - in the film easier to notice an ironic apology for luxuries than their fierce opposition. The tone of the film is directly related with the words, actions and deeds of the protagonist, has incorporated the features of unaccountable wanderer, unable to correctly dispose of their talent. The journalist Marcello almost not shown at work, and in a single stage, as he sits at a typewriter, beside him there is a blonde girl's face, in whose words angelic notes of sympathy. Somewhere in the vastness of the depths of his consciousness secular chronicler understands the viciousness and senselessness sucking his life, but for various reasons can not refuse from the usual routine. And it's not about calling or worse, cowardice. Particles of human relations can be found in the most senseless orgy when the morning with a hangover comes the idea that the next night was worth a more relaxed way.
Ask yourself Fellini appropriate purpose, his band could be the best advertisement for a champagne-drenched leisure, but more important was the willingness to spend a spectator. The structure of the "Dolce Vita" is that there is no one to sympathize, if most, like, a reasonable representative of the elite turns executioner and suicide. Payback for unrighteousness comes imperceptibly, it is akin to a drunken gudezhu in the head, and the particularly terrible. It is amazing how easy it is witty and sarcastic film joy bohemian life full of moral replaced by a half-life tragedies. Do not see this religious participation is not possible, after all, Don Federico was and remained a true Catholic. The minor episodes he could afford to bear the air underneath the statue of Christ amazed girlish vzvizgivaniya. However, much louder than the timidity of the people in front of a real or imaginary phenomenon of Madonna. Between young pranksters, who became, allegedly witnessed her toe and the aristocracy - the difference is small. All of them - babies are simply unable to live tomorrow, and therefore prefer to use today's good. Such a position, from a moral point of view, deserves condemnation and censure, and even ostracism, but logical from all sides to illuminate the phenomenon as something ineradicable not only for Rome and Italy, but civilization as a whole.
After the capture of the fortress Izmail Suvorov admitted that such an attack can be solved only once in a lifetime. Federico Fellini was not a commander, but with a first draft script, he realized the fate of a single picture. Three hours timing was enough to raise from the bottom of the Tiber vices and converting them into a natural part of the human character, a priori weak before money and more opportunities. Aristocratic top by Mastroianni - in every sense of the tragic personality. Gloss is inevitably coming, wrinkles added, and at the right time a man can not hear the gentle voice, desperately begging to stop. "Do not go on and do not write" - as requested by Woland Ivan Homeless - actually a work similar to playing the devil's harp. But life itself, no matter how unexpected or sometimes it ended abruptly, consists of the happy moments, the price of which each person defines their own. They hold with enviable tenacity, which, quite frankly, do not want to resist.
Fellini gave his hero a truly royal selection of companions, next to whom he could learn to take care of the living. Marcello went to the nearest road. Unrelenting over the years the importance of the painting - the merit of knowledge and wisdom, have found in abundance in the director. For the birth of cinema in the womb of the "Dolce Vita" might not be an appropriate period, all the same people over the years, not much of a change. Realizing this, Don Federico, and decided on the most difficult in the assault career. He has won a niche filled the vacuum - close, but not quite. He created independent era - much more precisely. For the salvation of the lost souls directing someone after the premiere even had time to pray, but to overshadow the cross is behind the accident really. For all the elect, who are sweet in tabernacles of sinners, and to whom, wiping feet, long, long time to plod through the sand for a new sensation.

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