"Kiki's Delivery Service" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

As he said in one of the comments to the film 'My Neighbor Totoro' one of my colleagues, 'E If I had children, their familiarity with the Miyazaki I would start necessarily with cartoon cake "My Neighbor Totoro» '. And personally, for myself, I would have thought ... at times it seems that the best film to explore the youngest audience with Miyazaki's film is "Kiki's Delivery Service"
Let's start with the fact that the film is very familiar with European and Western audiences:. Broom, witch, cat - all these attributes Sabrina American and Scandinavian Walpurgis nights ... to the same place in the film is clearly the European, and meet immediately with rice paddies and pagodas more difficult child
So, Kiki.! And it was the name of the protagonist of this wonderful and as-usual in Miyadzakovski good and moral witch-girly. Kiki reached the age of 13 years and is ready to go all lengths, pursuant to the ancient tradition of the witches (13 time to the practice of magic).
As in most of Miyazaki's films, the protagonist is a young, young girl. Namely, in these young and unformed creatures are difficulty and adventure, adversity and amorous, but because with them the most interesting friends!
In this film, I spotted many concessions talented producer Oshifumu condo. It seems that along with Miyazaki are included in the film such a thing as a bicycle, the romance and the formation of their plans for the future of the main characters. All this is very reminiscent of the duo's second film:. 'Whisper of the Heart'
Films like 'delivery service' ever want to look for life, and of course to show their children. And all because of the simple but profound phrases, moral and expressing sincere essence of goodness:
-And you never thought that you could be late to the party? - You can not take money for a reason
-Dzi-Ji me something like this: I make friends, and then they offend ... -What if I do not fly? -Then I throw. I go for a walk, sit, sleep all day, and then suddenly fly again!
Comments to the previous two are unnecessary, and the last quotation seems to me for all those who are caught up in work and missed his inspiration! Relax - a person can not only work, and you need to take help from friends, too
next job Sensei Haya -. The next height. Gold medal he had received, but the recognition of the film, and of course attention to all the small and large audiences - it
Kiki is very voluminous work, it does not describe in a few words, and I'm just stressed the key, in my view points. However, if you watch the film, we see a lot of things from our own lives that might cause us to re-evaluate their actions ... This is a caring grandmother and her granddaughter stupid arrogant, and children who love all different and we all like a cake with explosive ! stuffing, and as always a great example for all parents
rank is trivial, but the essence of the film is relevant
and we have come to the Haya '92 with all its disasters, war breaks out in Abkhazia, Georgia, Moldova, Bosnia.; Bill Clinton becomes US president, Isaac Asimov, and Evgeny Evstigneev will die of sorrow to millions of fans of their work, and Hayao Miyazaki withdraw his most controversial film 'Porco Rosso'. See you tomorrow, 1992godu!
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