"LA Confidential" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Ah, if it were not "Titanic." No, I do not argue, all of us, and your humble servant, including trembling, looked like billionaire James Cameron canvas gradually gaining a well-deserved "Oscar". Let me remind you that the blockbuster failed to surpass the achievement ribbons Wyler's "Ben Hur" (1959), which half a century ago, from 12 nominations received 11 awards. Only repeat. Not for nothing were shed by snotty girl's tears shmygane Kate Winslet "Jack? Jack? .. "But enough about the winners. Let's talk about the losers.
Come picture Curtis Hanson year earlier or later, and not "The English Patient", or the more vague "Shakespeare in Love", is not able to compete on equal terms with a brilliant adaptation of the novel by James Ellroy. Hanson was just unlucky. 9 nominations and only 2 statues, one of which (Best Actress - Kim Basinger), the fans are still disputed. Sad result for the director, whose career declined sharply, and the writer, whose works, though still screen adaptations, but with much less success.
fairness, we note that according to the American site IMDb «LA Confidential" They are in the top hundred list of the best movies of all time, while Cameron's opus is not even got there (overall rating is calculated by the number of votes and points). Domestic "kinopoisk" advocates that among the Russians, "Titanic" is much more popular. The result, by the way, a strange, since the universal in the sense of a blockbuster about the collapse of the infamous ship is as close to us as the story of two California policemen mid 50s. But God is with him, to each his own, and we move on to the story of this great detective
... Officer Bud White (Russell Crowe) and Detective Lieutenant Ed Exley (Guy Pearce) share a common problem -. A heightened sense of justice. White - boorish, bydlovaty, but very cool cop. His motto - "At first hook, then the questions." Due to the heavy childhood, Bud hates louts who beat women, and is the executive, but dumb employee. His antipode Exley - young careerist, son of a cop who was killed on duty. Puny Exley does not interfere in the promotion of the career ladder. He is shrewd, cunning and can not tolerate corruption in the organs. Exley rather lay a comrade-in-arms, rather than give to circumvent the law.
Los Angeles 50s. A well-known gangster Mickey Cohen gets jail for tax evasion. His accomplices, not having returned to life, and to divide the city among themselves, they are hunted by unknown. Mountains of corpses, heroin and shocking headlines. Hard and ruthless police captain Dudley Smith (James Cromwell) makes a feasible contribution to clean homeland, forcibly urging visitors marginals make sail. His methods do not like anyone, but while they are working, all the usual blind eye.
situation is complicated, as a result of the massacre at a school "Night Owl" dying former teammate Bud, well-fed and ill-mannered cop Dick Stens. The case quickly reveal hot pursuit, writing off the brutal murder on addicts Negroes, whom subsequently allowed to flow. But White and Exley sure Stans did not die by accident. Someone removed it purposefully, note the following. Alone detectives begin their own investigation, have not suggesting that in the end they will have to work together, regardless of the past and future of resentment, because the enemy is strong, dangerous and takes no prisoners ...
Hanson has clearly demonstrated that the genre of "noir" is alive and -prezhnemu price. Not having at hand Humphrey Bogart, an American invited to a project of two little-known performers in Hollywood: Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce. Both actors for several years, "languished" in the dream factory. Crowe interrupted roles in second-rate action movies and thrillers like "virtuoso" or "Quick and the Dead", while Pierce gravitated toward melodrama ( "Their bodies have changed") and comedies ( "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert").
course, the producers were not happy with the desire Hanson bet on tandem obscure actors. Project and without it promised to be a pain in the ass. Timing - almost two and a half hours. 80 roles with the text. Huge investments in reconstruction of the screen fifties era, ranging from decorations and finishing costumes. Studio a couple of times trying to "just kick 'adaptation to television, but in the end it was decided to plant in the frame a couple of real stars. Among the latter - Kevin Spacey, has already managed to become famous in the thriller "Seven" and the judicial drama "A Time to Kill." As well as the sex symbol of the 80s, Kim Basinger, which in their '44 offered a role Thirty elite prostitute, joker and Danny DeVito, to whom after Sinister Penguin in the sequel to "Batman" was absolutely still.
film, like the book Ellroy, being fiction, lives in the world of real facts and events. The famous successor Bugsy Siegel Mickey Cohen; corrupt police, staged a "Bloody Christmas" in their own area; special squad cops arrange dressing all visitors criminals. It was all really. real-life yarn woven into a fictional story that gives a picture Hanson even more compelling.
most controversy and gossip aroused the desire to invite the director to the key bit Actress published in circulation of Kim Basinger. The days when the actress burned by napalm from the screen, have already passed, she slowly retrained on less provocative bands, mainly thrillers and Westerns with a touch of erotic slant ( "Final Analysis," "Escape"). Studio bosses were categorically opposed to her candidacy, especially since the present age difference. And not in favor Basinger. But Hanson insisted and ensured the then wife of Alec Baldwin's first and probably the last Oscar of her career. Some people to this day believes that the award Sia undeserved, and the place of Kim was to be either Julianne Moore ( "Boogie Nights") or Minnie Driver ( "Good Will Hunting"). But only one scene with the weeping in the rain Kim puts all kritikanov in a known place.
The main advantage of "LA Confidential," that they breathed life into a classic genre of the American film industry. The current generation of viewers Hollywood is a conglomeration of remakes and sequels, a hodgepodge of latex superhero thundering iron robots romantic snot and inspirational speeches. But it was the "Maltese Falcon". "The Lost Weekend". "The Postman Rings Twice." "Chinatown", finally. The era of Chandler, Hammett, Woolrich.
works of James Ellroy continue to inspire filmmakers. According to the stories of removing the hard crime film "Damned Season" (2002) Kurt Russell and "Street Kings" (2008) with Keanu Reeves. Only once Hollywood tried to enter into the same river, based on the first novel of "LA quartet" of the writer - "The Black Dahlia." But, alas, despite the strong professionalism Brian De Palma, tape, 2006 "The Black Dahlia" (do not ask why it was transferred) with Josh Hartnett and Scarlett Johansson was the disappointment that exists. And if not for the "Sin City" by Robert Rodriguez, the "noir" would again languished in oblivion. But that's another story.
10 of 10

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