"Kramer vs. Kramer" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Ordinary, unremarkable morning. As reluctant to wake up, go to the boring school, where only one lessons only, and no fun. And all the joys of the boy with the dawn - a tasty breakfast my mother's favorite toast so accustomed to burrow into the warm brown hair. Little Billy rubbing sleepy eyes, paces wrong feet to the kitchen, and there is no ... mom. It is not there, she was gone and did not say where. Dad smiles apologetic smile and trying one morning surrounded the boy as a concern for good a couple of years. Alas, my father - not my mother. Tasty toast not cook, do not say the right words, and indeed offensively often will keep an eye on the clock. "And when my mother coming back?" - asks the child innocently. Dad something tries to answer why his face is even more guilty look. "You've got to school" - strictly cuts parent. Mom will come back tonight? Well, or even tomorrow? Billy these issues are no longer sets, it's time to really have to run, it is a pity that the lessons can not go on forever. This suddenly dreaming at least one Kramer.
From the position of the current realities of the legendary tape tie Robert Benton does not offer something extraordinary. Wives are often away from their husbands. So it was in the 70s, so it is now, and so, alas, will. Leave for various reasons, and they are all united by a frightening word "dissatisfaction". At home and love life, career, no matter where - a sense of unrealized, like corrosion, slowly corrodes the human brain like a sheet of metal. Well educated and knows his own worth Joanna Kramer once bothered to convince myself that she lives life to the fullest, and as a woman emotionally woman slashed on the shoulder. Act it is quite banal, if not for the presence of the child. Loving mother decided to find an ephemeral status, to be with his son only mentally, but not physically. This nuance sharply highlights the film "Kramer vs. Kramer" in a series of a family drama in a particular genre, whose value only increases as the viewer is immersed in the complexities of marriage life. It is not difficult to understand the logic of Ted Kramer, who brought the family to sacrifice career advancement, and act Joanna Kramer could justify, if not the state five year old boy in this tragic for him the moment of parting.
Negligence would be considered world-child simple and obvious. Example Billy Kramer and the noteworthy that this child is no different from millions of their peers across the globe. He, like the other kids, likes to eat sweets instead of useful supper, want to climb on the site, and not to teach lessons, and most importantly, he was always a little parental warmth. Remaining without a mother boy rolls his father not hysterical, not stomping feet, beats the plates, but only quietly crying into my pillow or in a parent's shoulder. Tocsin sounded fatherly words: "We are never going to live with her mother. You have only me. " But the child is not to agree! To put up with such above its forces. Do not need to splash children's emotions, to help Robert Benton convey the horror seems to be mediocre, and at the same time to solve situation. Just look at a surprisingly clear eyes, in which there is no hint of pretense.
«Kramer vs. Kramer" has allowed not only to attract the maximum attention to the problems of domestic compatibility of spouses, but also marked the surrounding each of us difficulties. Life suddenly can turn any event, any person to expose unsavory side. Resentment and frustration can permanently unsettle. Ted Kramer once made his choice, and how hard it was, was not sorry that he gave preference to work. Care Joanna revealed abscesses in the shower head of the family. He suddenly realized that he had begun to lose himself in the pursuit of success. Returning precisely from nothingness wife proudly say that I have found the true meaning of life, and not whether it is same as the vain did Ted all five years of marriage? Position - today is, tomorrow it is not. Location Chief - today is, and tomorrow it will change. Through the ordeal of his hero Benton separates the root of these relations, which are not related to the level of material wealth. In the film, Benton there are no minor roles. At first glance unimportant neighbor Kramer by Jane Alexander is like a mirror, reflecting the ruthless man, without any hypocrisy. She advises Joanna escape from an uncaring husband, and after providing invaluable moral support Hunted Ted. Finally, it is my determination suggests a way out of the seemingly intractable family situation.
Heart overflowing sympathy for intelligent, kind, Ted realizes his error, and it also burns with anger to the careless, dissolute, windy Joanna. Kramer vs. Kramer. Dustin Hoffman against Meryl Streep. Landmark dispute between two geniuses, whose resolution is not at the courthouse. Immaculately won back the party itself would not have brought the actors "Oscars", if it was not flickering screen nerve. It is impossible to describe the emotions Hoffman at the time of the news that the missus had long since returned to the city, and spying on her son in a cafe window. On the whitened face it reflects the entire range of parental feelings, and it is only a tiny ember in the fire of true love. And the father and mother can vary infinitely, as a small boy less than anything else wants to choose one. So whether it is important to a child who is more money in the family or someone brings it takes him to school? Mother and father dobytchitsa nurse - nothing supernatural. The main thing - love, which will make the boy happy. And if one of the parents is able to cope for two, it is not necessary to put on the cross on the prospects of such a family. Love and care still does not have a numeric expression.

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