"LA Confidential" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

1950. Los Angeles. The criminal world and law enforcement co-exist in a sinister symbiosis. Going series of killings - the result of gang wars between Mickey Cohen and Jack tattered. Cases of "murder in the Night Owl." Accomplished police brutality, called «Christmas Eve Massacre», which led to an internal investigation and massive layoffs in the ranks of L.A.P.D.
1990. In the light exits the James Ellroy novel "LA Confidential." The focus of the multi-layered detective story that takes place in 1953, based, inter alia, on the above-mentioned real events.
1997. On the screens out the movie of the same name. Highly appreciated by critics and audiences, winning car and small truck winning.
Our time. Fans above this film again and again return to his view. Especially imbued of them scribbling numerous reviews. Here you will another .
W estno speaking, extremely difficult to make a film about this, about his dignity (will not be the shortcomings, because they are almost there) some innovative thoughts. Pros all fans «L.A.Confidential» have long been known. Any of them wake up in the night, mints: cast, exciting plot, authentic atmosphere of the fifties. Therefore, all comments / feedback and revolve around these are the main components with variations on the theme of the work of the operator, costume designers, makeup artists, composers and other persons involved in creating such a memorable fantasy flick.
I will not, perhaps, and I have to reinvent the wheel. Here is the hierarchy of characters in the picture, will share thoughts on the distinctive features of the film, that's what makes it so wonderful, I'll write some pompous conclusion, and it will be possible to disperse.
E CS-fictional (become cinematic) characters and portray their talented actors - this, of course, the main key to success, "LA Confidential." Properly prescribed Ellroy, they are distinguished by the depth and versatility of their characters. Who are the heroes of our film novel? Mobster Mickey Cohen and his bodyguard Johnny Stompanato - they are important to the plot, but the role assigned to them are insignificant. After retiring from the criminal Olympus Cohen, a vacuum within which feels pretty cozy a Petchett Pierce (owner of the illegal business in various spheres of life immoral), played very suitable for this role Strathairn. Next to him, an ex-cop with a shameful track record and the name of Leland "Buzz" Meeks. In a similar status unfortunate policeman Richard "Dick" Stensland. Among working on Petchetta "call girls" appear particularly bright Lynn Bracken (Basinger) stylized Hollywood actress Veronica Lake, and for objective reasons, to a lesser extent, Susan Lefferts (copy Rita Hayworth). You also can not forget about the editor of the periodical «Hush-hush» ​​Side Hudgens (DeVito), about mired in the sins of his youth Metais Reynolds (Baker) and is associated not only with both the District Attorney Ellis Loya (Rifkin). And now tell you about the "light" side of our heroic composition. Headed L.A.P.D. is nameless boss, played by John Mahoney. Next in rank - Captain Dudley Smith (Cromwell), a character ambiguous damn, I'll tell you. Well, finally, a trio of main characters, of which a little more detail:
Officer Bad White (Crowe). Probable cause desire to become a police officer: to get even with his father-like bastard who killed his mother in front of 12-year-old Bud. The carrier explosive character, is not different delicacy in the methods of communication with the criminal element. Although not a helluva lot of intelligent, has a certain intelligence and capacity for selfless actions. The character played by Russell Crowe is very, very significantly, at the limit of emotional acting range, with the inevitable conquest of audience sympathy.
The newly Detective Lt. Ed Exley (Pierce). Hereditary police. Idealist climber. One reason for enlisting was the murder of his father by some scoundrel named Rollo Tomasi (to be honest, for me, this hero, though in fact more ephemeral but no less important than the iconic John Doe and Kaiser Sauzee). At first, his solutions seem to the viewer quite controversial, but at the crucial moment, he will make the right choice. Great game Guy Pearce, his second a couple of Leonard of "Remember" a great role in the movie.
Detective Sergeant Jack Vinsenss (Spacey). Why did you decide to become a police officer? Does not remember. But the official position enjoys the maximum benefit for themselves, without denying the pleasure to make legitimate, but this cop is not very dignified manner. Kevin Spacey, the actor prohibitively talented, able to decorate (and often steal, but not in this case) with their presence any movie. Let his character less bright than the other partners in the major-heroic trio, and the audience's favor with Vinsenssa, I think, will be smaller, but the film would have been wrong without Spacey.
In on, strictly speaking, all the actors. Undoubtedly, at the first session, and it is no wonder confused names, but attentive viewing - this is one of the essential nuances of familiarization with this picture. But rewarded you for your attention will be full. There are no omissions and discrepancies. All the plot moves spelled out perfectly, about any "holes" and "lyapah" can not speak (for whom screenwriting Oscar authority - here's one more reason to view). Well, for the final film special thank you: it is clear that thought out of his sober-minded realist, not some incorrigible dreamer
In my subjective, zamylenny multiple scans, look, "LA Confidential" - this is the perfect kriminalno-. a detective thriller. His ideal picture, where "every frame even in a frame"; the perfect musical accompaniment, which is quite distracting, but only accompanies and underscores; Even the timing of the films is practically standard - 128 minutes before the final credits that (minutes) did not pass unnoticed, but perhaps the most fascinating and exciting. I would suggest that such a masterpiece of the genre may not like or just for some purely personal reasons or due to not love the genre as a whole.
About B of the final assessment to say, I think, it makes no sense. How else can I evaluate the film, which is for me the movie at all times, and that, no matter what the other films I have not looked, always will be among the top ten of my favorite movies, and certainly will be sure to have a permanent living space in my heart?

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