"LA Confidential" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

All people in the world are unique, every person - like a little island, cut the life of nerves, flesh and emotional outbursts, unique in its terrain. And they built the city, too, in its own unique and reminiscent of their creators. Unique filled is in the air the spirit of creativity Florence, exalted, dwelling in eternal love fever Paris, a little stuffy, shaken by the ringing of Big Ben London. Everyone has their own smell, its sound, its own inherent only to him atmosphere. And everyone - my darkest secrets, which he will keep until the last
Taste Los Angeles -. Sweetness and bitterness, to feel you at the same time. Glitter and luxury bohemian life otbliki flashbulbs, reviziruyushih adventures the next movie star, white Hollywood smile .... and false expensive prostitutes, beggars life misery quarters, rampant drug abuse and crime black, bitter struggle for power and police corruption. All of these smells are mixed in a lethal mixture, where fine wines and spirits flavors interrupted carrier pomoek stench and the smell of decay, long time resting in their closets of skeletons. 20 years ago, but at the same screen time, the smell of gloss and poverty strangling private detective Jake Gittis, who once worked as a policeman in Chinatown. Now, they are just two - Lieutenant Exley and White detective, and they will have their own skin again convinced that the heart of the city - one giant Chinatown ....
Taking the plot of the novel by literary classics of modern neo-noir of James Ellroy, directed by Curtis Hanson and screenwriter Brian Helgelland it considerably simplified, completely thrown some storylines, which, incidentally, the film adaptation went only benefit. Ellroy's book differed too desperate, burning black atmosphere and complete lack of cute characters, literally one decent stuff, amidst a sea of ​​his kind were looking for bigger stuff. Not by chance, under the influence of these novels, the artist Frank Miller, then draws his most dark and violent graphic novel - now become legendary "Sin City", which essentially represents the same as described Ellroy Los Angeles, only driven to mad grotesque.
added Heroes of positive features. From megakarerista Ed Exley did a guy who just wants to avoid dropping into the mud the name of his father, who died in the exercise (by the way, in the book of my father was alive and well and was one of the key characters). Bud White in the on-screen image added convolutions on the role of Jack Vincennes called Kevin Spacey, who gave his character - born corrupt, a huge share of their own artistic charm. As a result - the book and the film are seen as two very different works, and their heroes -. As completely different people with the same name
However, throwing out 90% of all movie scenes of violence and sex, and by making the most of the books are extremely violent kinopodobie trimmed urchin, Hanson was able to give his creation something more - the spirit of classic Hollywood cinema 40-50-ies. The director deliberately rejects one of the main components of the "neo-noir" - the atmosphere of hopelessness, bordering on paranoia (a typical example - "in focus" by John Boorman) and returns to the classics. All noir '40s until his sudden death was dedicated to relations between the sexes - harsh men in cheap suits and charming femme fatales. Hanson again returns it to the screen, and in addition to the punishment of the heroes, the love theme of the police and prostitutes play in his film, is not the last role. And let there, the characters look in the movie theater all-only "Roman Holiday", but during all stages of communication Detective White with unset clone Veronica Lake, if you look closely you can see the ghost of Bogart in "The Maltese Falcon" or "Big Sleep».
the very formulation of these scenes, the actors of intonation - a recognition of the director in the love of it, the now almost forgotten, but great to make a movie. At the end of the classic period, meets together with Hollywood '70s and' 80s, when the heroes, like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid alone shoot a decent amount of enemies. Stylistic experiment finally ends when the hero takes Pierce's final choice, similar to those that once made the "Dirty Harry". Tested director stylistic clichés are arranged in a circle and bow to each other in appreciation of the work done with the work. In just more than two hours, before the eyes of the viewer passes the entire evolution of the genre of action-movies from the 40s and up to the present, and the shot is very organic and stylistically accurate
Another reason to praise Hanson - a flawless casting.. From hyped to the point of "stars", the film could boast only Spacey, only recently received its first "Oscar". All the rest - Crowe, Pearce, Cromwell received celebrity status after the release of the film, and each of them perfectly managed, lived up to expectations. The only strange moment for me personally - "Oscar" for Best Supporting Actress, handed Kim Basinger. Yes, her character is very similar to Veronica Lake (who want to see this, kindly show footage from walking on the TV movie "Guns for hire", where the actress played the most significant role), but it is a still merit makeup. Basinger tries to recreate the image on the screen of one of the typical "Hollywood goddesses", but the role itself is devoid of drama, and the level of performance does not rise above diligent. Another fake Hollywood smile, not otherwise
As a result -. A typical example of a Hollywood film classics with moderately complex plot, great actors and the atmosphere. Being born from a simple desire to quote their favorite film, film Hanson took pride of place in the same row, where to draw his numerous citations, once again proving the attainability of a typical Hollywood dream.
Cities are like people, as well as the people themselves their inner world reminiscent of entire cities. One can imagine the elegant dandy, others - passionate lovers, the third - fussy businessmen. Los Angeles in this ride again awaits a difficult role, which is destined to embody the eternal contrast between form and content. Polished grand scoundrel, a prostitute with a heart of gold, or corrupt, but honest cop - perfectly suited for the realization of human qualities of his native city. And this, obviously, lies the chief of his secrets.
9 out of 10

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