"Kramer vs. Kramer" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In the movie, as actually and in many other things that would succeed sometimes do not need to invent something new and unique. As the famous phrase "all genius is simple." Most interesting is that this is so. Maybe not always, this principle works, but the movie "Kramer vs. Kramer" fortunately no exception. In this picture, everything is extremely simple, familiar, understandable, and these traits in any case can not be attributed to shortcomings as often occurs. If your intention is to do something on the principle of "Simple, but brilliant" main caveat is that the work must be done, not just good, but at the highest level. And in the movie "Kramer vs. Kramer" ice "made at the highest level" can be attributed to almost every component. This film is really very good. So much so that at first viewing it can not even understand. If you ask any man, more or less versed in the movies about movies 70s, he must mention "The Godfather," "Star Wars," "Alien", probably a couple more religious paintings. now you can not remember, but do not be in their background "Kramer vs. Kramer." Because, as this picture of course, it was one of the best in the genre, and also contributed a lot to the film world, though that has spawned many followers.
In the center of the story are ordinary human relationships. The relationship between the spouses in a divorce, the relationship between parents and children, the relationship between the old and new friends. The plot of the film foundation simple and ordinary. It seems familiar to viewers, and was rather curious. Ted Kramer, an avid workaholic. The work takes him almost all the time, at the expense of attention to his family. And once the intention of coming home to please his family promotion, his wife tells him the news that she was leaving him, and leaves his son to the care of the pope. Discouraged Ted initially confident that his wife Joan will certainly be back, soon he realizes that this will not happen. Now he will have to raise her son alone. And he begins to understand how it is a difficult task. Now he will have to re-prioritize, vykraivaya time for Billy. But the more Ted pays attention to his son, the more aware of how much she loved him, and now the main thing in his life. From neumohi dad who can not even cook breakfast, it gradually turns into a wonderful father. But as soon as everything seems to get by, there is Joan, a woman left her husband and son. And it intends to take Billy and even has hired a lawyer to defend its interests in court. Of course, Ted does not want to hear about it now. But more revealing more details about the plot, I must say that everything is not so viewers expected. Joan heartless selfish people. She loves her child. Is it possible to greatly despised her for his action after becoming aware of all the details of her family life. Although she was wrong, she was given this difficult decision, and Joanne even you can understand. Now only the whereabouts of Billy, a young boy who has become the subject of litigation.
Wonderful end of the story, and in particular the appointment of its implementation is so good that just for the sake of this you can see this movie. But to do so not worth it. In this picture, beginning and ending at the wonderful music of Antonio Vivaldi, a lot of other advantages. Excellent musical component, which sounds only when it can make a certain elation. In other cases, it may even seem strange, we are deprived of the sound of music in the background, making dramatic scenes look only more powerful. Actor's performance in the film is so delicious and natural, with the result that what is happening is not what you believe, it is impossible to not believe. For the execution of the images of the main characters Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman received deserved Oscar. To heighten the success is not enough, only awards Justin Henry, for his role as Billy, who, despite his age, it was worthy of the nomination for this award proves my words. In addition, if not taken into account Shirley Temple, Justin Henry became the youngest ever nominated for an Oscar.
very successfully played and the other actors, but they're a little background Kramer lost. Did the Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep, the circumstances that one, at the time, has recently gone through a divorce, and the other, at the time of filming, waiting for the child, but somehow amazing job these actors can be considered one of the best in their careers. Movements, facial expressions, tone of voice change (which can be assessed only by those who watched the movie with the original sound), these minute details so much that reproach actors in nedoigrannosti is madness.
Robert Benton, director of the film, too, not just so honored critical praise. The entire film is placed in exactly the way it would like to see the audience. The director knows where and how to focus, what techniques you can beat the development of the plot, which is only the scene with breakfast, and morning rise. Given that most of the film consists of not much related to individual episodes, it was very difficult to keep the viewer on the same wave of emotion and tension. But Benton not only coped with this, but also has not forgotten about the pile of seemingly little things that were very important. Another interesting approach director. It was noticeable that he has permitted the actors freedom of action, which will undoubtedly benefit the painting went. Moreover, one of the most successful scenes, namely ice cream, was completely improvised, and the director is able to successfully beat. Two awards Robert Benton as a director and screenwriter got a reason. But of course, was deservedly named the best the entire film, in 1980.
film "Kramer vs. Kramer" beautiful, emotional movie. But you have to treat him with seriousness and attention, otherwise quite easy to miss everything that is incorporated in it. And in this film are so many wonderful things. Generally the picture "Kramer vs. Kramer", is a remarkable thing that is very easy to fall in love.

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