"LA Confidential" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The film by American director Curtis Hanson was released in theaters almost twenty-two years ago, is still firmly holds the position in the ranking of the best films of both Russian and foreign movie websites. The painting was doomed to cult since its premiere, because everyone who watched it just can not forget the deep emotional experience. However, you should understand how valid the highest score as the audience and critics alike, and what is the actual outstanding achievements for Los Angeles secrets.
As you know, the tape belongs to the complex genre postneonuar and in fact is its Exemplary representative. It is clear that this genre is not even secondary, as is tertiary, which, however, does not make it worse. In general, the genesis of nuarnosti will look like this, "Touch of Evil" (1958) - "Chinatown" (1974) - Secrets of Los Angeles (1997), if we take a picture of his era randomly. As we see the American film industry can not let go of the genre, and again returning to it after about every twenty years, a succession of new stunning film. However, it should be understood that the shooting in this genre in the '50s is not the same as in the 70's or even more so in the 90s, as time leaves its indelible mark, forcing directors to climb out of the skin, to surprise the audience, but this stay within tradition. Henson is clearly understood that at stake need to put all that is. To. The time the late nineties were extremely competitive in terms of film product range and on all sides advancing rapidly growing action, pumped expressive injections at the time of computer technology.
to not only keep blow, but also to knock out all opponents in general (what was flawlessly according to the huge fees for the genre, as well as nine Oscar nominations received two statuettes), American film director decided to use virtually all bunk Botha colleagues' skills ", opened in the last movie. For example, the "Seal of Evil" was borrowed from the narrative dynamics, rough, sometimes shocking realism, it is appropriate and when this finely tuned inclusion action, and even moral antinomy, which we shall discuss later. From the same "Chinatown" copying the genius pump over Polanski love line, colorful, distinctive and brightest personality characters, and, of course, a kind of explanation of the world through the prism of our contemporary social reality in which the concept of good and bad long ago disappeared into shadow ocean currents capital .
Henson film can be called a truly great and currently is probably the best representative of the genre, not for his eclecticism, but for a brilliant and impeccable balance was yayuschih components. In the picture cost virtually all genre clichés, including even such unusual as the lack of a happy ending.
But a moment is worth looking into the idea of ​​the film, which is closer to the end of the film grows into a full-fledged ideology, revealing the essence of the genre. We can say that in terms of discursive unfolding tape in a spiral, revealing new plot layers. The further develops the narrative, the more we understand about what such a fierce insistence interpreted existentialists, trying to explain that the whole system of morality with its eternal concepts have long flown into the pipe, and we live in a world of fluid truths, where nothing matters, except for the fateful "actions" committed somewhere on the edge of the abyss of madness. Such things as good and bad for a long time and brutally murdered and their remains roughly raped, but remains indelibly with such a thing as a soul, "an act of conscience." Somewhere in the depths of our being forever flickering light thirst for justice, justice and fair retribution. Perhaps this last tiny remnant of something higher and all-good and keeps us from total self-destruction. Darkness, enveloped the soul, as it relies in noir films, not just seized the world, but rightfully take its transcendent throne. If earlier it was the exception to do "self-serving" and "bad", now the selfish principle became formative concept, which is shared by all institutions.
The film also shows the excellent, characterized by modern mobility of meaning and absolute mobility of ethical concepts, formed today exclusively masses -Media. The main role in the film, in this respect, played by the press, serving a kind of mediator between the authorities of the truth. Reality itself is composed on the basis of the person to whom and how it should be. But who actually is in charge of all this, the kingdom of darkness, proudly seated on the throne? In fact, as the movie, this place is so vacant, and the competition is so high that it is doomed forever empty. But at that emptiness is - "Rola Tomasi»
sovereign ghost, a figment of our collective imagination, meaning without a signified, the money-capital, not backed by gold (in the movie "Revolver" he even called Mr. "Gold"), an absolute ruler. which has taken the place of God in our system - this is the last mystery, but rather eternal and irresolvable 'secret' of our existence. Due to this invisible hero of the plot of the picture it is no longer just be a detective and becomes philosophical. It should be noted that Mr. Thomas also silently move all our humanity, bewitching magic of concepts such as the appropriateness of the debt or the truth. Meanwhile, in this irrational spot of our being and is hiding the truth, which, as is well learned characters of the film fits just one word - death. Thus, such tectonic concepts of the genre as a fatal death, eternal mobility of the ethical system of coordinates, the relativity of all truths and concepts found in "LA Confidential" their full and final incarnation.
What about the magnificent style of the film? It is flawless! The atmosphere of the golden fifties transferred flawlessly thanks to the masters of the old school - the operator Dante Spinotti, composer Jerry Goldsmith, again squeeze all of complets Symphony Orchestra, and, of course, a team of artists to work on a great tour work with costumes and the overall entourage of old Los Angeles. Naturally, all this resulted in the fact that a film for many years has become a textbook. Moreover, his achievements were again put into circulation, however, this time it was not in the movie, and in the gaming industry, which led to the birth of one of the most outstanding games in recent decades with the speaker called L. A. Noire. In fact, the creators of "Rockstar" repeated the already tested on Vice City scheme and actually moved the whole film in the open game world. This again speaks of the great historical importance of the painting.
Summarizing, we can safely say that the film simply need to look to at least find out where the actual came genre. Except for a couple of scenes, the picture is a perfect director's work, and, in principle, the maximum of which is capable of not hypertrophied (komiksovoy like "Sin City" or futuristic Bleydrannera) but purebred noir today. Well, in the end, because you should ever meet with Mr. "Rola Tomasi", he just wanted to meet you.

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