"Kramer vs. Kramer" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Amazing in its simplicity and genius of the film. He tells us about how it is important to set priorities in life.
Ted Kramer initially did not think about it. He worked diligently at the prestigious advertising company, has been in good standing with the authorities and moved up the corporate ladder. Ted does what he likes, and was pleased with everything. But his family is not very ...
It's terrible when you work from home shuts. You think about it all day and night. Going in the evening (or late at night - of course, because that worked) sleep, you meticulously speculate about what kind of things did not have time to do now. And you barely opened his eyes in the morning as your mind immediately, for long-ingrained habits, it begins to make your working schedule for today. Work, work, work ... It becomes the meaning of your life, it becomes a beast that slowly but surely, subdues your whole being. Sometimes you get tired, want to rest, but you can not stop, because they are too used to it. And the sense of duty does not allow to make a break - it's your job
Ted stunned when his wife announces that away from him!. Joan says that Ted obsessed with his work, and he wonders such accusation: he works in order to provide for his family! If he had not worked hard every day, they would have had nothing to live!
All this, of course, so, but only the work should not take away a person's life. You can not live work - then the time to life does not remain. We have to live life ...
I understand that everyone has their concept of life values, and no one is going to impose their views. But my understanding of life is no more important value than family. It is the family brings a person the most important pleasures of life. And when the work takes away all your time, owns your mind twenty-four hours a day and make you a stranger to your loved ones - quickly throw this job! Throw as soon as possible, and did not regret it! Do not doubt: you can be sure to find a place that will allow you to pay attention to the family
In essence:. What is work? This is the place where you earn money to live. And all - nothing more! No matter how you loved his work and how much effort it would not give away, we must always remember that in life there are more important things. See how your child has taken the first step, to hear his first word, to see his smile, play with him, help him advice - it's priceless moments of life! They are unique, they are only once and can not be missed. Is it possible for something to barter these wonders? Is it possible to sacrifice them for the sake of something else? At one point, you will see that your child is already an adult, and you suddenly realize that you were with him when he was growing up. And you ask yourself, "Why." Because you were on some "very important meeting" or "signing". And you will feel at that moment?
Fortunately, Ted Kramer previously realized his mistake. And thanks for this it has to Joanne and Billy. Ted was surprised to realize that he does not know his six-year child. That is, it is, of course, every day sees Billy, talking to him, but, in view of the heavy workload, making it very rare and inertia of habit. Ted has no idea what his son and how he lives. After six years he was engaged in Joan, who forbade Ted look for a job ...
first permanent whims angered Billy Ted, but this is only because he is engaged in a new business for themselves - child raising. Pretty soon the little son manages to awaken in the heart of Ted tightly sleeping father's love, and Ted realizes that he was deprived due to their work. Very touching scene when, after a row over the ice cream being prepared Ted explains to sleep, Billy, why in fact they went from mom.
Ted and Billy come together pretty quickly and soon become inseparable. Otherwise, it could not be - after all, they are very fond of each other. And Ted realizes how much love and affection he had been deprived of his little son all these years.
How many more parents to their work do not know their own children! Basically, it's fathers, according to the stereotype believing that should only make money, but raising a child is a matter of women. Some people in my life and fail to understand that the work - this is not the most important thing. This is the head of Ted, who fires him from his job. He knows that the responsibility for education is now Billy lay down on Ted knows how hard he has to, but it still gives him the account. "I was under pressure from the top guys," - throws up his hands apologetically chef, and for him it is more important than human relationships, even more important than their long-term friendship with Ted. The soul of these people already has gotten crafty and ruthless beast called "work» ...
I really liked the scene in the court. Ted and Joan tell the judge about your mistakes and feelings, but in actual fact, while their lawyers professionally and insensitive do their job - the main characters reveal the soul of each other. Ted is very correct words coming from the heart and not caused by selfishness, but one desire - to have their child was happy, "Joan, do not break the world that we have built with them, do not injure Billy second time»
not. I can express in words how much I liked the acting. To appreciate her fully, you need to see the movie. And it's not that Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep received for "Kramer" his first "Oscars", and 8-year-old Justin Henry and Jane Alexander, who plays neighbor Kramer, Margaret, have been nominated for this award. Just the actors managed to create a surprisingly vital and vivid images, thanks to which we have received such an interesting, instructive story.
sure to look this good family film about the main life values. A low bow to all those who worked on its creation.
«I came here to pick up Billy's home and realized that he was already at home ».
10 of 10

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