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Discuss about the Key Concepts of Cloud Computing Service.



This report is about Webb’s Stores which is a successful regional retailer in Australia and New Zealand. This company is renowned among people for its food stuffs as well as for some other items. According to given case study, company has data centers at different locations in Australia and New Zealand. Webb’s Stores have large staff members to perform different activities in company and the management of those staff members and their jobs is required. To achieve this goal, Webb’s Stores has decided to move towards usage of cloud technology and now management of company has asked me to advise them on the use of Cloud Computing for implementing their daily operations in effective ways. Now the purpose of making this report is to discuss key concepts of cloud computing, its benefits, services and usage of AWS in Webb’s Stores for collaborating its new regional group of stores into previously established operations. This report will be helpful for Webb’s Stores to make decision regarding implementation of cloud framework.

About Implementation of Cloud Computing in Webb’s Stores

Key Concepts of Cloud Computing and how it will be beneficial for Webb’s Store

Following are essential concepts of cloud computing that must be taken into consideration by Webb’s Stores (Marcela Cueli, 2017).

  • The sharing of infrastructure can be done easily with the help cloud computing. It means at one time, a common technology can be shared by several clients.
  • On demand access of services can get in units and these units can be user, transaction and can be any other combination.
  • According to users’ perceptions of cloud computing, it is flexible, reliable and there is no limitation for growth. Moreover, in case of consumption, variable cost is charged to customers on the behalf of their consumption of service rather than imposing fixed cost.
  • Unlimited access of cloud services is available for its all users anywhere in this world and at any time and on time access is the highest priority of every business enterprise.

Therefore, above discussed key concepts of cloud computing depicts that as per the requirement of Webb’s Stores to integrate all its local retailers for better management of business, cloud platform will be beneficial.

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and it is a significant platform of cloud computing that has provided by The main purpose of this is to provide online services for websites and as well as for client-side applications. AWS platform offers networking and databases, computing power and storage options to all its users those are connected with it by different web devices. In Webb’s stores, Hybrid Cloud on AWS will be helpful to combine its new stores with old stores. Most the business organizations are using this framework to get reliable integration among its existing and new workplaces and their operations. While adoption of cloud platform, usage of hybrid cloud is necessary. It will help you to integrate data that will be available into cloud databases of both premises. Moreover, storage of large data sets, utilization of new cloud-native databases and creation of backup and get solution at reasonable costs can be obtained through AWS by Webb’s Stores. This amazing service of AWS will allow Webb to enjoy reliable, secure and flexible data centers among all its stores to operate different operations and access, storage and modification of data and other operations will be centralized with the help of AWS (SearchCloudComputing, 2017).

As I have already discussed above that Hybrid Cloud Architecture will be suitable for Webb’s Stores according to its requirements. This architecture is considered suitable because it uses a mix of on-premises, public and private cloud services with composition between two platforms. Moreover, it provides high level of flexibility and more options for deployment to businesses. Due to this reason, I would suggest to this architecture to collaborate old and new Webb’s Stores.

About Usage of SaaS Model in Webb’s Stores

After selecting best cloud architecture for Webb’s Stores according to its requirements, now further Webb wants to use SaaS service model for providing office automation and email services. I opine that it will be a good idea to use this cloud model in Webb’s stores. Therefore, through this report, I would recommend director’s Webb’s Stores about prominence of SaaS model.

SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service which is most commonly used cloud model. This service is subscription based. To use it in appropriate way, Webb’s Stores has to build the server and install it properly. Furthermore, configuration of SaaS model should be appropriate, otherwise it will become difficult to get required outcomes. Following are some essential benefits of using SaaS model for Webb’s Stores:

  1. Unlike conventional model, this model reduces the time that is spent in installation and configuration. Besides this, deployment of SaaS can be done easily without any hardware or software related issues (Sylos & Sylos, 2017).
  2. As compare to traditional models, SaaS license is inexpensive and can be easily bought by business organizations. The maintenance cost is also less of SaaS model.
  3. Usability and integration are also the main advantages of SaaS model. The main requirement of Webb’s Stores is integration of its new and old retail stores, so SaaS will be helpful for this enterprise.
  4. The upgrades are necessary for every software solution. In case of SaaS model, new releases are easily available for its users. The upgrades can enhance performance of software solution. SaaS upgrades are easily available and less cost and efforts are required to get these new releases as compare to conventional solutions.
  5. SaaS model is easier to use as compare to other models of Cloud Computing.
  6. Disadvantages of using SaaS Mode

As I have discussed above advantages of SaaS model in Webb’s Stores, now it is also necessary to tell about disadvantages of SaaS model to directors of Webb’s stores, so they can get prevention from some critical issues (, 2017).

  1. The first disadvantage of SaaS service is related to its security and data concerns. The access management of information and privacy of confidential data are not so much secured in SaaS model.
  2. SaaS model has limited range of applications. Whether it is popular model among people but still there are some applications that do not provide host platform.
  3. The requirement of internet connectivity is must. Without this connectivity, no user can access software or data.

Services provided by SaaS Model

There are various services that are provided by SaaS model such as for handling accounting and invoicing, planning, monitoring of performance and communications. Among all these services, the service of monitoring of performance and communications will be useful for Webb’s Stores. As we know that Webb’s Stores want to integrate its old and new stores, so monitoring of these stores is required to know about their performances. In this case, service of SaaS model will be helpful for Webb’s employees and management. Office software is the best example of SaaS service and this software solution can handle different business related tasks easily and quickly. Moreover, most of the business activities can be performed easily with the help of SaaS model. If I talk about disadvantage of this service then I can say that some problem is found in communication due to lack of usage of advanced technologies in this model unlike other cloud models.

Now next important aspect that I will discuss is about issues of copying data from one data center to other in Webb’s Stores. This is also a reason that Webb wants to move towards cloud platform. But directors’ of Webb’s Stores are unaware about migration of data on cloud. Therefore, here I would suggest them how migration process can be implemented properly by using cloud models. Besides SaaS, other cloud computing services are also available such as IaaS and PaaS. These both models are appropriate to manage Webb’s data centers on the cloud. Here is the comparison of IaaS and PaaS approaches of cloud for migration (, 2017).

IaaS Approach for Migrating Database to the Cloud

IaaS stands for Infrastructure-as-a-Service and it is considered a prominent model of cloud. It is highly demanding for migrating databases from source to destination. It is highly beneficial for cloud-enabled organizations. So, if Webb’s Stores wants to use this cloud model for migration purpose then it must be based on cloud framework. In this transferring process, data centers firstly migrated on IaaS platform by using anyone option among lift and shift, cloud enabled virtual automation and DevOps. The choice of an option can depend upon requirements or goals of a particular company that wants to use it. All these three options are beneficial and anyone can be chosen. Migration is one of the main feature of IaaS (Panetta, 2017).

Besides IaaS approach of cloud, PaaS approach can also be used by Webb’s Stores for migrating purpose. PaaS stands for Platform-as-a-Service. PaaS is preferred to use by most of cloud users. The reason of this is PaaS have potential to provide great help by facilitating a microservices-based approach and testing and placement of a data service that is centralized. Moreover, the problem of data abstraction can also be resolved with the help of Paas Infrastructure which was not resolved by other cloud models like SaaS. By using PaaS, it will be easier for Webb’s stores to build efficient data service that can be helpful for separating variety of data into data stores. Furthermore, PaaS has on-demand deployment capability. All these features of PaaS will be helpful for Webb’s Stores to migrate its databases with reliability and security (Bilbija, 2017).

Advantages and Disadvantages of IaaS and PaaS approaches of Cloud Computing

Advantages of IaaS

Disadvantages of IaaS

While using IaaS, customers will have full control over VM.

It is most expensive.

Anything which is required by customer can be run under VM environment.

Backups are required to take by customers.

The integration process of IaaS is simple.

Unlike other models, in IaaS all factors of VM is managed by customers.

It is considered as most secure and reliable cloud model as compare to other models.

Advantages of PaaS

Disadvantages of PaaS

It is very cost-effective cloud model as compare to IaaS.

The main disadvantage of PaaS is that there is no control over processing of data.

Here customers can use their on software to run on the platform.

The management tasks that are performed by PaaS become more tedious and cumbersome.

Better support for integration process is provided by PaaS.

It is not as much as cost effective like SaaS.

Minimum requirement for managing VM.

On the behalf of above discussion I can would recommend to use IaaS cloud model to Webb’s Stores for handling its business operations. The main reason is its suitable management, security and reliability that is not easily available in other cloud platforms like SaaS and PaaS.


In conclusion, in this report I have discussed each and every important point regarding cloud computing, its platforms, benefits and services. Moreover, I have also discussed that which platform will be better for Webb’s Stores with appropriate reason. However, there are some disadvantages of cloud platforms but with proper prevention and with the help of security expert these issues can be resolved. Therefore, on the basis of this report, directors of Webb’s Stores can make decision regarding implementation of cloud computing for their business.


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