"Killer M (1931)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I nebesprichinno believe laudatory reviews at this amazing kinotvorenie more than enough; the interpretation of what is happening is so straightforward that I can only continue ...
At the very moment when power is running out, and any conscious act as though only complicates matters when a person is on the verge of despair and is about to make the fatal folly and mistakes - that's when it's time to recall, to trust and give deystvovat..sebe
that's right, a little to paraphrase the original, can be perceived given us is not a color picture.. City presented from one side law-abiding citizens, and on the other, of course - the back side of it - the law-abiding citizens is not so, faced with something unknown, dangerous and frightening
This new fear, a symbolic representation of a maniac killer., threatening and so, and others; symbolism, apparently, is quite obvious: meeting new challenges often cause confusion, at least, fear and maybe of interest; It happens so that the exhaust protection and adaptation mechanisms are failing - and our conscious attempts to solve (the same law-abiding burghers) is not only powerless, but also destructive. Quite clearly shown in the first part of the movie helpless citizens and the futility of the authorities to "restore order" and "eliminate the threat" - after all, what they managed to achieve through joint efforts - so it is only strengthening the fear turning into paranoia and the inevitable desire to see someone else, even among their -. the enemy where
... and it is here to the rescue of consciousness and "conscious" actions comes "dark" side - the unconscious, with its methods and its approaches, sometimes seemingly illogical, incorrect and truly supp ational. But these methods are triggered and, if not solve the problem, then clearly suggest new ways to solve it. The main thing - to give him the opportunity to help
Exactly the underworld, joining the fray, using "their" methods, which, in turn, lead to success -. Through blind observers, and sound association, through secret signs, and, again, a violation of the laws ... and the culprit turns out to be the killer cornered, and now hiding in the attic; those. the enemy was where he ought to be longer and metaphorically, because the attic - a thought, a fear of the unknown - their product; and he, at least, should not occur at other levels and affect the lives of its physical layer.
And now, at this moment, when the unconscious mechanisms worked as well as they could, and to locate the source of problems to the fore once again go conscious motives, and again - wrong, can spoil all achieved ...
denouement of this eternal confrontation - confrontation is not an external enemy, but between the controlling mind and constantly monitor avoidant unconscious, apparently, will always remain on the . Rytoy
It is significant that the crime was committed on the plot in relation to children -. In a clear context, symbolizing a crime against a child within
Despite the "legendary" confession, closer to the curtain picture, it is important to note that the enemy away not random and, whatever were his attempts to convince us of his own ignorance of the plans and future actions, signs and messages from him - authorship, as they say, do not even challenged - we, our consciousness, in this case, it turns out - and quite unambiguous . The main thing - to trust and allow yourself to act ...; each "myself."

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