"Killer M (1931)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Legendary German director and screenwriter Fritz Lang is a cult figure in the world of cinema. His work, and especially pictures taken during the period of 1920 - 1930-ies had a tremendous impact on the development of world cinema and have become a source of inspiration for outstanding film directors of later times. This film is recognized as an absolute masterpiece, which consistently ranks high in all sorts of rankings and lists. In addition, the picture of the terrible maniac largely anticipated the emergence of film noir genre. Many nuarovye traditions are reflected in the work of the German classics. Considerable influence the film has had on the work of the Alfred Hitchcock .
before us one of the first films about serial killer. Fritz Lang original way combines intense thriller - a detective with deep social drama. In one of the German cities wielded terrible maniac, the police investigation leads total, but can not get on the trail of a dangerous criminal. City of panic and then the search for connected and organized crime. The plot of the film is inspired by real historical events that took place in the German city of Dusseldorf. However, the story is much deeper than the standard picture about the search for the killers, than it seems at first glance. The screen turns strong psychological drama.
Fritz Lang in their work raises a number of broad themes. Social problems is critical. The wave of killings swept through the German streets has stirred up the German society, to spread panic among the civilian population. Citizens embraced the paranoia, everything begin to suspect each other and are willing to arrange a lynching. Killer may be one, and this increases the degree of aggression. Thus the director anticipated political events that will soon come to his home. Excellent shows helplessness of the police and the state machinery, the system failed, and now the criminals take the law into their own hands. And in many ways open tape finale, not only does not give all the answers, but on the contrary provides the viewer the opportunity to draw conclusions.
nervous tension atmosphere inventively transmitted to the viewer. We know the identity of the maniac, there is no serious detective intrigue. But the hunting of various social groups, such as criminals, the police or ordinary citizens for the maniac keeps in constant tension. Very strong effect creates a musical accompaniment, melody alone «In the Hall of the Mountain King», which creates a whistling maniac strong psychological effect.
Austrian actor Peter Lorre shows the highest class. He managed to create a truly terrible image of a serial killer. And he is terrible above all its absolutely remarkable. This is a small and unobtrusive man behind the mask that hides the evil itself. His final monologue, filled in theatrical fashion shows not only the madness of the character but also perfectly reflects the eternal theme of crime and punishment.
M killer is a real classic of world cinema. Atmospheric, inventive and complex film created at the junction of the psychological thriller - a detective and deep social drama. The picture reveals the problems of society, typical of his time and leaves much food for thought. Perhaps nowadays tape and looks quite simple, but in terms of the history of cinema is a wonderful example of action-genre.
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