"Kiki's Delivery Service" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Unlike other films of Miyazaki, (which I have already had a chance to look at it), "Kiki's Delivery Service" less fantastic, despite these fantasy characters as the young witch and her friend the cat, and not so far from reality. But, in my opinion, this story is about growing up, the choice of 'his city' (certainly by the sea, which can be similar only to a large puddle, but the most wonderful pool of the world), and on such a subtle change in our perception of the world, shifts in emotional balance, we do not have time to keep track of them or really, nor realize the story comes to be just such exquisite in its simplicity, visible and invisible complexity.
Kiki, like her mother, caring and smiling, going like once, and she in her 13 years off 'native land' and consent a witch tradition, to settle in a strange city, where more serendipitously untouched by any witch, a term for exactly one year to practice witchcraft practice.
With a broom witch takes only (vehicle of this witch), a black cat Gigi ( his friend and assistant) and radio.
quickly time passes from the time when Kiki fun chatting good-bye to her friends before it established itself in the bustling city, already beloved and familiar, not only for its beautiful streets tidy but also raznots etnym roof tile on which Kiki many times on his broom swept with another parcel
now house Kiki -. room in the attic bakery (proposed friendly hostess), and its responsibilities include delivery of 'air mail' anywhere in the city and neighborhoods. First let errors and flaws, but Kiki cope, earns his first money finds friends and experience something like for example the first light of his sincerity and unconsciousness, but a serious infatuation.
See this girl, very bright, responsible, sympathetic, direct, able to see the beauty and wonder, and gets a bit (and possibly more) ashamed of itself - carelessness, cynicism, skepticism, apathy, indifference, and so on. It seems as if I was so in 13 years? It is unlikely, but still close to the children's hearts.
narrative is woven from subtle modulations of joy, it is closely interwoven with sadness. Changing something in the very heart of Kiki, learn and experience many things, it can not be the last. Smile carefree child becomes thinner, and the spark of curiosity in the eyes gradually hidden behind the haze insight. Wings behind her now do not swing open immediately, giving the joy of flight, but the wind of change in the fuel emotions and mental stress, the sudden shock of fate, chance are laid out like a solitaire, Kiki takes off again.
Adorable these moody transition from indecision to confidence from a bored state to the anxious waiting, the insult to realize the true value ... Double pleasure that the necessary sensitivity and the right attitude to understand, consistent with the tuning fork of the created valid elnosti arise spontaneously, as a compulsory winning coupon carefully invested by Hayao.
I would like to tell your mind 'arigato' master of poetry and animation to wish happiness both in this and in the world of anime.

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