Knowledge Management In An Individual Organization Essay


Evaluate Critically using the different approaches and the Concepts of KM on a substantial Case Study using Systems Ideas with respect to Knowledge Management.


Proposal title

“To identify organizational issues regarding knowledge dissemination as a part of knowledge management in a individual organization”

Introduction of the organization

The chosen organization has been a place where I have worked previously and the chief service of the organization has been digital marketing. More precisely, the organization desires to become one of the leading corporate brands in the world of digital promotion and broadcast. The organization had an impressive extent of reputation and used to handle a wide range of human resource.

Expected Deliverables of the assignment

A business analysis assignment – it will involve identification of the contemporary issues related to knowledge management and more precisely knowledge dissemination and thereafter make an in depth analysis of them. Finally, evaluation of varied solutions will be delivered.

Approach towards the solution

Varied literary sources will be assessed for acquiring a convenient solution. Books and journal articles will be taken into utmost consideration and it will be kept in mind that scholarly books and journal articles, which have published after the year 2013 will be taken .

Potential risks foreseeable

  • Lack of time
  • Authority of the previous workplace may get offended
  • Inadequate information to reach to a proper solution
  • The management of the previous organization may not agree to provide information regarding knowledge management

Timeline and work breakdown



To gather secondary knowledge regarding knowledge management and knowledge dissemination

One week

To analyze the secondary resources

3 days

To identify and assess the issues of the considered organization regarding knowledge dissemination

5 days

To recommend attainable solution

2 days


It is expected that the project will evaluate the importance of knowledge dissemination, identify the existing issues regarding it and will successfully suggest convenient solution against them.


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