"Kramer vs. Kramer" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Arranging their family life, many young couples do not count on what will happen next, how the rest of their lives in a few years, how to raise children so they finished school, got a university degree, get a decent job, and so on. Just can not predict, because as soon as possible, and these couples break up, leaving all purchased and savings in marriage. They do not think about the consequences, they forget everything that had and felt before, they suffer more, they are about anything do not think. Granted, there are various cases when the young couple are selected from the predicament and live on, and someone that life becomes annoying and irritating, because, according to them, not all have to live like this and everyone has the right to personal happiness, which can and not to be. Is family idyll is holding you back, unless you have nowhere to go and you have to perform their duties, as if you did not want? You still have time to bring up their child, so that he grew up the way you want, but what is more important for a child - to be in the family or being without a family
This picture, which I've heard a lot, trying to not condemn someone? about anyone specifically, because the story covers several generations of fathers and mothers who are divorced and the child then should choose between one and the one he loves, but because the parents, the parents themselves, love him the same way, and it does not matter, one of them betrayed the other, and who took the full load, they love him, but somehow lured are on their side when the court rules put decrees. The child - not a means for the game or good luck, it is the same as you, a living man, he just does not understand all of what is happening or is accustomed to everything and it does not have to be surprised. The film raises the issue of paternity and maternity on the principle of 'one who is stronger and the main', but in fact not the case, then the essence. I would even say that, 'who is next to the best' or 'who does not throw, he is more responsible for you. " But the ideological framework does not limit the viewers from watching the movie, it is not important story, it is important themes, subjects, and that encourages them to respond to the strict rezhisserky call.
Acting two great Hollywood stars Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep talks about this responsibility I mentioned recently. Responsibility is not to the role and responsibility of the screen, as they had to play not only the husband and wife in a divorce, but the two opponents, allegorical of two different people, two distant and different people. They wish for his son only the best, but it does not give them to unite again and to trust each other with even greater confidence in the future. However, they are different people, they do not love each other and do not deny it, because one of them is busy with work, the other cleans the house and complain about it. She can not stand it and walks away, leaving his beloved son and inattentive husband alone, thus destroying their family nest, which is often referred to photographs shown in the film. That's what was supposed to be the family, such as in the photo, of anything does not refuse, do not achieve anything, such as a picture with the happy smiling faces. And what's really going on
Director shook me with its openness and honesty with which he gave this creature the audience - an example for many single fathers and mothers wrong. The main thing that I saw in the film is not pompous frames, where the father is going through a serious, can not live with it, he uses his position and did not care for the child; the protagonist cares about his son and brings him as well as in the mother's warmth, only more courage and respect, and doing everything for him, if only he had forgotten about the troubles that overtook him after the door slammed shut, and his mother was gone forever out of the house. Whom he sees in return - his father, who took over his care not for the sake of decency, but because the boy had no one else closer than he. He took him to the hospital when he accidentally fell down on the playground, he assigned him to school every day, spend time with him and defended his impact on the child in court, when the long-awaited process of 'Kramer vs. Kramer' and one parent will oppose another in the 'guardianship'. If everything goes according to the biblical laws - the family split up, a death judgment begins. And each of them wants to take the child, but not share the same it at all ... So I saw the presence of the director in his dignified and respectful winning movie reviews and all this not for the sake of example canons.
This film is not only an example of his father's resistance and vicinity with the child, but also separate a cautionary tale about the different relationships of people to each other, on different needs, different destinies, different actions. Why should a woman's son to prove to everyone what she is sensitive and prudent mother, to justify her and believed her? But not all desperate mother as manipulating human beings, they also need to understand with whom the child is better - a true father or mother with a heartless? I'm not saying that necessarily all of her that way they behave and the dew of their children, but again, as I emphasized at the beginning, this film combines the problem of more than one generation. This can happen in 10 years, maybe 20, and the opposition will still be. Still have to decide who is stronger or better or more honest or more correctly entered - mother or father - and in general, do not correct it all. Let it be a family cosiness, but let it not be absurd thoughts and contradictions in this cozy abode
Indeed, the picture is worthy of praise and attention, it deserves a separate evaluations and opinions about the dilemmas raised in the film, but still he anticipates events:. Comes and to the fact that parents are willing to kill each other but all legitimate property was at one or the other. But things are not important, not material footnotes, and feelings, feelings that do not exist, we are looking for and with whom we live.
inseparable pride swept over me after watching. Applause high confrontation, cheering his father's feelings, cheering the actors, director and screenwriter, applause responsibility applause!
10 of 10

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