"Killer M (1931)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Somewhere between expressionism and Noir, between the two world wars, he was born one of the most significant and fascinating world cinema films.
hypnotic effect of "M", with the result that the film simply impossible to put down, akin to a terrible impact on the serial killings of residents of Berlin . He four city enveloped in fear and hatred. The panic that gripped the population, paralyzing public life.
However sacred loving "Ordnung" German soul does not tolerate violations of the order. In a country humiliated by an external enemy, exhausted by hunger and economic ruin, hungry for strong-arm people are particularly susceptible to the fight against internal enemy - and a great film Lang largely prophetic - but still dark in Berlin at night in thick clouds of cigarette smoke the best minds of the police and the underworld are developing detailed plan for further action. Stunning parallel installation increases the tension of events, but opposed to each other is not the police to thieves raspberries - it is a city, the main protagonist of the film, begins the hunt for the killer
German rules the world system, so it is surprising and important protocol order. and even union beggars "all the moves written down." With admirable methodical police and the mafia are combing the streets and neighborhoods of the huge city, seemingly without leaving any chance to the offender, and the people, and this is one of the most characteristic features of the German national, ready to knock on anyone who is the slightest suspicion. stronger than the individual system - so all growing stronger confidence that the killer will inevitably be caught
As is known, in the case of murder should use the letter "M", and the criminal world to cope with this task faster.. But whether the right to judge the perpetrators of the criminal? After the second title of the film - "Murderers Among Us" can be interpreted as at least two ways - in an uncertain future in their society is always ready to receive the power, ready to try on the role of the Supreme Court. There were only two years before the Nazis came to power in Germany ...
Who is this restless, self-centered man with plump hands and the soul of a spoiled child, a respectable burgher, politely referring to his victims, and then performs an act of murder? He is the main villain or perhaps the main victim? Superbly played by Peter Lorre, the maniac can not cope with the unknown force that makes him over and over again to kill, but is capable of tremendous emotional power monologue in the final scene. And it is at the same time disgusted sympathy, at first glance seemingly paradoxical
Lang's first sound film has the best features inherent in the silent and sound cinema:. It uses the best visual techniques of silent expressionism, acting is extremely expressive and cinematically perfect shots and at the same time - skillfully uses sound in the film include periods like concentrated doses. Interestingly, even the plot director stresses the importance of sound as a means of fine - when visual aids are powerless, the sound will take part in finding the killer. Lorre hero whistling the tune of "Peer Gynt" is often ahead of the image. And this whistle, before the advent of the killer, these symbols a crime - get lost in the wires and balls lonely empty plate, shock ... In fact, all the devil - in the details, Lang sharpened to the limit
Ekranizovav one of the most terrible stories in German criminology. Fritz Lang took a wonderful multi-layered masterpiece, which is much more than just one of the first thriller about a maniac.
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