"Kiki's Delivery Service" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

With paintings of genius Hayao Miyazaki I met very late. In order to make up for his childhood, which was missing a piece of the culture of Japan, I decided to get acquainted with all the works Master . But this masterpiece made me write a review.
opens before us a world in which there is magic. That is seen flying girls on magic broomsticks quite normal. That way, always and bribed me to the works of Miyazaki: magic, weird phenomena, outrageously beautiful places and mythical creatures in his works all this is taken for granted. The viewer does not need to know the background, you just enjoy watching. The narrative introduces us to a girl - a witch named Kiki, a witch whose journey begins on the achievement of 13 years of age. For this character I have only warm feelings. Colorful and colorful girl. Intelligent, cheerful, with a gentle nature. A kind of mixture of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, and the BBC's little witch
Jiji -. It is generally a separate topic. Black cat accompanying Kiki in her travels. This portion of tenderness and kindness you will not get anywhere else. Its small size and big eyes, that's what makes it such a nice lump of happiness.
plot is very interesting. Many memorable moments and characters. In some you can find their friends or relatives. Every minute plunge into the little world of kindness and positive. You start to empathize with the heroes, to dive headlong into their problems, to have fun when they get something. There is not even the villains, that had no effect on the visual component.
And God, what kinds there. What are the views and room for imagination. The whole city resembles you the combination of Paris and Venice, which makes the picture more interesting for the European audience. Animators have done a lot of work, creating places that amaze your imagination. Each character is drawn clearly and colorfully. And all this despite the fact that the cartoon created in 1989 ! Lord of Japan gave each character their own character that looks combined with touching voices and funny dialogues even more luxurious! The present example as the cost, and how to create a picture of the genre Anime .
As a result, we have one of the most excellent works of animation, of this storyteller . Cartoon instructive, carries a moral, not only for the children who will watch it avidly, but also for adults who have lost the ability to look at the world through rose-colored glasses. Immerse yourself in the world of magic and unloading from the daily bustle. Time will not lose in vain, I promise! After watching this cartoon I wanted to say only one thing - 'Life, you're such a good thing!'
10 of 10

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