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Nestle is the global food and drink company which was founded in the year 1866 in Vevey, Switzerland (Nestle, 2017). It is one of the largest food companies in the world in accordance to the volume of sales and other metrics (Buxel,Esenduran & Griffin, 2015). The company ranks at number 64 in the list of fortune 500 companies. The multi-billion dollar company owes its success to its biggest contributor, human resources. The company never fails to admit and appreciate its employees and this is one of the strong reasons behind its business sustainability (Williams, 2015). The country employee over 339500 people and operates in over 194 countries. Nestle has been successful because of its knack of finding the right person for the job (Zeng, 2017).

The purpose of the assignment here is to conduct a SWOT analysis and comment on the fit with the chosen organization, which is Nestle in this case. A personality test will also be conducted under the purview of the given assignment and towards the end a discussion towards self-improvement will also be given. The underlying purpose here is to analyse the fitment of oneself in Nestle in respect to the SWOT analysis and Personality test.

MBTI Analysis

The Myers- Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) can be understood as an introspective self-report questionnaire with the sole aim of identifying the different psychological preferences on how people perceive the world around them and make their decisions. The personality test is based on the rationale that human experience the world using four psychological functions-sensations, intuition, feeling and thinking and one of these function is dominant for a person most of the time.

I recently took the Personality test as the part of the Performance management plan made for me at nestle Australia. The results of the test were really helpful in knowing how my mind works. My personality came out as E-S-T-J, which was not shocking however there was one particular indication by which I was taken aback. The first element pointed that I am more on the extrovert side rather than being introvert, I don’t deny it at all. I have been working in the Marketing department in Nestle Australia and most of the time I am interacting with different functional departments and understanding the product in detail, discussing the marketing strategies and communicating the same to a large group of people. Hence, complete fitment with my job role. I have all the characteristic of the Extrovert person, I draw my energy by interacting with people, and I prefer breadth of knowledge over length and love face to face interaction with people. Another reason why I was picked up for the Sales role initially and later was given the dual role of Sales and Marketing of Nestle products. The second element in my MBTI test is sensing, which is the correct depiction of my personality. I focus on attention to details which helps me in better analysis of any business situation. For example, I was aware that Nestle Maggie was facing flak from consumer worldwide; I sensed the situation for the company and submitted a detailed risk assessment and future make good strategy for the company as part of the contingency approach. I am thinker by nature, I love data and number crunching, and I am a firm believer in data than in theory. Logic drives me and people around me praise for my logic and data mining skills. Perfectly required skill set for my position of Marketing and Sales. The last point reflects that I am judging in nature rather than being perceiving. This I believe is wrongly determined because I flourish in flexible learning environments and I get simulated by exciting ideas. The rationale behind my present job role in the organization, creativity drives me, and brilliant campaigns resulting out of brainstorming ideas form the crux of my job motivation.

Hence, I can say that MBTI personality test made me reassure my faith in the organization human resource in finding the perfect job role for me at Nestle.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a strategic tool which is used by organization to identify its strength and weakness which are internal to the organization and focus on the opportunity and threats which are external to the organization.

The same framework can be extended to a human as well, in the similar manner the SWOT analysis can serve as a framework to leverage on the strength, reduce the weakness, take advantage of the opportunity and stay away from the threats. I am conducting a SWOT analysis on myself based on how people perceive me and my own analysis on my personality.


  • I am a people person; this in my opinion is my biggest strength. People easily open up to me about their personal and professional problems. I am easily approachable and easy to talk too. This I guess is one of the reasons why I am doing well as a team lead in sales and marketing department at my present organization.
  • Communication is the key facet which an individual is expected to have in the business environment. Communication makes it extremely easier to gel up with the team and the senior management. In the early days of my career I knew that communication will take me to places and help me to excel in my career. My present job role at Nestle demands me to brainstorm with my team, suggest them ideas and then present it to the client. In my opinion it’s my excellent communication skills which my managers pointed out at the onset of my career and promoted me as a team lead in sales and marketing department.
  • I am highly motivated and self-starter and I don’t look for inspiration from the outside world. I set my own goals and work towards accomplishing them in the set time frame. The practise of setting SMART goals and objectives has helped me immensely in reaching my goals and completing all the tasks in a given time frame. Nestle values employees who are productive, highly motivated and have set their eyes on their goals.
  • I am highly creative, when it comes to working on client briefs and giving them best possible ideas. I sit with my team and discuss with them the best possible ideas, I start the brief by giving them some creative ideas and then we carry it forward. This strength has helped me immensely in my current job profile at Nestle.
  • Another strength of mine which is a great fitment with the values of Nestle is Team-work. I believe that team effort is much better than an individual effort. Nestle as an organization promotes and appreciates team culture, in my entire tenure at Nestle I have bestowed team work. Now when I am a team leader I promote the same as an ingrained culture in my team. This has benefitted me immensely in climbing the ladder of success.
  • I am well versed with almost all the contemporary business tools used in the business environment. I have good and coherent understanding of MS office, email etiquettes, CRM software’s, Sales force and ERP tools. This understanding of tools gives me an edge over my colleagues and I am able to save plenty of time by using these tools.


  • One of the greatest weaknesses I believe which makes me struggle a bit at my job is over analysing any point. I tend to look at one issue from many different angles, which consumes a lot of time. This has severely slowed down my decision making process. I wish to reduce the habit of over analysing things before reaching to a given conclusion.
  • I am bad at organizing things, maintaining my schedules and my client meetings. I get so much focussed during my job that I completely lose track of time and miss deadlines quite a few times. I have been in trouble a number of times due to this weakness, and my manager have asked me to use Covey’s time management plan to cope up with this weakness of mine.
  • Being in a creative position I tend to give attention to detail which consumes a whole lot of time. This is something which I am working upon presently to convert this weakness into strength by utilizing my time effectively by still paying close attention to detail. It is my zeal of perfection that sometimes comes in my way of completing task in the given time frame.
  • Besides the point of being a people person, I am a very shrewd person when it comes to giving feedback to my team members. I often give a very honest feedback to my team members who come out strongly many a time and my team members don’t take it too well. I do not have the art of being polite while giving constructive feedback. Although the management does not have any concern with this, but I believe it brings kind of friction between me and my team members due to my high honesty in giving feedback.


  • Sales and marketing are the fields where there are numerous opening and opportunities. Major FMCG giants are always in look for good candidates who can help the company to grow with their existing knowledge in the FMCG sector. I have total of 5 years of experience working in Nestle, and I have got three big promotions and now I am the team lead. This gives me the opportunity to explore my options in other companies as well.
  • Nestle is opening up another office in New York and they are looking for a highly motivated and self-starter team lead to create its separate team for its new product line. I find this as a great opportunity as I am looking to settle down in New York with my family. Moreover, it will be a great move for my career to be in the Windy city of US.
  • Sales and Marketing has been evolving more in the recent times due to advancement of technology and digital penetration in the FMCG sector. Nestle is investing a good amount of money towards its digital arm in promoting its product. I have a good understanding of the digital technology and have done a 6 months course. Hence, I think I will be the first choice when Nestle is looking to internally hire some person to lead its digital team. I see this as a very good opportunity.


  • Nestle is one of the largest food and drinks company and it hires candidates from all the reputed colleges across the globe. I sometimes find that the new talent has a different approach of thinking and they are very contemporary in their business approach. This I see as a threat that the new talent can provide sustainable risk to my position.
  • Nestle is thinking of changing its organizational structure to be more flexible, it is thinking of becoming flat in nature. This might threat my chance of going up the ladder in the company.

Hence, the above SWOT analysis gives a clear picture that I am right fit for the job and also shows me opportunities to excel in my career at Nestle in the field of Sales and Marketing.


Nestle has a360 degree balanced feedback as its performance management process. The company does 360 degree evaluation of an employee’s performance and personality throughout the year. The feedback is given by the Peers, colleagues and the senior managers and other departments of the organization. Hence, I get to listen to what my team members and managers perceive me in doing my job. It is very overwhelming to see I do not have many haters, and people appreciate me for my skills, understanding of business process and the level of creativity I bring to the table. All the people in my team see me as an inspirational and a transformation leader who is open to any form of communication and is ready to help at any given point in time. Thus, the feedback is well received and shows that I am perfectly fit and aligned with my job responsibility at Nestle. At the same time I sit with my managers and HR to further enhance my skills for the Job and make my performance improvement plan.


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