"Kiki's Delivery Service" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I do not get tired to admire the talent of Hayao Miyazaki. Great storyteller, a master of hand-drawn animation, which his work gives warmth, kindness and joy to all its viewers. It is said that once looked at least one film Miyazaki - after forever become a prisoner of his fascinating worlds. This time, we set off into the world of the little witch Kiki, who just turned 13 years, and for witches, this age marks the entry into independent life. Young witch goes on a long way to determine in this world and find your calling. So, kick leaving the parental home, and flies toward adventure, taking with him a little talking black cat, an old broom and beloved radio. Kiki always wanted to settle in what a small town by the sea, and her dream was fulfilled - she gets a job in a small and cozy bakery, which runs the miraculous and kind hostess. It highlights Kiki small room, the same gratitude helps her with the housework. Once Kiki helps a woman with a child who accidentally left nipple of a baby in a bakery. At its fast broom, Kiki delivers nipple woman and is determined to come from work - so Kiki opens its service delivery, flying across the solar town, delivering packages, during the meeting the good and the good people at their interesting way ...
As in all of the master's works, "Kiki's Delivery service" literally sparkles with all shades of kindness, sincerity and love. As loves Miyazaki seemingly simple, do important. Each episode of the picture essentially does not bear any, or intrigue or speakers - we are slowly revealed story of a little witch, and we're spellbound observe what is happening on the screen, unable to look away. It would seem that in the film, in principle, there is little significant, and only in the final you will notice a hint of dynamics, but then why action is so attracts us to the chair? The answer is simple - Miyazaki is so accurately conveys all the nuances of life in his works, it affects the viewer as hypnosis. Something becomes a spectator familiar, as if it was in his life, something touches to the depths of his sincerity, but something fascinating beauty. The Adventures of Kiki does not look like something specially composed by writers, the impression that this is just a memory of one adult about his childhood. We've learned that in each cartoon and movie characters as if to order, especially faced with various elements of the action in order to give the spectacle of the speakers. Then do not - Miyazaki does not try to please the audience, he is trying to give the viewer understand their worldview and views on many things and details
And most importantly, to understand the history of Miyazaki can absolutely everything -. Both small and large, can safely watch and admire these amazing paintings of cinema! The 'Witch service' is completely different scene, and each can safely apply for a separate film. For example, a meeting with Kiki artist who inspired little magician draws a magnificent picture, in spite of all that you want to dive into it. Or adventure Kiki with her little cat, which from the heart helps the little witch to do good. Deserves a separate story and stunningly huge airship, which so delighted young friend Kiki who just obsessed with flying and wants to turn your bike into a flying machine - is left only to attach the wings .. You can continue indefinitely - in this little story so many interesting and beautiful that once again convinced that the real art comes from the heart and soul, and not from the budget.
also in the picture there is much that is instructive. Such as respect for adults, kindness towards others and a sincere desire to help those who need it. Stunning episode with the fish pie proof - sacrificing an invitation to a holiday, Kiki help grandmother to bake a cake and then deliver it in a severe downpour cooking granddaughter kind old woman. As it turned out, the granddaughter of this stuff was absolutely not necessary, and here we have a close-up seeing the expression on the face Kiki, and completely forget that this is a cartoon character - this is how the characters live and sentient Miyazaki images. Or the ratio of the bakery hostess to the little unexpected guest - she took care of a motherly little witch, helping one in all your endeavors. Kiki just thank her kindness and love. In general, I believe that to educate children in the pictures Miyazaki very correct decision, they really taught kindness and offer not only small but also the adult audience a lot of understanding, giving them what they may yet do not know how to see or do not want, but You can be sure to learn. After all around us so beautiful, good and beautiful - everything is important is to be able to see and appreciate ...
P.S. Hayao Miyazaki - wizard and all his creations - a real magic! Like "Kiki's delivery service" - another confirmation of the unique talent of a great artist. After seeing this picture, you immerse yourself in the most authentic, sincere and kind world that you can think of, and which is easily possible to live, if you learn to see through the eyes of a good storyteller!
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