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For any such services work by American writer James Ellroy is worthy of attention not only fans of detectives, but also lovers of good literature in general? For large-scale multi-layered story that can go different, seemingly completely unrelated lines, but that is certainly sovet into a single thread of events? Perhaps! For a unique atmosphere of Los Angeles' 50s? Without a doubt! For the perfectly prescribed dialogues? Definitely! For the rare ability to keep the intrigue? Of course! But for all that, Ellroy Ellroy would not have been if not for his ability to create characters. No, not so: Character with a capital letter. His characters are good that in spite of the genre of film noir, which adheres to the canons of Ellroy, they are not a bit idealized, and live their lives and do not exist on paper. Just like you and me.
This success came to James Ellroy at once, but only in 1987, when he left his first novel, "the Los Angeles quartet." "The Black Dahlia" was published a very personal book, because his vision of the true story of the murder in 1947 of a girl named Elizabeth Short writer devoted mother. A year later, the novelist publishes new work "Sin City." This time in front of the reader's eyes appears more than one protagonist cop, but three. Each of them has its own motives and goals, as fate intertwined. Two years later, in 1990, comes the next chapter in the "quartet" - the novel "LA Confidential." It was about him and his film adaptation, I would like to talk
first thing that catches your eye when reading the "secrets." - this is remarkable progress style of the author, his work on himself. The history of this time is supplied from different angles. We know the truth about the events of the book, we know how these events the public is served, we know how events in the world of media feeds Ellroy. Evident and noticeable progress in filing action. Deftly switching between characters, if not leaving all of them for a while (the events of these periods served as a notorious magazine and newspaper articles), Ellroy pumps intrigue. Yes, this, which greatly lacking "Sin City." So all the same: who are these three characters
Ed Exley - young, full of vanity, careerist, son of prominent businessman and former policeman Preston Exley?. He did not scruple to lay my colleagues, even doing it in the name of "Absolute Justice»
Bad White - cool shirt-guy, not so clever like Exley, but nobly willing to protect women from violence
Jack Vinsenns -. A sort of star police Department. A close friend of the Attorney Ellis Law and a consultant of the popular series "Badge of Honor". Jack lives that merges the information about the Hollywood star-addicts scandalous journalist Sid Hudgens.
That's the way we see the characters at the beginning of the novel. Each of them has a strong motivating their history. Their relationship is heating up during the "Bloody Christmas." - a mass brawl at the police station, and later investigation of the case "Night Owl" turns everything upside down, changing, first of all, the characters and the characters themselves
views picture Oscar-winning "LA Confidential "directed by Curtis Hanson out already back in 1997. Like most film adaptations of literary works, "Secrets" mmm ... suffer the author's vision of the novel events. It might seem like it can be abused for the screenwriter and director, as the film adaptation - is "the author's vision" by definition? Let us not forget that Tarkovsky to make your own masterpiece from the book Stanislaw Lem «Solaris", although his opinion of the writer with different opinions. And then there is the fine line that separates the art of film and art literature. But sometimes there are cases when the author's vision of "filmmakers" is only beneficial to the product. And to the recent example of "Cloud Atlas» Wachowski brothers . Through the prism of their self-titled Epic David Mitchell has become a much more integral and emotional. Unfortunately, "LA Confidential" - not the case, but it does not mean that the movie is bad. No. Just in front of us only one side of the world created by James Ellroy. The reason for that - a two-hour format does not allow you to enter all the characters and all reveal all the story lines. So, the key role of the father Edmund Exley was distributed among several other characters. He disappeared a number of other characters, including - Raymond Diterling moviemaker and his Fantazilend (an allusion to Disneyland). Rapid career growth Exley shows otherwise, much less bright. All this and more significantly "desalinating" plot. However, I am not in any way saying that the film came out a failure. The indisputable advantage of it and proof is the so-called director's competence "Presence effect", which the authors are making now without any popular three-dimensional surveys. When viewing a really immersed in the action and imagine yourself on the street sunny Los Angeles. This contributes to the sound. Actually, it is in this category and the film should give Oscar
Casting -. The next thing that simply can not fail to mention, talking about the tape. Guy Pearce as Ed Exley - one hundred percent hit! Someone else in his place is difficult to imagine. And not without reason it is the "secret" gave impetus to his career. Kevin Spacey is also very convincing accustomed to the Jack Vinsennsa. Against the background of a few faded Russell Crowe, playing Bud White. With all due respect to the singing actor, here occasionally slips false. Danny DeVito - could not be successful Sid Hudgens. Kim Basinger has played mandatory for the film noir femme fatale Lynn Bracken. And that she won an Oscar, which is puzzling, because if you remember about the Christoph Waltz, twice won an Oscar in the same category in the film Quentin Tarantino, the comparison is not in its favor . For Basinger too typical and nothing special person I have not noticed in her game. Who else would like to mention - because it's Captain Dudley Smith in the performance of James Cromwell . His Dudley -. Exactly as prescribed and how it Ellroy
Not being good adaptation of James Ellroy novel, "LA Confidential," Curtis Hanson is very good self-picture definitely deserves your attention. Similarly to the picture applies to the writer himself, recognizing that "the two authors took my scene, my characters, most of my conversations and create your Los Angeles in my Los Angeles." As far as the good adaptations, the "Quartet" Ellroy clearly deserves a serial format. On the other hand, let's not forget about the final part of the "Quartet" - "White Jazz." Written in an experimental style in the form of a "stream of consciousness", it is difficult to understand in view of the their style. And who knows, maybe in the form of said series or feature film, it will find a new life
10 - 3 (three points and red reviews only for subjective dissatisfaction transfer of the plot of the book) = 7
7 of 10

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